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God... I honestly, honestly, honestly - can't think of very many things that make me happier than Beta and Kappa cuddling together.
Pandora + Tumblr + Wine = Bliss.
The people who belong in your life will come find you and stay.
I find skeleton jokes around Halloween...humerus.
I still think of Mary-Kate & Ashley's "Holiday in the Sun" every time I hear Weezer's "Island in the Sun".
Gone Girl, The Book of Life, or The Judge?
I'm in the mood to watch a movie. This never ever happens.
@catrific Don't let anyone tell you you aren't worth sacrificing for. Never believe others aren't worth the same. Love always goes low.
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The problem with putting others first; you've taught them you come second.
I hate napping because I either wake up 5 mins later or 15 hours later
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I scream, you scream. The police come, it's awkward.
Lazy Sunday. 🙌
I love when you guys favorite my tweets. I favorite your favorites.
My last four texts to people have been in all caps. I think I have a problem.
"Maybe happiness is this: not feeling you should be elsewhere, doing something else, being someone else."
Too good to save for Thursday....and we totally woke up like this.
I got into fashion at a young age.
I wanted 10 kids before having a dog. now I want -3.
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I just lost "the game".
The fattest most adorable raccoon just walked by me. Im in love. I need one.
hi! have you watched my new video yet? "hidden piercings!?"…
Lets talk anti-anxiety drugs. Would love your thoughts…
This line at chipotle is so long. And I'm waiting in it. #Worth
Apparently I pronounced someones name from Big Brother wrong in my new video - oops!…
GO WATCH @catrific's NEW VIDEO! RIGHT MEOW! 😻 (See what I did there?)…p]
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MY NEW VIDEO IS UP! "HIDDEN PIERCINGS?!"… I'll RT some of you who tweet the link at me! <3
New video in 45 minutes... are your bodies ready?
Moving to a new apartment next week that has tennis courts. I'm going to make 'Tennis Tuesdays' a thing and force @eileeneveryday to play.
Was going to eat this but for some reason the smell made me gag and almost throw up. COOL STORY RIGHT?
New video in a couple hours if you guys seem excited enough....😜
I was dreaming about drinking lemonade last night. Now I'm craving lemonade so bad. 🍋
"Guys I'm just a walking twitter quote wtf" -@Pamaj
"You're more canadian than I am. Your kindness is actually upsetting" -@Rambo_nV
@catrific OMG Catrific responded to my tweet!!!!!! Best day ever!
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.@eileeneveryday travels so much she is like my long distance roommate. AND I ALWAYS MISS HER.
Here it is... your behind the scenes look at the #1989SecretSessions. Love you guys so much.
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