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Carrie Preston
12 Celebrities (including @Carrie_Preston) Who've Never Gotten Enough Credit For Their Work…#TrueBlood #TheGoodWife
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I like that dream, Brooke! "@brookeberman: @BrownstoneEM @Carrie_Preston @TheGoodWife_CBS I wanted to write a spinoff just for Elsbeth!”
They tell me that Elsbeth comes back (in all her Elsbethian-ness) on October 19th and 26th @TheGoodWife_CBS #TheGoodWife
#TheGoodWife's Oct. 26 episode has everybody you love: @Carrie_Preston, @AnaGasteyer, Linda Lavin, Jerry Adler & more. Srsly, there's more
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What a fun, witty, and poignant script by the amazing & beautiful @absegel - how do they do it every week @POIWritersRoom #PersonOfInterest
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Congrats to the kids at WFHS Studio West in Cumming, GA on their production of #BigFish tonight! @sls2k6…
Michael:"I love that Mr. Finch is such a gentleman. He always helps a damsel in distress" @PersonInterest #PersonOfInterest @POIWritersRoom
Michael: Jim and I shot this scene in the park on two totally different nights @PersonInterest #PersonOfInterest @POIWritersRoom
Family night watching #PersonOfInterest
Michael: Chumley was up for the role of #LostDog but wasn't as in with the writers @PersonInterest @POIWritersRoom
Michael says: That lost dog photo was #DavidSlack's dog! One of the @POIWritersRoom writers @PersonInterest @CBSTweet #PersonOfInterest
You are being watched. #PersonOfInterest #MichaelEmerson
Heading to the @CantTakeItBway opening night tonight to cheer on @darwinstree 's own Leo Darwin aka @karlkenzler Break a leg, darlin!
Editing is so boring, Mama
I LUV that idea :-) "@forsheam: all I want from life is @feliciaday to guest star on @TheGoodWife_CBS as Elsbeth's (@Carrie_Preston) sister"
He gives good face! "@KariNicolle: @Carrie_Preston KILLER final shot of #MichaelEmerson on @PersonInterest! You 2 r the bomb. #PowerCouple
That scene in the stacks was shot at the Brooklyn library #MichaelEmerson felt right at home in there ;-) @PersonInterest @POIWritersRoom
So far #MichaelEmerson liked the chess board scene the best.. But it ain't over yet! @POIWritersRoom @PersonInterest #PersonOfInterest
From #MichaelEmerson : that new white graphic is what Samaritan looks like. We see thru their eyes now @POIWritersRoom #PersonOfInterest
At my sister's watchin #PersonOfInterest #MichaelEmerson @CBStweet @PersonInterest
Be cool, Carrie. @ArsenioHall just retweeted your tweet. Just be cool.
Gearin up to watch the season premiere of @PersonInterest #PersonOfInterest @CBSTweet #MichaelEmerson
#MichaelEmerson : even tho Mr. Finch once said social media was his idea, he'd never participate in it @PersonInterest #PersonOfInterest
Ironically, he is a bit of a lovable Luddite! "@alexdavid12: @Carrie_Preston @CBSTweet @PersonInterest tell him to make an account !”
Michael and I will be watching #PersonOfInterest live tonight. I'll send a few tweets from us! @CBSTweet @PersonInterest #MichaelEmerson
I know we are all #TrueToTheEnd. If u wanna download #TrueBlood Season 7, it's on @iTunes today!
2morrow nite @PersonInterest premieres! I'll tweet during the ep and MAYBE I can get my hubby #MichaelEmerson to chime in #PersonOfInterest
To answer y'all's question: I'll be in the 5th and 6th episodes of this season of #TheGoodWife @TheGoodWife_CBS @GoodWifeWriters #Elsbeth
Stand by...! "@theivornovello: @Carrie_Preston @TheGoodWife_CBS where was Elsbeth fixing everything this episode?!”
I'm on my way! "@alamoh_: #TheGoodWife Great guest cast in this one! Missing @Carrie_Preston though!”
Aww shnap. #Typo ! "@mrscharney: @Carrie_Preston @TheGoodWife_CBS I'm guessing you would be a "goofball", too - and a darn lovable one!”
Wurthit! "@EmilyBergl: Amazin dinner on the @highlinenyc w @Carrie_Preston @Jgersten@ It was worth the busted heels!
Even if I had nothing to do with @TheGoodWife_CBS I would still be #goodball excited about the season premiere of #TheGoodWife
CASTING ALERT: @GloriaSteinem to appear as herself on @TheGoodWife_CBS this fall. RT if you can’t wait to see Alicia meet Gloria!
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Kicked out of a lobby cuz I was "loitering" (texting) then @Maison_EK bakery said I couldn't sit cuz I got coffee from takeout counter #NYC
Officially obsessed with @3DayHangover and their amazing boozy theater. #DrunkleVanya is a revelation. In NY? SEE IT!
Hey @MarinIreland Great to see you. Why don't we hang out more??? #NYTheaterForever #GoodToBeHome
Check out my #TrueBlood vamp boy @RileySmith and his new show #deliverancecreek from @NicholasSparks TONIGHT on @lifetime He's gonna rock it