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C.B. Cebulski
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.@BRIANMBENDIS knows exactly what I like. Drove me right from PDX to @saltandstraw...
Next stop... PDX!!
“Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it." HT @Perazza
Netflix announces 6-part food doc from "Jiro Dreams" director featuring chefs @benshewry @massimobottura… HT @rsarver
Beat this crazy sickness so will still be at @RoseCityCC this week. Please bring strong Portland craft beers to help fight lingering germs.
That's how you the end your 1st arc? @jasonaaron & @jasonlatour truly are southern bastards for leaving us hanging! ;) Can't wait for more!!
Mutsumi's heading out for "ladies night". Me? I have a date with @ImageComics!
reminder that today is the last day to order WYTCHES #1 from your local comic store. thx again for all the kind words so far #creatorowned
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"EV-D68" doesn't sound like a virus to me, sounds more like a Star Wars' droid's name.
.@Marvel on Nihon TV tmrrow: RT @AkiYanagi: 明日朝6時の日テレ系のZIPにて、『ガーディアンズ・オブ・ギャラクシー』特集のためにNYのマーベル・オフィスで撮影したから日本のファンは見てね、と @CBCebulski からのメッセージ"
Hey, Japanese @Marvel fans, check out ZIP! at 6am on Nihon TV tomorrow for a "Guardians of the Galaxy" special filmed at our NYC offices!!
OK, this wins the internet tonight!! Check it out, @jasonaaron. "RT @direcow @cavalock @syzzlyn best cosplay man!"
Funny about grass being greener: food trucks want restaurants, restaurants want food trucks, print media wants blogs, blogs want print media
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If anyone's up at the Beacon Farmer's Market today, please grab me a few bottles of Plan Bee beer. Sour Apple?! Will pay handsomely!!
Schoolgirls in Rocket Racoon masks promote the Japanese release of "Guardians of the Galaxy" in Tokyo yesterday...…
No matter how many times I say it, it never sinks in... Comics are not coasters!! Arrrggghh!
It's exciting to think that in January the focus of the world's food media will be on Tokyo thanks to @ReneRedzepiNoma and @nomacph!!
Hey, @craigengler, my DVR is set to record @znation on @Syfy tonight. Congrats on the new show!!
More fast food craziness out of Japan today as KFC starts a contest giving away 3D-printed fried chicken prizes...
Dear @KFC_jp, please make sure @hasegawazaiyu wins the cool one-of-a-kind fried chicken keyboard. Thanks! #KFC???????
Huge thanks to our friends at @Oreo for hooking the @Marvel office up with their new Pumpkin Spice Oreo cookies...
Dear Friends, it has come to our attention that someone is fraudulently trying to sell tables for Noma in Tokyo. Please be careful!
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Hey, @TuftsUniversity, if I'm such a "valued alumni", how come you still haven't learned to spell my name right?!
I'd lose it as a kid when I saw this stuff!! “RT @ClassicStarWars: #starwars Kenner toy store display from 1981
Last night's fever dreams were a mash-up of Wicked Tuna & Bar Rescue. I had to buy & run a bar in Gloucester to get them to take me fishing.
Months ago, I read an amazing article on the Faroe Islands by @Francis_Lam. Now it seems everyone is heading over. The new food hotspot?
Oops, that was 8th grade, so 12-year-old me wrote that missive.
Oh. My. God. Unearthed by @Louli_Rabbit, 8-year-old C.B. Cebulski tries to explain why comics aren't for "sissies":
I'm not good at this concept they call "bed rest".
Lay's US & Lay's Canada had their "Fan Flavor" potato chips this summer. Now, here's what Lay's China came up with:
Pro Tip: When you're sick, contact ur employer/clients & inform them ur working hard but at a slower pace. Then plan together. #makecomics
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As a guy who prides himself on never getting sick (hangovers, aside), I have no idea what to do when I actually do get sick.
Hear about all kinds of BS happening on FB regarding "friends"I follow. But I don't see any of it. Guess I'm FB illiterate & I'm OK w/ that.
Fever dreams last night that I was a detective in Seoul trying to help the Korean cops catch a serial killer with comic book ties.
Watching Wicked Tuna, Mutsumi wondering what happens to the color & core samples they cut from tuna. Hope they get eaten, not thrown away?!
Interesting info here! “Can you drink the water on an plane? @YahooTravel explores some popular flying urban myths."
This Monday, chefs David Santos of @LouroNYC & Scott Anderson of @elementsNJ team for a special NJ Bounty dinner:
Thank you, @laurabegley @YahooTravel @YahooFood @jopiazza & everyone else who joined in our #airportfood chat! Hope you found it helpful!!
.@Moscerina @laurabegley @YahooTravel @YahooFood And even the Italian McDonald's at FCO Rome offers a few fun, regional menu items.
Also, @AmericanExpress offers AMAZING food in their Centurion lounges. Worth becoming a card member. #airportfood @laurabegley @YahooFood
Yes! RT @laurabegley: And if you have a layover at @NRT go to town of Narita - 15 mins away by train - for amazing eel @YahooFood #snackchat
Agreed, @YahooTravel. People are now traveling for food. To eat. Airports now providing good first meals for trips! @YahooFood @laurabegley
.@YahooFood @laurabegley My favorite airport for eating is Narita/Tokyo. I feel they have the best selection & quality of food. #airportfood
.@YahooFood @laurabegley In-N-Out Burger right outside @flyLAXairport is always a go to for me! #airportfood #snackchat
.@laurabegley @YahooFood Singapore is such a food-obsessed country, the security folks almost always allow anything though! :) #airportfood
Everyone says Changi in Singapore has some of the best #airportfood, but I don't find that to be true. :( @laurabegley @YahooFood
.@YahooFood @laurabegley It varies, but my faves are with local mustard, Scando pickles, mashed potatoes and/or shrimp salad. #airportfood
.@YahooFood @laurabegley Every Scandinavian airport offers local hot dogs and they're some of the best #airportfood! #snackchat
.@YahooFood @laurabegley You can always travel with drink powders like lemonade or vitamin boosters or Airborne even to "fix" water.