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MT “@libertarianism: @BlanksSlate writes on the role of race in #Ferguson and modern American society.…
Thad Cochran’s inspection proposal would penalize foreign prod. of catfish and raise prices in the US @kw_watson:
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"We are now fighting in Iraq at least some of the people who we trained in Syria," writes @capreble…
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Have a question about #Ferguson? Tweet our scholar Tim Lynch w/ #CatoFerguson & listen to him answer questions here:
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Questions about Ferguson & police militarization? @CatoTimLynch has answers: #CatoFerguson
Ferguson, MO officer who pointed assault rifle at ppl & threatened to kill them relieved of duty, susp indefinitely
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Two hours till @CatoTimLynch & @cobrown discuss Ferguson & police militarization. Tune in at 3 pm EST! #CatoFerguson
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Don't Blame School Choice for Philly's School Funding Fiasco… via @CatoInstitute
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LIVE at 3 pm EST watch @CatoTimLynch & @cobrown discuss police militarization & Ferguson. Send ?'s w/ @CatoFerguson
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Congress made a federal case out of a stop the return of slavery? @ishapiro comments:
Immigration reform is (and must be!) near the top of the agenda in the United States & other countries: #immigration
L.A. considers giving away lottery tickets to encourage voting. @walterolson comments:
.@ishapiro on the use of hate-crime laws to sweep local criminal activity into federal court:
The stakes in the Halbig cases are much bigger than the PPACA, says @mfcannon: #Obamacare #legal
Legal status significantly reduces the number of serious crimes committed by immigrants: #immigration
Too Big to Fail is Dead! Long live “Systemic Importance!” @MarkCalabria
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Federal hate crime laws are constitutionally unsound & invite retrials for unpopular defendants, says @ishapiro:
Congress gets unlimited power because…slavery? @ishapiro comments:
Would Linda Greenhouse apply the same interpretive method she uses in Halbig to habeas corpus Ccses? (via @mfcannon
Perfect metaphor for political process: L.A. might give away lottery tickets to encourage voting [my @CatoInstitute]…
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Lower income from legitimate activities means a higher propensity to participate in illicit activities: #immigration
.@overlawyered's @walterolson on petty offenses and police-community relations in Ferguson:
Undocumented immigrants can't legally work. What does that mean for crime? #immigration
PODCAST: @walterolson on the reality of militarized police…
NEW RESEARCH: Clicking on Heaven’s Door - The Effect of Immigrant Legalization on Crime: #immigration
Next week the @CatoInstitute is hosting three great events! Be sure to register today:
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#CommonCore is far more complicated than simplistic survey questions can handle, says @NealMcCluskey: #education
Overall support for school choice will likely continue to grow in the coming years, says @JasonBedrick: #education
Police militarization manifests itself in local policing & in enforcement of federal regulation, says @walterolson:
Let’s demilitarize the regulatory agencies too, says @walterolson:
Questions about Ferguson & police militarization? Join @CatoTimLynch for a LIVE Q&A tomorrow @ 3 pm EST #catoferguson
We should know by now that we lack the ability to stabilize Iraq at acceptable cost: #Iraq #ForeignPolicy
ISIS "is the latest result of Washington’s incessant and counterproductive meddling in the Middle East."…
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Cato will host a live Q&A on Ferguson w/ criminal justice scholar Tim Lynch Friday afternoon at 3.…
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As the vulnerabilities in Medicare exist, scammers will surely try to benefit, says @NKaeding:
Support for school choice continues to grow. @CatoCEF's @JasonBedrick comments: #education
Police militarization manifests itself in local policing & in enforcement of federal regulation, says @walterolson: