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The number of federal subsidy programs has almost doubled since 1990, reaching 2,282 today, says @CatoEdwards: #
Subsidy programs generate bureaucracy and encourage more people to demand further benefits from the government:
The Obama administration ramped up immigration enforcement along the border, says @AlexNowrasteh: #ImmigrationReform
Alliances often accelerate hostilities rather than deter conflict, says @Doug_Bandow: #war #peace
In the coming years, it is likely we will see an increased number of “sharing economy” companies operating in the US:
Americans should make war truly a last resort, says @Doug_Bandow: #ForeignPolicy #peace
Individuals, businesses, & nonprofits that get hooked on subsidies are essentially tools of the state - @CatoEdwards:
The genesis of the CFDA was the explosion of hand-out programs under President Lyndon Johnson, says @CatoEdwards:
.@MonkeyParking is not auctioning parking spaces, but rather is auctioning information about parking spaces: #startup
Since the 60s, the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance has provided a list of federal subsidy programs. Learn more
The CFDA includes subsidies for farmers, school lunches, rural utilities, the energy industry, and much more:
Government subsidies are like an addictive drug that demands dependence upon the state, says @CatoEdwards:
Looking for a starting point of which federal subsidies we should cut? Find a list from @CatoEdwards: #BigGov
Are there consistent ideologies other than contemporary liberalism and conservatism? What about libertarianism?
After WWI, economic & social crises afflicted even the victors. @Doug_Bandow on what that means for Iraq & Ukraine:
Carbon emissions may be on the rise, but developed countries emit less carbon dioxide per unit of wealth created:
Ideological classifications seem to shift year by year for Pew's ongoing Political Typology series, says @David_Boaz:
An increased number of “sharing economy” companies operating in the U.S. should be welcomed, says @M_Feeney: #startup
.@NASA aborted a third attempt to launch a probe that would measure the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide: #climate
Free enterprise helps developed countries emit less carbon dioxide per unit of wealth created: #climate
#HarrisVQuinn puts an end to the forced unionization of home-based workers, says @andrewmgrossman: #SCOTUS #law
Good chat this afternoon with @JudgeTedPoe about #surveillance and the need for #warrants. Will post the interview on Thursday. #CatoEvents
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Equity vs. Excellence. Or…A Crank Phone in Every Home! (via @Andrew_Coulson) #education