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Call of Duty
Four days to go. RT if you’ll be there to keep chaos at bay. #DayZero #CODAWLaunch
Just because it's my bye week doesn't mean I'm on vacation, I'm reporting to @SHGames to be the @CallofDuty intern
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RT if you're suited up - The #CODAWLaunch Live Action trailer is live NOW. Watch here: #DayZero
Take on #MissionZero: Choose wisely to survive the story behind the #CODAWLaunch Trailer:
NEW TRAILER: You ready for #DayZero on 11/3? You'd better be; you're in it. Suit up- the #CODAWLaunch trailer's here:
Watch #TheRace to Prestige powered by @Twitch & help @CODE4Vets put 1,000 vets into quality jobs: #AdvancedWarfare
The Call of Duty: #AdvancedWarfare Companion App is coming. See the in-app Emblem Editor, War Room & more here:
Fun day at @espn talking about my @CallofDuty internship. Tomorrow the hard work begins at @SHGames.
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.@SHGames is getting a new intern. He's... bigger than most. Watch @SportsNation NOW [ESPN2] to see @ClayMatthews52, the Call of Duty Intern
Exoskeletons, Jetpacks, and Riot Shields. This is Kill Confirmed for a new generation. #AdvancedWarfare
Looks like @Rafy614 is ready for #DayZero. Show us how you’ve been preparing for #AdvancedWarfare.…
Which #AdvancedWarfareMP map are you most excited to visit next week? #OpTicPlaysAW
Favorite mode to watch on the #OpTicPlaysAW stream so far? RT for Uplink, FAV for S&D, Comment for Hardpoint or CTF:
RT if you just saw that #OpTicPlaysAW 40 bomb. Uplink is next. See the #AdvancedWarfare gameplay here:
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NEW TRAILER - See the map ATLAS Gorge, #AdvancedWarfare's re-imagining of COD 4's Pipeline in the Season Pass trailer
In Momentum, the struggle is real. Push through your opponents' defenses and capture points to win. #AdvancedWarfare
ATTN: November 3rd - Get here faster. Click in the left thumbstick to sprint. #AdvancedWarfare #DayZero
#CODAWLaunch: One. Week. Left. RT if you'll be on the front lines for #DayZero.
#AdvancedWarfare drops in 7 days. Warm up all week with 2XP in #CODGhosts and #BlackOps2. See you on #DayZero.
Have you uncovered all of the exclusive #AdvancedWarfare intel from the site? Get it done:
#AdvancedWarfare’s exoskeletons add a whole new dimension to combat. You haven't played Call of Duty like this before
Click this tweet to introduce your enemy's face to your forearm: #AdvancedWarfare
Kill Confirmed returns in #AdvancedWarfare. Take down opponents and collect their dog tags to secure victory.
Exclusive #AdvancedWarfare intel - see the Goliath in action. Unlock more intel on the site:……
What's it like inside @SHGames? @TmarTn stopped by to visit the #AdvancedWarfare developers and took the grand tour:
.@SHGames invited some community members to play #AdvancedWarfareMP early. Check out their reactions:
13 DAYS TO #AdvancedWarfare - Tag friends by replying w/ their handle so they're ready to fight with you on #DayZero.
Get ready for @CallofDuty #AdvancedWarfare. Watch the new trailer featuring The Raconteurs “Salute Your Solution”
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ICYMI - Watch the #AdvancedWarfare Launch Gameplay Trailer: We're two weeks from #DayZero. RT if you'll be there.
THIS IS IT – #AdvancedWarfare LAUNCH GAMEPLAY TRAILER: Make it count on #DayZero: 16 days left and counting.
CLANS - RALLY UP! Want to know more about #AWClanWars and the #AdvancedWarfare mobile app? Get all the intel here:
Click this tweet to grapple with a Goliath:
Upgrade last-gen copies of #AdvancedWarfare to current-gen for free; @SHGames co-founder @GlenSchofield has the intel
Unlock exclusive #AdvancedWarfareMP and Campaign content – Connect your mobile devices: