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Jordan Maron
The mayor of Luckville is back with episode 2 of Sim City in Minecraft…
I shall be back on Mianite tomorrow at the usual time.
The finale of the Eleanor's Castle adventure map is hereeeee…
Awkward I'm headed home from PAX air plane selfie
Hey look it's @aureylian
PAX peeps, I'm on a panel in about 45 minutes (12pm) in Hedgehog and you should come watch yeeee
The sickest montage clip 720 fakie YY ladder stall rekt ownage shot ever done in ever…
I'm on a trading card whooaaa mannn
I'm gonna be at the Mindcrack meetup thing at 1pm at the transit center at 9th and Pine if ya wanna stop by. No PAX pass needed.
Majestic white Twitch hoodie be jealous
Reminder to PAX folks - @IIJERiiCHOII, @OMGitsfirefoxx and myself will be at the Twitch booth at 3pm for a Mianite signing thing yeeeee
I posted a vlog thing where I talk about stuff you may or may not be interested in…
So I guess there was a big miscommunication with the organization of the signing thing... Headed to Paramount now for any PAX folks.
Apparently change of plan for signing session, gonna be in Redwood 1&2 at the Sheraton, not Paramount.
If you're at PAX, gonna be playing Super Fight in about 15 minutes in the Sphinx room in the Sheraton.
We have turned the building game upside down :0…
Hey PAX peeps, I'm doing a panel at 1:30pm in Sphinx followed up by a 3pm signing in Paramount. Hopefully I'll catch some of you there :0
Getting hammered tonight
Finally got to see the Guinness book of world records in person
I just stepped in gum while getting off a plane. What kind of miserable person throws their gum on the floor of a plane.
In the meantime, enjoy some quality time with Morgan Freeman
Heading off to Seattle see you at PAX if you're gonna be there weeeeeee
Man I crack me up sometimes. I mean like literally sometimes I crack. Usually my knuckles, but sometimes my toes.
Wondering what I'll forget to pack for this trip.
Unfortunately that sort of manufacturing stuff is beyond my control, but I'm sorry about the wait.
Peeps who ordered lunchboxes - appears there was a delay in production, was told they should start shipping in the next couple weeks.
The adventures continue in Eleanor's Castle weeeeeee…
Apparently Mianite footage is being used all over for B-roll on reports about the Twitch buyout. So famis.
Just so everyone is on the same page, not gonna be any streams until I've gotten back from PAX, so things should resume next Wednesday.
I am worth a billion dollars yay thanks Amazon.
Setting up the stream now... while walking back to my car to head home I met a person who I thought was gonna stab or shoot me which is cool
Gonna be a bit late to Mianite, just getting out of a game dev meeting and heading home.
The Mianite Purge is upon us! Well, on YouTube, at least…
From the outside, I feel like Amazon has more incentive to continue to build Twitch than Google, given that Google already has YouTube.
Dang Amazon purchase of Twitch is legit... How about that free amazon prime for partners ye?
So we may have possibly forgotten to get the new IP for Mianite so we kinda need that to get on and stream oops.
Turns out MySpace isn't buying Twitch, but now it's actually rumored that I may be buying in exchange for giving them a shout out in a video
Seriously though, all these so called news sites doing nothing but following each others' leads in speculating about things they don't know.
I have rumored news from a confidential insider source that Twitch is in talks to be acquired by MySpace for 100 internet dollars.