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Carrie Fisher
actor star wars publishers speaker 556,860 followers
I’m a flash and the world is my pan. Have a nice day.
Joan Crawford in black face.......euphemism or racism?
Sometimes I feel like I've got my nose pressed up against the window of the bakery------only I'm the bread....
Tho life is far from a bed of roses thru which 1 lethargically loiters/It nevertheless is more savory than bed composed of Goiters
pick 1 of 2 sides of THE magnifying glass--1 side= big things small, other, small things big.... latter side = better class of human+snax!
The song "You’re So Vain, You probably Think This Song Is About You" WAS about him. So did that make him less vain?
Bend down so I can get over you. @imeanwhat
You're supposed to get old WITH someone, not BECAUSE of them.
Life sometimes gives by taking away.
Nothing is ever really over…just over there.
Nancy Regan told addicts to “Just say no”. My misguided old motto was “Just say thanks”. @imeanwhat
My pal @mrosenbaum711 movie Back in the Day is on DVD 2morrow w/outtakes/commentary/deleted&behind scenes w/Nick Swardson & Morena Baccarin
I can’t think straight and I can’t think gay. What’s left? @imeanwhat
Proud as any grandma might be that the glitter I gilded you with contributed to your uber, epic shine on your SNL debut. @AnnaKendrick47
Contacted Trek-Crabs from #FirstContactDay. Doctor Spock said Force Cream cures STDs in one day. STD=Star Trek Disorders @WilliamShatner
I lost some of my will—you haven’t seen it somewhere…have you?
Return to normal! Please. We miss you. @imeanwhat
Come on in, the retained water is fine.
Don’t come too near me, I’m ill at ease and I don’t want you to catch it. It’s really contagious. @imeanwhat
I have a half a mind to give a third of it to you. @imeanwhat
I’m not only doing my best—I’m doing a bunch of yours as well.