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I got 99 problems and all of them are I want tacos for breakfast.
Just fumbled my phone twice in a matter of 20 seconds. Maybe I need to sleep.
Wadap. @eileeneveryday
So @catrific hates when Uber drivers talk to her so she just makes her friends call her in order to shut them up. And it's awesome.
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Rt my last tweet with my video and I'll be DM'ing bunches of you! : ) TY!
NEW VIDEO! I teach my Dad… INTERNET SLANG… How well does he do!?!…
If you haven't watched Emma Watson's speech on gender equality . . . it's incredible.…
You all should be sure and wish the wonderful @Febivenn a happy birthday! : )
Just finished shooting some vidz just for you guys!! Much love. Can't wait for you to see!
Just finished shooting some VIDZ for you guys!! I ❤️you!!
NEW VIDEO of Psycho Cat! Play "Double Trouble" with me and see how many you guys can get right!… @OfficialDoor3
What video should I shoot with my Dad today??
I told you guys this would happen. #Wideawake
Already in bed, watching Netflix, ready to pass out…. but will probably somehow end up staying awake 4 more hours marathoning.
I need to find a better way to deal with being disappointed by people. Perhaps lowering expectations would help a girl out. #SubtweetSunday
For people asking, it's safe to assume that people who sexually assault women in "prank" videos will not be welcome at future VidCons.
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I tried to draw @catrific and I failed but at least I tried 😊⭐️💫💕
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Saddened by @sampepper's new video. Sexually harassing women is vile to begin with, but normalizing it by calling it a prank? So harmful.
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Currently winning Scrabble at The Roosevelt Hotel and so sad I can't play "Disturbia" as my last word cause 1 slot!
Currently winning Scrabble at The Spare Room and I'm SO MAD there isn't room for "Disturbia" in the top left. WOULDA GONE OUT with that one. RIP.
.@ChipotleTweets sometimes I take an extra fork home with me so I don't have to wash the dirty ones in my sink. I'm sorry?
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@catrific Gettin everything ready for @SummonersCon gettin my flight rn! Super excited!! You da bomb diggity girlieee!
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Screw celebrity nudes. I wanna see celebrity texts. Like, what do Taylor and Selena gossip about? Who do Beyonce and Gwyneth throw shade at?
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Losing = the wurst.
My phone feels massive. #iPhone6
Been using @lyft so much this month. Life. Savers. 🙌🚙👨
I went to Shane's premiere "Not Cool" and I got an iPhone 6. WOOT.…
OK IM A LITTLE LATE BUT… holy! this TSM vs TPA early game. Look at them go! : ) <3 #leagueoflegends #worlds
ESPN trolls Goodell by running tweets of players ripping Goodell. Amazing.
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there was a delivery truck outside but it left and wasn't for me! today is the WORST. #iphone6whereareyou
Oh, HELLO, new @netflix design.
Another @catrific kind of day! Watching all the vids💘
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The tease of potential.
My iPhone 6 has been out for delivery since 4 am. PRETTY SURE I don't live 8 hrs away from the post office. Hurrrrry up! Plsplspls.
Also, it's CLOUDY outside. 👏😁⛅️
Siiiiick. 🔴