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Carole Radziwill
@CaroleRadziwill Thanks for the support & sharing the word. A number of #freemoneyday events are planned in #NYC:
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Best band touring right now. Remember when lyrics mattered? When you could actually hear them? Old as f**k but still cool as f**k. Listen to real music. #vinyl
Good things happen when we share money with complete strangers. #freemoneyday
Thanks for the free booze and flowers! With pals @iamHeatherT and @bevysmith at @usweekly #redhot
The Widows Guide to Sex and Dating - the perfect gift! finally in stores. Gotta love @CaroleRadziwill
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I've decided to make #TheShift. Watch for a new book by pal Tory Johnson. #ShiftWithTory.
Tats. @ericgoldie @tripps
Don't go chasing waterfalls...unless it's this awesome waterfall braid done by @davidlopezzz ❤️
@CaroleRadziwill lol behind your hair. They are small and humble as not to be confused with mountains like the Shakira song ;)
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There's a huge thunder storm outside and I just started a new read by a fave HW, @CaroleRadziwill. #HappyChick #widowsguide #LetItRain
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Have you read my piece on the most alluring, most quotable women in Hollywood?"ELLEN BARKIN" @violetgrey @EllenBarkin
Real Housewives everywhere. Happy birthday Korin. @dstbabe1
Toby Rand band London Cries. #indierock #hottoby #LA # beats #justanotherftidaynight
At least someone has some sense. Love this kid.… via @DailyCaller
Very excited to see @CaroleRadziwill is our first celeb following us! We love her from our other account, @realmrhousewife ! XO Carole
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inspired // loved EVERYTHING about this ellen barkin conversation with @CaroleRadziwill for @violetgrey...
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This is amazing. Thanks for posting!! Work it out. X…
Check out my intv w/the most quotable lady in Hollywood! ELLEN BARKIN. THE VIOLET FILES | @violetgrey
Vote for me. I believe in lower taxes+free cable + free puppies for everyone. Vote now.…
LAST DAY TO VOTE - Battle Of The Housewives – Round 3! - @JacLaurita 53.9% VS @CaroleRadziwill 46.1% - VOTE NOW! >
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Vote for me. I'm for a lower taxes +free cable +summers off for everyone!…
Vote for me! I'll lower ur taxes +free health care + free cable for 1yr. Jac is raising taxes +lowering min. wage!…
Margaret says happy National Dog Day! Photo by @suzannewilsoncouturejewels #greyhair
THE VIOLET FILES | filed under a moment in time "MARY TYLER MOORE " | @violetgrey
I'm part of the amazing Scandal cast this season. I play an intern who has an affair with the 1st lady. #justkissing…
It's a Selfie Red Carpet at the #EWEMMY party with @danbucatinsky. #clorisleachmanrocks