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Cato Institute
Are the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks progressing as rapidly as hoped?
Never before has the federal government singled out for special scrutiny those who teach about the Constitution: #IRS
Cars that can take over some driving functions, such as steering & speed control, are already on the market today:
A great read, especially for your peace-loving friends who aren’t yet libertarians:
.@overlawyered's @walterolson breaks down several recent legal losses by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:
.@mfcannon calls Pruitt v. Burwell "a victory for the rule of law." Here's why:
Large-scale school choice programs promise to make education more effective & financially efficient -- @JasonBedrick:
The U.S. & Japan have again failed to reach a bilateral agreement on lowering import barriers, says @kw_watson:
There is an Orwellian logic to the IRS targeting constitutional educators as well as tea party groups:
A shocking vignette of life in Venezuela under a military regime: (via @jchidalgo)
Allowing a private entity to hold a legislative role in governing its competitors makes a mockery of the Constitution
Since the 1930s the federal government has pursued efforts to regulate the economy & society & redistribute resources
The IRS is subjecting over 50 million individuals and employers to taxation without representation, says @mfcannon:
The folks at @humanprogress are excited to re-introduce, version 2.0
Ultimately, the impact of the TTIP on the WTO is hard to predict, says @snlester:
For much of its history, the United States had a notably decentralized government structure. So, what happened?
Despite the delays and doubts, we should not consider the TTIP a failure at this point, says @snlester:
The state of humanity is improving…and so is @humanprogress!
Will the giant free-trade zone promised in TTIP talks actually come to fruition? @snlester comments: #trade
The TTIP isn't just about U.S.–EU trade issues, but the functioning of the whole world trading system, says @snlester
When the TTIP was announced, there was great excitement in the trade establishment, says @snlester. What about now?
The EEOC loses (And loses. And loses.) in federal court, AGAIN. @overlawyered's @walterolson comments:
U.S. and EU TTIP negotiators seemed to have different ideas in mind, says @snlester:
Politicians take great risks when they oppose the interests of a powerful lobby. The TPP is no different - @kw_watson
Who needs to be more flexible in the TPP talks? It’s NOT Japan, says @kw_watson: #trade
The financial crisis -- why the conventional wisdom has it all wrong... #economy #fiscal
How Dodd Frank expanded the Federal Reserve’s power: #fiscal #economy
Typically, U.S. trade negotiations face domestic opposition, says @snlester. What about the TTIP?
Why don't we see media linking pleasant weather to human-caused climate change? @PCKnappenberger comments:
It is impossible to conclude for sure that ridesharing companies are significantly contributing to the taxi decline:
On Democrats and their mansions, AGAIN: (via @David_Boaz)
Tying conclusion of the TTIP to resolving regulatory issues may prevent the TTIP from being finished, says @snlester:
The same IRS officials who are suspicious of the tea party are equally suspicious of the Constitution itself:
Spending for has been an estimated $2.14 billion, says @NKaeding:
Schools are stocking up on M16s & modified grenade launchers. @JasonBedrick says it's unnecessary & possibly harmful:
House Oversight Committee subpoenaed IRS. We’ll see if another of the agency’s hard drives "crashes," says @mfcannon:
Japan has shown greater commitment to the TPP & more willingness to take political risk than the US, says @kw_watson:
The tea party is viewed with general suspicion in some quarters so it's not surprising they were targeted by the IRS:
The administration owes taxpayers an accurate account of the cost of implementing Obamacare, says @NKaeding:
Reporters should stop recycling Democratic spin that big money is found on one side of the aisle, says @David_Boaz:
It is the United States that lacks interest in taking political risk to advance the TPP, says @kw_watson: #trade
The actual number of K-12 shootings is far cry from the “one school shooting per week” that President Obama claimed:
If the TPP falls apart, the blame will not lie with the U.S. NOT Japan, says @kw_watson: #trade
This is a new low for American government — targeting those who would teach others about its founding document: #IRS
School shootings, especially mass casualty incidences, are exceedingly rare, says @JasonBedrick: #education #2A