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Richard Hill
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Given serious consideration to this, after 40 years of watching it. #DoctorWho is now crap. #sad. Rubbish story and no fun.
Thanks again to @Millworker of @BathBusiness for coming over today (a Saturday) with book proofs. Amazing service!
Thanks to @Millworker of @BathBusiness, for making buying the print for my book so easy, compared to some others I won't name!
Just had a flying visit (@ Church Road, Combe Down, Bath)
Sunshine, salad, sausages and wine in Spain - get's tougher every day.
Paella for Sunday lunch in El Palmar
What am I up to? Absolutely nothing 😄 (@ albalat dels tarongers)
Stopping for a quick drink in Valencia.
A night in, and it's wine time :-D
Gosh, it's tough, waking up to this :-)
Amazing! Humans have always been similar! Anthropologists please take note! >>> Painted caves challenge art origins…
Just seen this. Love it :-) >>> Tim Minchin UWA Address (2013):
Well, after our sewerage debacle a couple of weeks ago, we now have a small pond in garden from mains leak. Water, water everywhere...
I've just signed a petition demanding that all MPs' #expenses and investigations are kept public. Will you?
Brilliant! >>> Abbott & Costello Who's On First:
Isn't this, effectively, theft? >>> "Important: Your Google Play credit of 2.21 GBP will expire soon" #Google #fail
Why do politicians give noteless speeches?… <<< good question! #Miliband (Because they have no *real* policies)
You've just gotta love crazy people :-) >>>…
Benjamin's dirty burger!
Oh what fun people have. Who actually REALLY believes this nonsense? >>>…
Just had a load of bisexualists riding along Combe Down towards Brassknocker #tourofbritain
Just had a load of bisexualists reading along Combe Down towards Brassknocker #tourofbritain
Would you live in a house clinging to a cliff?… <<< hate heights, but love this idea :-)
Why am I amazed at the cynical & stupid actions of all politicians in this referendum? #ScotlandDecides…
We are live. #Bath help us make our #polarplunge event a splashing success.
Apparently there wasn't really any evidence:…, quite unbelievable!
#Ashya parents fight extradition… < "Euro arrest warrant on grounds the Kings neglected their son". On what evidence?
Please RT this tweet to the UK Ambassador in Spain in the link below. Let's liven up his evening and get trending.…
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.@ukinspain Dear Ambassador... Are you providing the King Family with consular assistance? I think they need some help, don't you?
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"Personality tests for hiring problematic" <<< wow, one's reasoning & integrity are best! :-)
Daily chart: Money can buy happiness | The Economist
"@EconBizFin:... money does appear to buy happiness" < so why does 'autotweet' say it does?
"@MarkGSparrow: I've muted X Factor and still the bloody tweets are leaking into my timeline." <<< must say something about you Mark:-)
"@GaryLineker: Really? Get a heart, Britain!…" <<< too right, disgraceful!
"@SRNewitt: Incredible. Maybe, but Eurostat themselves say: "GDP per capita is not sufficient for a good measurement of economic welfare".
Son just called. Man collapsed in RUH car park. Ran to A&E for help. They "can't" help. Waiting with him for ambulance! #crazy #ournhs
Lunch with friends. (@ The White Hart in Bath, United Kingdom)…
More hospital visiting - hopefully the left for a while. (@ Bristol Royal Infirmary in Bristol, Avon)…
Domenico Zipoli Adagio per oboe, cello, organo e …:
Google to prioritise secure websites…
Friendly Seal Spends an Hour Chillaxing With Surfer Bros… via @mashable