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Jordan Maron
minecraft youtube gaming 664,141 followers
Posted a video of a Minecraft recreation of the Guess Who card game that I played when I was a wee little kiddie…
Uber just refunded me an extra dollar off of my $5 trip. So now it was only $4 to go almost 20 miles. Makin me feel even worse lol
aaaaaaand the PAX video is back up yay…
Blargh still waiting on YouTube to remove the strike from the video.
Yesterday I took an Uber ride like 20 miles and only got charged $5. The guy was really nice and I feel really badly =/
I just got randomly verified on Twitter without ever having talked to anyone about it lol. IM FAMOUS NOW DAT BLUE CHECKMARK.
Strike should be getting retracted shortly. Relief.
By the way there is a new ultra modded survival awww ye…
Attempting to sort out the strike directly with the guy, hoping things will turn out all good. I no like stress.
Looks like the video was flagged by the guy who filmed me doing the backflip. Nice.
I just got false copyright striked for that PAX video I uploaded with me battling Markiplier. What the hell.
1 million likes on Revenge O.O
Revenge is 5k likes away from 1 million O_O…
I think LA light pollution killed the eclipse here.
So far this lunar eclipse just looks like a half moon :3
Mfw dat game of thrones
dat game of thrones tho
I just saw a matte black PT Cruiser convertible with spinners and modded super loud exhaust. I can't even right now.
Lots o vids went up while I was gone and not updating Twitter, so check the channel page to catch up and stuff.
PAX was lots o fun, also good to be back home. Now back to makin da videos.
My taxi cab driver got pulled over for speeding woohoooo
I jousted @markiplier and lost, but at least I got in a few good groin shots.