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Ebola outbreak is now in Guinea and Liberia, reportedly in Mali, and potentially in Ghana.…
Congrats to @tgoetz on The Remedy, a fascinating look at Sherlock Holmes & germ theory of disease. LA Times review:…
An hour-long radio show about the brain, from Ireland's RTE radio. (I join in around 37:00 to talk about parasites.)
Back from a few days in Lisbon, the sort of city where you may meet an albino peacock in a 250-year-old public garden
Taking a writing class taught by Peter Matthiessen was a bit absurd. Undergraduate scribbles felt unworthy.
The nature writer & novelist Peter Matthiessen has died after a big, big life
Apparently evolution is something they warn you about now, like smoke effects in the theater.
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@APBIORoswell: @carlzimmer I love your book on E. coli Thank you for writing it!” CZ: you’re most welcome!
Overview of the emergence of chikungunyavirus in the caribbean…
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De ja vu all over again: Maryland scientists make #H7N1 influenza transmissible in mammals…
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David Letterman announces his retirement from the Late Show.
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In the new issue of Wired, I interview microbiologist Martin Blaser about protecting the microbiome…
MIT’s Kerry Emmanuel responds to recent @FiveThirtyEight climate piece… in @FiveThirtyEight…
@AdamWelz @carlzimmer @gbrumfiel Imp distinction there: human managed, partially managed, and unmanaged.
Retweeted by carlzimmer The Cove's director is saying Newsweek's (4th) cover is garbage:… This is the worst media (re)launch since __?
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@carlzimmer @gbrumfiel Ecosystems can't build dikes. Many wildlife species can't migrate. It's not only about direct impacts on H sapiens.
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Is the new climate report more bleak than it should be? From @gbrumfiel…
Methane-producing microbes blamed for biggest ever mass extinction
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Crop yields could decrease by 50% in your lifetime, thanks to climate change. And that's not the half of it:…
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An ebola outbreak in Guinea has now spread to Liberia
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If you haven’t already, tell your grandparents that News Hound just makes stuff up.…