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Jordan Maron
minecraft youtube gaming 756,579 followers
I haz a new Minecraft mod video fer ye to check out where the blocks are alive or something like that…
If you're interested in watching the panel thing I did at Comic Con, here be a link
Sorry I'm late to the stream, I accidentally died while setting up.
May be a few minutes late to Mianite, but will probably stream myself eating beforehand because why not
Got a new Ultra Modded Survival for ya check eet outt…
By the way I just wanna say how crazy it is that we've broken 50k two days in a row. Thanks for being super supportive, everyone.
Thanks for coming out to the stream everyone :D Will let ya know sometime later on if we're on for tomorrow.
In the mean time, there's new Mianite up on YouTube…
Minecraft servers being down is obviously the work of Team Dianite.
I'll keep checking, hopefully it'll be working at 12, but there's always a chance we get logged back out if they go down again.
No Mianite stream until Minecraft login servers are back up and running D:
If you're begging for money, I feel like you'll have more success doing it while not drinking and smoking at the same time.
Got up to almost 60k on the stream there for a second which is crazy O_O thanks for watching the stream everyone
500k followers on Twitch wooo HYPEEEEE
Also only 340 followers away from 500k on Twitch wooooooo
Back to back Mianites up on the YouTubes and a stream coming later on ohhhh mannnnn…
Everyone should annoy @BootBuckaroo by telling him happy birthday
Got some more Mianite for ya up on the YouTubes…
There may not be a live stream, but there is a new movie themed building game so go check eet…
No Mianite today, but should be back to better consistency tomorrow ye