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C.B. Cebulski
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The ultimate surf & turf? Tokyo's Riccio Mania opens a 2nd location featuring... Uni Burgers!!
Not sure what they're filming on my block this morning, but thought I stepped back into the '50s...
Dinner at @BoxKiteNYC has been great, but then they put on "My Aim Is True" by Elvis Costello and now it's bordering on perfection
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Came home to the aftermath of "ladies' night"...
What if Iron Man met Yokai Watch? (Art via @AkiYanagi
Where's the best chili dog in NYC, you ask? At my house. After that you'll need to drive to Connecticut or Jersey for anything decent. ;)
Pirate bartender is bringing Tiki back — one cocktail at a time via @nypost
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Summertime rolls...
After missing last year, I will be back at FanExpo Toronto in a few weeks!! (@TheBlackHoof and @mattydeathbro, I'll be dining with you!)
Wow. "RT @EricCanete: Tammam Azzam does Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" on war-torn building in Syria:"
MOS Burger rip-off opens in NYC... :( "RT @OzerskyTV: Can't wait to not go.…"
Woke up from a dream thinking it was 1982 and E.T. was still in theaters...
Huge thanks to @EliKulp and Ellen Yin for a wonderful dining experience at Fork in Philly last night! Just amazing!!
.@RaphaelWent The amount of hairspray the kids wear these days?! I think we were a much greater fire hazard in the '80s!! 🎤🔥
One good thing is that now I can go home & rewatch the @linkinpark show on my own sofa on @YahooScreen! #YahooLive
And instead of holding lighters when ballads start, kids these days wave the flashlights on their phones?! Lookit me, Grandpa Cebulski here.
Man, modern concert going sure has changed. Not as much head banging as people are holding their phones to take pics, tweet & Instagram.
Show time! We're here but you can watch live there too: #YahooLive
Finally made it to Philly! Phew. Having dinner at FORK before the @YahooScreen Linkin Park show. Looking forward to dining with @EliKulp!
Stuck in traffic for 3 hrs! Maybe I should've just stayed home on my couch & watched @linkinpark on @YahooScreen: ;)
One Chester heading to another... Seeing @ChesterBe & @linkinpark in Philly tonight. You can watch too: #YahooLive
Happy to see the "Beer & Comics" tradition continues to spread with @2RoadsBrewing playing an active part in @comiconn this weekend!!
My mom scolds me for eating too much pork, details how pigs are slaughtered, then puts me on hold as she's ordering at a hot dog stand?!?
So @beckycloonan's zucchini bread recipe turned into an 8-page comic and it's freakin' fantastic!!…