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Call of Duty
Boost slide > jump > boost > air dash forward > slam > win. #AdvancedWarfareMP
2XP is now LIVE in #CODGhosts and #BlackOps2! Enjoy the long weekend - we'll keep the 2XP on until Tuesday morning.
Sniper players: ready up - @BennyCentral had a solid run with the iron sights sniper in his #AdvancedWarfareMP video:
#NemesisProTips – Showtime: Don’t underestimate Tactical Grenades! They can easily disorient players capping B.
Making plans for the long, 3day weekend? No? Well, then by all means, allow us to help. #BlackOps2
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Who's up for a long weekend of 2XP in #CODGhosts? Starting tomorrow across platforms, 2XP will stay on until Tuesday!
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Movement in #AdvancedWarfare is fast-paced and intense. Curious about the new boost mechanics? @Drift0r can explain:
Pre-order #AdvancedWarfare and pick up the #DayZero Edition. Questions on early access? FAQ:
Miss the #UMGDallas action this weekend? Read the recap and catch up on @DenialEsports' road to victory:
.@erichirshberg gets the ice bucket treatment as he responds to @MichaelCondrey’s #ALSChallenege
Your voted for 24/7 playlist is now live in #CODGhosts. RT if you'll be playing Freight 24/7 this weekend!
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#CODGhosts 24/7 playlist results are in! Freight 24/7 releases tomorrow & Showtime 24/7 will go up Sept 5 to celebrate #Nemesis on PSN/PC.
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#UMGDallas starts tomorrow! With the open bracket, anything can happen. Who are you rooting for? More info here:
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PSN/PC Players: #CODGhosts #Nemesis arrives Sept 4th! Play 4 new MP maps & Exodus, the final chapter of Extinction |…
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24/7 PLAYLIST POLL: Vote for the map you'd like to play in #CODGhosts 24/7 playlist on our Facebook page:…
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.@OpTicMiDNiTE is amped for #AdvancedWarfareMP's new modes. Watch her gameplay video on Uplink and Momentum:
.@PrestigeIsKey got hands-on with #AdvancedWarfareMP. Watch his gameplay video & see why he's excited for #DayZero:
A ton of #AdvancedWarfareMP intel was revealed last week at #Gamescom. Check the blog for the #GC14 recap:
The @Xbox #CODGhosts Season Pass is finally complete! Get all 16 maps, both weapons, and the entire Extinction saga:
#AdvancedWarfareMP brings tons of customization options to the table. Let @TmarTn walk you through the loadout screen
The guys at @IGN broke down the #AdvancedWarfareMP trailer cut by cut. See their analysis:
Nine things you need to know about #AdvancedWarfareMP - read the piece by @gameinformer:
Hey @Hoya2aPacer, how'd you like playing #AdvancedWarfareMP? Need an exo for next season? See Roy Hibbert with @IGN:
. @Polygon goes in-depth with many of the new features like “Pick 13” in their #AdvancedWarfareMP article.…
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8AM PDT / 5PM CEST: Watch pro @eSportsCOD teams play #AdvancedWarfareMP at the @ESL Pro Bootcamp! More info here:
New mechanics, modes, and more. Read @IGN's first impressions on all things #AdvancedWarfareMP:
Miss yesterday's #AdvancedWarfareMP Twitter Q&A with @SHGames founders @GlenSchofield & @MichaelCondrey? Recap here:
Next on the stream we have @Team_KaLiBeR & @TeamCurseGaming, two Pro Teams from the US! Watch live at
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NOW LIVE: Pro teams are going head-to-head in #AdvancedWarfareMP at #GC14! See @KFeSport vs. @FAB_Games:
Check out the photos from the @CallofDuty #AdvancedWarfareMP Global Premiere Event:
Learning new things about Advanced Warfare each time I play: Grip works effectively, SMGs are tons of fun, laser gun isn't OP & more!
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Miss the multiplayer reveal? See the trailer: Which new feature of #AdvancedWarfareMP are you most excited about?
Advanced Warfare @CallofDuty Xbox One looks so awesome! Hitting preorder in 3, 2… oops!
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Thanks, everyone, for taking part in the #AdvancedWarfareMP Q&A with @GlenSchofield and @MichaelCondrey! Stay tuned for more info from #GC14
.@MichaelCondrey "Mean? I fill his life with joy, happiness, and purpose." - @GlenSchofield
@CallofDuty question for #AdvancedWarfareMP Q&A - "why is @GlenSchofield so mean to his kind and charming partner"
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.@hippilan "More scorestreaks. More scorestreak modules. You'll have to wait for November 4 to see them all." - @MichaelCondrey
@CallofDuty are there only 7 scorestreaks in the game or will some more be released? #AdvancedWarfareMP
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@CallofDuty will the "Day Zero" edition be available on Playstation 4? #AdvancedWarfareMP
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