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Call of Duty
Incoming fire! Click here to activate Exo Shield: #AdvancedWarfare
Are you an escape artist? Dodge 20 grenades in the #AdvancedWarfare Campaign and get the achievement to prove it.
Get your #IGNFirst look at Kill Confirmed in #AdvancedWarfareMP. Fav if you collect tags. RT if you collect kills.
RT if you’re going to beat your friends to 100% Completion in #AdvancedWarfare. #DayZero
Pure firepower: equip the XMG and wreak havoc with akimbo, fully-automatic machine guns. #AdvancedWarfareMP
RT & you might win the Atlas Digital Pro Edition in the #DayZeroCE sweeps. More info:
Customize scorestreaks for even more power. More power = more destruction rained upon your enemies: #AdvancedWarfare
Spending 10 Exo Upgrade Points will take some time. Who's earning their Second Skin? #AdvancedWarfare
If you want to be among the first to unlock #AdvancedWarfare's achievements, you have to play on #DayZero.
RT for a chance to win an #AdvancedWarfare Atlas Pro Edition in the #DayZeroCE Sweeps! Rules:
Teach enemies in Campaign that "what goes around comes around" & you'll unlock this #AdvancedWarfare achievement:
RT & to enter the #DayZeroCE sweeps. Today's Prize: #AdvancedWarfare Atlas Pro Edition! Rules:
RT if you'll be the first to unlock Life in the Fast Lane on #DayZero. Pre-order #AdvancedWarfare to get Early Access
See exclusive gameplay of #AdvancedWarfare’s new mode “Momentum” in this #IGNFirst video:…
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How long will it take you to unlock all of the achievements in #AdvancedWarfare? Better get started on #DayZero.
Pre-order #AdvancedWarfare and play a day early. Will you be the first among your friends to unlock all achievements?
RT & you might win the #AdvancedWarfare Atlas Limited Edition in the #DayZeroCE sweeps! Rules:
Play #AdvancedWarfare on #DayZero and you could be among the 1st ever to score in Uplink. Pre-order for early access.
Pre-order #AdvancedWarfare? You're fifty days away from playing on #DayZero. Ready up:
Your Exo Ability can save your life. Make sure to manage its battery & let the suit do the rest. #AdvancedWarfareMP
Recovery is set on the rim of an active volcano. Careful - it turns ugly fast. Watch on #IGNFirst: #AdvancedWarfareMP
#CODGhosts #Nemesis is now available on PSN & PC! Which map is your favorite: Goldrush, Dynasty, Subzero or Showtime?
Watch this new #IGNFirst interview with @MichaelCondrey. He discusses acting alongside the legendary "Jonathan Irons"
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The actors in #AdvancedWarfare contributed more than just their performances. Watch @TIME's video and find out how:
#NemesisProTips - Dynasty: Advance through tactically. Move from building to building and know when to defend if enemies start approaching.
From performance capture to life: #AdvancedWarfare actor @gideonemery dons full exo-gear with the @SHGames founders!
Defending B Flag in Domination? Beware boost-jumping enemies seeking to take it back. #AdvancedWarfare
Get your #IGNFirst look at Retreat, an #AdvancedWarfareMP map set in an ATLAS resort complex:
San Jose @mercnews got hands-on with #AdvancedWarfareMP. Check out their write-up for an extensive look at MP:
#NemesisProTips - Subzero: Falling behind on Subzero? Get inside and make the enemy come to you. Bring backup.
All the equipment & weaponry in #AdvancedWarfare is based off existing tech. Watch @TIME's video & see for yourself:
#NemesisProTips – Showtime: Stick with your teammates on Showtime or risk getting outnumbered time and again. The more firepower, the better
Upgraded scorestreaks are harder to earn, but can absolutely devastate the enemy team. #AdvancedWarfareMP
Attention Clans! The next round of Clan Wars begins Sep 10th (bronze-plat) and Sep 13th (diamond). For more info,…
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Showtime 24/7 is live in #CODGhosts! RT if you'll be playing this weekend.
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Extinction Double XP is live across platforms in #CODGhosts! Who can tell us which Episode this concept art is from?
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#AdvancedWarfare is the #IGNFirst Game of September. Get new Campaign, MP, and Co-Op reveals all month long on @IGN:
TONIGHT: Come play #CODGhosts on X360 w/ us & guests from @veilofmayaband. Time: 4pmPT | Msg GT: b1ackice to join!
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Get the drop on the competition: All 3 #AdvancedWarfare Collector's Editions get Early Access on #DayZero:
TOMORROW: Extinction 2XP will be live in #CODGhosts for the weekend! Which episodes will you play?
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NOW AVAILABLE on PSN/PC: #CODGhosts #Nemesis! Get Dynasty, Goldrush, Subzero, Showtime, and #Extinction pt 4: Exodus:
What sets #AdvancedWarfare apart from other titles? Read the story by the @AP:
Going up against multiple foes, an air strike, and a sentry gun? Those are odds you can work with. #AdvancedWarfare
PSN/PC: #Nemesis arrives tomorrow. Watch the #Extinction: Exodus intro - "You might want to fasten your seat belt."
Read about the tech behind the EPM3, a new Direct Energy Weapon, in this week's #SHGDevBlog
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Miss anything in the #AdvancedWarfareMP reveal? Here's everything you need to know before #DayZero:
PSN/PC: #Extinction Exodus arrives Thursday. Remember what you're fighting for; re-watch Awakening's ending: #Nemesis
#NemesisProTips – Dynasty: Explore Dynasty’s many shortcuts to outsmart and outflank enemy players. #CODGhosts