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carin morris
I'm back on Paleo! Vegas will do that to ya. So will the "If it's South African it doesn't count" rule. #butitdoes
I'm not handling Birkenstocks back in style well. My dad on the other hand, killing it! #justno
I'm unsure of how to dress for @britneyspears show this Sat in Vegas. I've narrowed down two looks, Snake outfit or gold body suit?
It's a yoga and Ina Garten tomato basil soup kinda Monday. Just one step closer to being besties with @chrissyteigen ( cc @sryan03 )
Cutler could get a massage, facial and potentially have a steam with all the time he has back there. We need a pass rusher desperately!
Horsing around at the #carouselball jmcjordan @ The Beverly Hilton
#fbf to these two Birthday girls! Fun times in the A and more fun times on Sunday! Happy birthday…
Somehow friends & family always decide to come in town the exact same weekend. Busy weekend ahead fitting everyone in. Can't wait!
Crazy how you look back at a time you wanted nothing more than one thing and now couldn't be more grateful you don't have it. #ThankGoodness
Yoga and Reddy Chicken, Sunday night traditions. Now time to catch up on shows and chocolate.
My man just cooked me a big breakfast right before my Falcons play his Giants. Good chance poison was included in those eggs. #RiseUp
I'm not sure why I keep making recipes that require my mandolin. I've got cedars on speed dial and am no longer hungry after all that fear.
Girls trip? Miami? RT @sryan03 Really hoping that this NYC trip is the one where I bump into @chrissyteigen and we become fast friends
Now I just need to convince my boss of the same theory...
I took one week off from yoga & came back this week able to do things I've been working on for months. Sometimes a break does the body good
You know what's more annoying than getting another email to tell you you have unsubscribed to emails you never wanted in 1st place? Nothing
Don't chase the dollar. The loneliest people are the wealthiest.
This is so good...and I have the exact same sentiments over gefilte fish and chopped liver.…
And yet another early one ✈️ to LAX
Also, @Atlanta_Falcons - I'm watching this on a desktop computer incredibly delayed instead of napping so please make this easier on me!
A couple months ago these 8am flights and 3 cities in 4 days thing sounded like a great idea. Today...not so much. #losorleanston
New Orleans ✈️ Houston. Early!
Thanks @memorialhermann for this beautiful piece on my Family. Can't wait to hug them on Sunday!! @BerryChildren…
L'Shana Tova to all my apples and honey. Here's to a peaceful, happy and most importantly healthy New Year. xx
Thank you @PistolaLA for an incredible meal. Excited for you to open the doors tomorrow. A+ !!
I substituted dinner for chocolate tonight and it was single handily the best decision I've made in my 30's.
My pancake game has significantly improved - today I made the flour by pulsing cashews in my #vitamix. Come see me Martha! #humblebrag
Hey @antmorr & @gavmor - mom & dad are heading your way along with brisket, herring & fish. Let me know how it tastes after that 18hr flight
My man makes the most incredible vegetable quesadillas. I'm tempted to buy him a food truck like the movie Chef and make a life out of them
Who has some yummy healthy breakfast recipes they wanna share? With no early game Sunday I wanna cook up a feast!! GO!
Welp. Two large mint top decks down in 1 day. Good thing I have the "if it's South African it doesn't count" rule. #chocolateismycryptonite
took care of yoga for the day in an early morning class so I can stuff my face tonight with the girls. #winwin
Doing my part for some half time adjustments by changing into the same clothes I had on for last weeks win. #fingerscrossed #riseup
I hope this doesn't hinder our performance. Let's go @Atlanta_Falcons #RiseUp
I have a pulled muscle in my side so I'm on IR today and therefore will not be able to be as mobile around the apt as I was last weeks game
Not sure anyone cares but I'm 3 for 3 so far on my farmers market free roses poll. 8 more games to go and those roses are mine. #killingit
California Saturday - straight from morning yoga to the beach to lunch on the pier to a little swim to home for a massage. #spoiled
I want to complain about this heat in LA but then I think about my family who lives in Houston and Atlanta and I don't. #99problems
Love that my weekly Thursday Farmers Market has a football poll to win flowers the following week. It's like my own healthy fantasy football
@CarinMB We're working on a few things that will be available for our fans. We appreciate your patience!
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Just wondering @Peets_Tweets where is your app? I love your lattes and would love to use my phone daily to buy them?
Hate seeing all these big injuries first week of regulation.
Falcons win. Great yoga class. Chili we've had in the slow cooker all day. #sundayfunday
Can't sleep. Too excited. Time to #RiseUp !!!! @Atlanta_Falcons I can't wait to spend the next 5 months with you. 🙌🏈
Awesome day, yoga, brunch, park play time with little jack & now cooking dinner & watching movies. Will be refreshed & ready for football!
My motto when it comes to food/sweets is if it's South African it doesn't count. This includes both jumbo peppermint crisps I had last night