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Camilla Luddington
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I feel like the adult version is that scene in practical magic where they wake up to the aunts making margaritas :):)
@camilluddington a meal (picnic) eaten late at night, in secret usually by children!
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@Dodgie_Hodgie: @camilluddington well we define it as copious amounts of food and sweets eaten in secret, often at a slumber party.”
First off it's not something you do alone- a midnight feast is usually secretive&sneaky&this pic sums it up:
Any Brits wanna help me out to describe a midnight feast?
@quinnskepner: @camilluddington eating food at midnight yes we have that hear lol” oh no-this isn't merely about grabbing something at 12am
I just talked"midnight feasts"2an American&they had NO idea what I was talking about?!Has this sneaky childhood tradition not made it here?!
Grateful to you all that there is a season 11 poster & grateful to @ABC_Publicity @shondarhimes I look so young in it
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@hellojerrika: 'Bout to go do an elevator scene with Justin Chambers. Shhh...don't tell @camilluddington!” 😯👿👿👿
She wasn't just hilarious when I taped FP w/ her- she was also beyond sweet.So iconic-she will be missed #joanRivers
@mysticgreys: @camilluddington @caterinatweets Thoughts on a Jo & Amelia friendship?”love this idea. They're both a little "messy".. Lol
Sneak peak of my cover shoot!@OceanMag upcoming Oct Issue!shot by @itsTroyJensen @JarekAddison styled by @danielmusto
@caitylotz: @camilluddington I'll only do it if you do the pouring.” I'll only pour if you wear your costume from arrow- including the mask
Icebucket done- I'll let u know when it's posted- btw @caitylotz I may have nominated you 😘😘😘
Coughing so much I'm actually annoying myself at this point 😣😣😣
@lexipediaa: @camilluddington camilla are you still going to do the ice bucket challenge? :)” yes! I got sick over the weekend so tmw!
Happy birthday to my ortho crush @SaraRamirez ;) "check yo-self before u wreck yo-self.."
The Pact 2 hits on demand and iTunes on September 5! check out the trailer:
@BrenochAdams: Had a blast with @camilluddington at #sacanime. #TombRaider fans never cease to amaze.” Let's do it again!
@TheDorsetTalent: @camilluddington @RegalsAnatomy You only get 24 hours. And I hope you know what ASL stands for.” ... ALS.. 😏
@RegalsAnatomy: @camilluddington please accept Justin's challenge #ALSIceBucketChallenge” of course.. Will post a vid when I get todo it
Just a heads up I'm gonna nominate gizmo...
Btw mine will be more than 24hours till posted as i am traveling to the @SacAnime not sure there's a bucket at the airport lol 😘#ALSS
There I was... Minding my own business when this got sent to me..…
How do u post a vid to twitter..? Go!
@MimiMelgaard: @camilluddington I love it!! May be you will someday!” Haha yay! Let's find it! ;)
If jo ever becomes an attending I feel like she should wear a scrub cap thats the top of R2D2's head. #randomMorningThought #ThatIsAll
@camilluddington We're glad you finally discovered our secret-- we're Best At Sport Bras! Good luck at #RocknRollHalfMarathon, Camilla! ♥
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Why didn't I know that @VSSportOfficial make amazing sports bras?!!! May just have to rock my new hot pink 1 at the #RocknRollHalfMarathon
Heading to the @SacAnime this weekend!! Can't wait to meet everyone who will be there!! 😘😘
@skylerwebb8: @camilluddington @shondarhimes what if Jo was married to Jackson and April was married to Alex? 😂👌” 😳😯 weird
@shondarhimes: @pigorcowThey aren't engaged in the deleted scene either.He says they are but shes all,"WHAT?HE IS WEIRD!"lol can u imagine?