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Jordan Maron
I shot a big gun :0
Time to shoot guns :0
We take a trip inside the game dev office for the new video woooooo :D
2 story Vegas hotel room mother of god
In case you missed it, the conclusion to our hardcore parkour adventure is up on the YouTubez…
Completely forgot to let everyone know that I decided to head to Las Vegas so I won't be live streaming today - Sunday D:
New 5 Nights at Freddy's for your viewing pain…
I may be a few minutes late to Mianite... but it's because I'm recording modded survival :D
Now that's what I call a sexually accepted authentic hashbrown
Have I been sexually accepted as an authentic hashbrown yet?
8 million subscriber celebration video wooooooooooo thanks everyone :D…
700k followers on Twitch, 600k on Facebook, and 8 million on YouTube SUCH MILESTONES
Also dat 700k on Twitch thanks everyone :D
I guess you could say that stream was egg-celent.
I may be a couple minutes late to Mianite as I am currently in the bathroom because nature calls.
Got some Minecraft mirror's edge parkour action fer ye…
Gonna be a few minutes late to Mianite, just heading home from game dev stuff now.
All done with Omegle for this time. Thanks everyone who came out and sorry if I wasn't able to catch you D:
For the next hour or so I'm gonna be on Omegle to record for the 8mil video, add CaptainSparklez to your interests and maybe we'll meet :0
It's alright if you don't - UPS or Fedex can probably ship it.
While you're waiting for the Mianite video to process, there's a new Ship video that went up earlier…
Hooray that silly strike I got on YouTube was removed
No matter how hard I try to keep it clean, my downloads folder always turns into a complete mess.
Oh also totally haven't forgotten to do a special 8 mil video. Omegle is still gonna happen at some point soon.
I actually really like salty foods, so I dunno what all the fuss is about being salty.
Not gonna have a chance to stream today, things will resume as usual tomorrow.
Looks like folks be liking the sound of Fortress Fallout
To be fair, if I was listening to the debate on stream as a viewer, I'd think I was a whiny buzzkill too, so no hard feelings there lol
We're all friends, none of that debate was anger, was just a debate not really meant to be on a live stream. I dun goofed with dat.
You can check my tweets from yesterday for info on the strike. My network is gonna try to help sort it out directly with YouTube.
YouTube rejected my appeal on the strike I received. GG no re. System needs a serious overhaul.
I guess someone from Microsoft has stated that Minecraft content on YouTube will be unimpacted by the acquisition. Yayyyy
This is the welcome I get when I go to the Twitch office. No respect, I tell ya.
I've appealed it, hopefully it'll be taken care of soon.
and I got a strike for spamming because of that text. Striked for spamming because I was trying to help reduce spam. The irony.
comments section at that time. I included a list of strings for people to add to their comment blacklist to reduce the amount of spam...
So it was the video I made talking about the Google+ integration with YouTube comments and all the spam that was happening in YouTube...
YouTube doesn't let you review the video once it's taken down. How do I know how to dispute if I don't even know what could have caused it?
Received a Community Guidelines strike on YouTube for a video that was almost a year old and I have no clue why. Pretty cool.
My final term in office as Mayor of Luckville has come to a close…