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VIDEO: The tax code gets more complex every year and, left unchanged, will leave the U.S. at a powerful disadvantage:
The number of pages of federal tax rules soared from 400 in 1913 to 73,954 today, says @CatoEdwards: #TaxDay #TIL
The federal income tax harms civil liberties much more than necessary to raise needed funds -- @CatoEdwards: #TaxDay
The first income tax was imposed to fund the Civil War and lasted till 1872, says @CatoEdwards: #TaxDay #history #til
Filing taxes every April drives home how the government reduces our freedom, says @CatoEdwards: #TaxDay #IRS #tax
Ten ways the income tax harms civil liberties... (via @CatoEdwards) #TaxDay
Did you know? Tax laws, regulations, and related rules span 74,608 pages. Learn more: #TaxDay (via @CatoEdwards)
When the IRS messes up, citizens carry the burden to prove that they are wrong, says @CatoEdwards: #TaxDay
.@CatoEdwards on the income tax: a century is enough! #TaxDay
I talk with @walterolson about the IRS’s (now pared) plan to go after old debts through their kids’ tax returns.
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PODCAST: The IRS is trying to license tax preparers without approval from Congress --
The income tax treats citizens undermines equality under the law, says @CatoEdwards: #TaxDay
Not only has the size of the federal government expanded, but so has the scope -- @CatoEdwards: #spending #subsidies
Don’t forget to file your taxes! A friendly reminder from the @CatoInstitute: #tax #TaxDay
The modern income tax was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson on October 3, 1913, says @CatoEdwards: #TaxDay
Major tax reforms will not only unshackle the economy but also expand our civil liberties, says @CatoEdwards: #TaxDay
The income tax generates a large invasion of our privacy, says @CatoEdwards: #TaxDay
Today, we’re taking to social media to share exactly how the income tax eats away at your civil liberties: #TaxDay
Here are 10 freedom-crushing aspects of the income tax that policymakers should tackle... #TaxDay (via @CatoEdwards)
It’s time to scrap the income tax and replace it with a consumption-based flat tax, says @CatoEdwards: #TaxDay
Jefferson would be horrified by the power of today’s IRS to break down doors & seize property - @CatoEdwards: #TaxDay