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Because I'm a Guy
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"I just want a sweet, compassionate, and caring guy." Why? So you can friendzone him and wind up with the complete opposite?
RT if you’ve ever wasted too much time on a bitch who didn’t deserve it
Screw twerking, bitch can you cook?
All these girls out here are thirsty for relationships, flirt with every guy they see, and then wonder why none of us want anything serious.
"I'm not mad. Why would I be mad?" - Girls who are mad
Who’s going to win? RT for Ravens Fav for Saints
College football > Pro football
So Kim Kardashian is a "hoe" because shes fucked 4 dudes we see on TV? Some of you hoes fucked 40 dudes and dont even have a TV in your room
If I see this before we head out....we aren't headin out anymore
If I don’t constantly talk shit to you, you’re not one of my true bros
There's two sides to each girl: The one you meet when's she's in public and the one when she's alone. Don't date her until you've seen both.
Any guy who has the audacity to do this to a little girl deserves to rot in jail.
Most of you dumb bitches don't even know what ALS stands for, let alone the ice bucket challenge. Just doing it cause its the "thing" to do
Girl: wanna come over? Boy: sorry I'm with my homies Girl: I've got my girls here as well Boy: Squad, lets go!
Some of you girls dont realize this is what you look like in your ripped jeans
Girls, don't beat around the bush, just be straight up with me. I don't play that guessing game shit...
When you check your girls favorites and they've been good.
Any good friendship between bros should include laughter, sarcasm, bad decisions and lots of alcohol
I don't ask for much in a friendship... Just don't be a sensitive little faggot, have a sense of humor & stay loyal to me
“Buy Madden 15" they said… “It's very realistic" they said...
Girls will have 2K followers on IG, but 200 on Twitter because no guy wants to hear what you say. They just wanna see that ass
Cheating on a good girl is fuckin pathetic. If you dont want to be faithful then go find a basic bitch, they’re pretty easy to find nowadays
Most girls say they want a "good guy", but when they meet him they keep him in the friend zone, chase assholes and end up heartbroken
College makes you realize how truly pointless an 8 hr school day really was