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david carr
Do Algorithms Dream of Viral Content? - @carr2n and @Upworthy co-founder @elipariser SXSW Interactive 2014…
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@carr2n @TomArnold Just heard Tom on @WTFpod & thought of him in "Night of the Gun." Gave the Q&A extra intensity:…
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>@TomArnold warms up with Jax, new comedy duo partner. Kid is a riot.
Pork Belly's in Venice knows their way around a sammich.
"Unfinished Business Complicates Clinton’s Diplomatic Legacy," the singular @MarkLandler and I dig in:
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I've had the good fortune to worth with @joshhaner. Not mentioned in Pulitzer cite for his amazing work? Certified barrel of monkeys.
<@TylerHicksPhoto embodies the best impulses of the NYT. And now he has a Pulitzer to show for it.
This Urth cafe on Santa Monica is louder than the last Husker Du show I went to. Happy people make a lot of noise.
If you are looking for a wam-up for Aereo's Supreme moment, @jeffjohnroberts has a beaut
>@peterlauria3 goes long on cruise industry's big bet to get the youngs in the boat
Drowning in data about readers, but which metrics really matter? You won't like the answ… via @matthewi
Fresh off a Pulitizer, Boston Globe is off life support and looking to a better future.… @leslieNYT reports
"If I was anymore inbred, I'd be a sandwich." These are the internet's best Joffrey jokes:
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@carr2n pace yourself at breakfast. The place I'm taking you for lunch has an amazing salad bar.
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>@artictony:Traffic metrics for journos can do good or terrible things to a newsroom. Depends on the metric.
Facebook Forces Users to Install Separate Messaging App
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Why u should give newsrooms metrics but u shouldn't pay people on them: My take. @jeffjarvis @emilybell @carr2n
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"Fargo" is going to push Minnesota accent jokes back into the lexicon. As a native with those tics not sure I'm really excited about that.
Just pulled what I like to call a "reverse Porky's" (accidentally walked into the men's locker room and ran out screaming)
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Everyone's asking when I'm replacing Colbert. And by "everyone" I mean my mom. And by "Colbert" I mean her vase I broke last time I was home
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uhhh a dove just smashed into a house window above my head and died
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When @MichaelWolffNYC… and I end up landing on same dime, there's probably something to it.…