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Michael Nast
Prepare to be impressed with @Retailpreneur - helping create new revenue stream, and loyalty retention, and more!
Social Media marketing gold hats off to @BillSimmons #FreeBillSimmons: ESPN suspension explodes on Twitter… @Yahoo
Is that New Apple you have in your pocket getting rotten? I mean "bent" or are you just happy to see me? #iPhone6bend
Just turned down an offer to join the Blue Man Group. #HaveBiggerFishToFry
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Life happens. Good things, bad things. Just know your happiness is your personal responsibility. Be fearless in achieving it.
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@GrantCardone loving the tweets today :)
No gimmicks,no complicated steps,no BS straight forward way to save money. See #cashbacks work
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Make sure to check out @lawrencekosick! He is always sharing a lot of great information with all of his followers! #CEO #Founder
Dallas, Ann Arbor, Michigan City IN, Toronto, and Niagara Falls... this is my week. #CatchMeIfYouCan
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Everyone has a story, make yours so bad ass people would pay to hear or read it. #LifeGoals
@GrantCardone so no personal driver lol.. next stop... #PhantomLevel
@GrantCardone Nice rolls... Phantom or Ghost?
@CaryBroussard1 TY it was a non profit hobby for 7 years. #nevergiveup on your dream and passion.
This is great! @bpoetweets has a lot of great Government Contracts information.
I'm amazed at the mind control Apple has over some of you people. If they told you to go fuck yourself on 9/28 you would wait in line 4 days
@Tbanda hmmm I'm not a traditional marketer so I have to hire a traditional one for merchandising lmao
@Tbanda I'm honest I'm a shit stirrer, vigilante (we bully the bullies) and SM PsyOp Pioneer :P
@Tbanda @SMCDallas TY for the reply. My rants are what make me infamous... one way or another. #itworks #likemindsconnect #smcdallas
Exactly! RT @MissionClicks: Facebook is largely about being visual. Create content accordingly. #SocialMediaTips
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@Tbanda @SMCDallas absolutely your portfolio of client success is paramount!
@Tbanda guru is even worse lol
@Tbanda @SMCDallas umm no they have 12k I'm trolling the frauds that have under 1000 an all platforms. I have many clients that paid them
CBS pays $39.2 million for each Thursday Night Football game, including, unfortunately, tonight's game.
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@SMCDallas thus giving all of us a bad name because they can't deliver anything but fleecing these businesses out of $$
@SMCDallas too many people who can't get a following or engagement for themselves R soliciting naive businesses as a SM expert #MakesMeSick
The NFL and Domestic Abuse - Grant Cardone on Neil Cavuto
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#SocialMediaMarketing 101 if ANYONE asks you a question on @twitter respond #ASAP #smcdallas Still waiting @SMCDallas #SMH #AsleepAtTheWheel
A big thanks to all who came out for the live tapings with @SportsPlusShow and had a chance to meet #DennisMcKinnon!
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Check out @ArtsandClouds MASTERPIECE!! He just announced cutting edge update n a couple of weeks WOW! ~ @MikeNast
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@chrisyates11 @GrantCardone @CapitolMachine amen brother. Still waiting for an answer to the question I posed to @SMCDallas
@CapitolMachine not directed to @SMCDallas I'm just asking their expert opinion. Still waiting on an answer.....
@CapitolMachine @SMCDallas fucking blows my mind. How can you get me engagement when you can't get yourself any? Too many frauds out there.