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Cameron Mitchell
new bedtime ritual : spamming classic nickelodeon shows
welp, now I know how to change a flat tire
do you ever just think : life is complicated
so kidney stones = a really bad day
9 months with girl has been the greatest time of my life. We've laughed, cried, been burned(literally) and loved. I wouldn't trade it for anything. *handshake* @bwycee
sometimes my hands they don't feel like my own. i need someone to love, i need someone to hold.
drinking #coffee for the rst of the day if u ned me
wow. this album. just wow. i like music again.…
y u forc me 2 usE emoji appl
TULSA I'm playing tonight at 6:20 at the Vanguard with @WeAreCalledTEAM // come hangout!
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this past week has been pretty crazy and emotional, but I wouldn't want to go through it with anyone else in this world @bwycee #ripnikon
Wow… Words seriously cannot begin to describe how thankful this past week has made me. I...…
im so thankful for all who have donated to my love so far. posting the link again.
my heart is really heavy today. yesterday morning my loves apartment burned down with us inside of it. @bwycee
rainy day photos//my girl is so talented
still not awake today, but what a cutie.
i can't believe it's been 8 months with this girl. I stalked her on insta and now she's mine... the ultimate best friend and most fun girl in the universe. Did I also mention she's the absolute cutest girl everrr?? @bwycee
we danced like we're //// young cause we are
really excited to see my dude @iamjakemorrison tonight
babe of the millennium @bwycee
it took a while but we like each other
how many years of your life would you trade for the greatest month of your life?
If you wear heels, you better commit and not take them off until you get home
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What's the kindest thing you almost did?
i don't know what I'd do without this precious girl. we are goofballs and not ashamed of it.
harley mae/robert cameron
sinus infection go awayyy pls
one day twitter and insta will be gone and numbers will be irrelevant. then what?
dating is so fun/ photo cred to my @bwycee (so talented)
lunch dates with this beauty are so special.
really love me some diane rehm in the mornings
never flying @Delta again. two delayed flights in one day and both for maintenance reasons.