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There are less than 50 early bird Challenger tickets left!!
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If you don't know much about LoL you should watch this & get HYPED! I cried 2 or 3 times.. "Road to Worlds"…
Summoners Con attendees are coming in from more than 15 states, how cool! Where are you coming from?
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Favoriting tweets - the perfect way to say "I see you" but I don't want to keep replying back and forth and I also don't want to ignore you.
Someone should make an app called Selfie. And it's where everyone can take shameless selfies and you get rated on your selfie game.
My opponents names in League right now: "God Loves Ugly" and "iGotlaid69".
"Only a masochist could love such a narcissist" - Blair Waldorf
Can Riot pls make a parody movie trailer for Finding Teemo? #LeagueOfLegends
In case you guys didn't see this! Check out the video I did with @TeenVogue…!!!
Honestly, this is how I would imagine @catrific would be like when she's 70+ and still playing League…
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I'm his pillow.
Gotta love this lag. #NA
All these people getting married or engaged made me realize that the longest commitment I ever had is my 3 year subscription to Netflix.
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a little morning stream for you guys!
Gossip Grill is so good. #rewatching
Be someone who actually does shit, not someone who just talks about it. You'll get further in life.
New Video!! Watch PART 2 of the LIP READING CHALLENGE with @shanedawson… : )
OMG! My new shirts came! But i wonder whats in the box 😆🙌
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@catrific I think about 90% of your followers have no clue what you are talking about / what LoL is. Hahah
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Hmm, solo queue rage quitters after 3 minutes. Great way to start the day! xD
Nite boys and girls. 💋🙈
NEW VIDEO "Reading Mean Tweets - League of Legends Edition" RT if you love it! #leagueoflegends #summonerscon
That wasn't meant to be a question, but I'm too lazy to fix the typo....
New video on the @SummonersCon youtube channel today? I hope you guys LOVE IT! Make sure you're subb'd to be FIRST!!1
If one's success is unfounded, it usually has a way of undoing itself. Focus on making yourself the absolute best you can. Focus on you!
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@catrific Cat and Kappa playing League of Legends... Had to take a screenshot, it was too cute! :) <3
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Morning!! New Video! "EATING PEWDIEPIE"… enjoy : )… #askcat
Had a dream last night I adopted the CUTEST kittens. Sigh. 😻😻
Why does it feel like 3 am for me already?
By the way @alecgnn is the winner of my last skin code : 3
Done streaming guys! Thanks for watching. Sorry for the abrupt ending. Kappa jumped on all my chords and I'm too lazy to fix. More tomorrow!
giving away 2-8 more skin codes and a riot ward skin in a few hours, RT/follow to enter!!
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IM STREAMING GUYS. i haven't done this in like 5 years. come say hi and watch my play league!!
New Video! RT if you're PUMPED! : )…
new video is uploading! make sure you're refreshing to be FIRST!111
RT this if you want the second code. I'll DM the winner with it and announce in a tweet later today : ) #paxskincodes
OKAY! first code is: wwhczg5td2hel2
About to post a pax skin code - the Kayle skin has already been used for NA but MF is available for NA.. everything other region = open!
BEDHEAD. Shooting an Ask Cat later today! Reply with some queztions! GOGOGOGO!
Shooting an Ask Cat later today! Reply with some queztions! Don't forget to hashtag #askcat GOGOGOGO!
Going to sleep at 10:30. Ys pls.