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david carr
A rush hour NYC subway requires endless compromises from thousands of people. And there are moments of rugged kindness amidst the mayhem.
Is it important to the future of NYT that I am tweeting this? @mathewi mulls. via @romenesko
At BU, intro journalism class is taught by @mitchellzuckoff, the no. 1 nonfic author in the country.…
Turns out opening scene of @carr2n biopic isn't a cold night & a car in late 80s, but a turkey farm decades earlier:…
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Majoring in cute and adorable. RT @carr2n: At BU today, met a remarkable incoming freshman.
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@blam does it make me a good student or a bad one that I ordered something off @homesweethome during @carr2n's class today?
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At BU today, met a remarkable incoming freshman.
Just your typical day @BUCOMGrad listening to @wirecutter founder and BU alum @blam in Prof. @carr2n's class.
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Come for @carr2n's take on Comcast, stay for the closing anecdote. It's a doozy.
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why is there no video to accompany the last 2 grafs of this excellent @carr2n column?
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Finally, Solitary Confinement to End for Youngest at Rikers Island
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A bit overly generous, but entertaining piece by @carr2n in the NYT: "Growling by Comcast May Bring Tighter Leash"
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Comcast's response to critics was a bit of a turkey. My bit on accusing political opponents of extorition.
Never knew that Pains of Being Pure at Heart did version of Jeremy by Mag Fields. They rocked it up. Fun.…
>@jennydeluxe climbs aboard a pirate ship and find a ninja. Epic. Don't miss.
This weekend, we will see if @SamSifton's shiny new Cooking app is mighty enough to overcome my quirks in the kitchen.
In the sordid history of TV depictions of recovery, #OrphanBlack hits epic new lows.
Pretty sure I won't be able to finish this nuanced, carefully considered piece until after I watch some really dumb television.
“an inciting incident, 1,000 angry thinkpieces, 1,000 tweeted links, and back to where we started” —@cordjefferson…
Not only does this @NYTNow update offer a photo of Kim Jong-un at a doughnut factory, it has me on table diplomacy.
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Tense Party Enters Third Hour Of Unplayed Acoustic Guitar Leaning Against Wall
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Is this the best sports infographic of all time? Click til you drop.…
Derek Jeter's final swing of the bat at Yankee Stadium was memorable. A look at the others.
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Ever go back to your old AOL account and see what old acquaintances are still looking for you there? Me either. Scarier than FB.
>@amychozick: Journalists have to hold hands with minders to take a pee break. How to really piss off reporters.
.@nytimes critic David Carr and former Times editor Jill Abramson will talk media at BU event @carr2n @BU_Tweets
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Lefty talks smack at Ryder Cup. Smiles ensue.
ruh oh. Life's rough in Chile if you're a guanaco. @SimonRomero has the story in his sights.
A sortakinda manifesto about new media manifestos by smartypants @nikkiusher
Attorney General Eric Holder, Prominent Liberal Voice in Obama Administration, Is Resigning -
Comcast Lashes Out at Rivals Opposed to Merger Plan @emilysteel's ringside
David Cameron to Apologize for Saying Queen ‘Purred’ Over Scottish Vote Result -
Do not, I repeat, DO NOT put a Mac Book pro in your pocket!
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As @carr2n notes, sometimes the strong move is to deploy a bag of tots. That's Minnesota nice.
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Asked the one book he would have the president read, @carr2n: “'The Audacity of Hope' by Barack Obama. Just saying."
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>@SamSifton begins Cooking and it looks really smart and delicious. Congrats to all on impressive launch.
Front page above the fold hero-gram not enough, Las Vegas Sun publisher fronts his own column too. #vanitypress
A funny thing happened to mark the start of the fall TV season..all 4 broadcast networks agreed on…
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Thanks to @anamariecox 's birthday, I have 400 kittens photos in my feed. FWIW, I have no problem with this.
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Mike Tyson aids motorcyclist after I-15 crash in Vegas Receives delicious pistachios in return. cc @StephenAtHome
Love this...Before alarm clocks were affordable, 'knocker-ups' were used to wake people in the morning. UK, ca 1900.
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Today @springsteen is 65, here’s our review of The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle
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@carr2n "Smoochie"? Honestly the only other context where I've heard that word is Calvin and Hobbes.
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