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Call of Duty
Enemies below - click this tweet to make a big entrance. #AdvancedWarfare
35 days until go time. Watch the latest #AdvancedWarfare trailer & ready up for #DayZero:
Our Emergent Combat News section of the #AdvancedWarfare site has been updated. Click to catch up on the latest tech:
It’s great to have local talent like the @warriors@hbarnes stop by the studio to play some #AdvancedWarfareMP.
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Goliaths, Exo Grapple, and the Exo Survival reveal - It's time for a new episode of @gamespot's #AimDown Sights:
.@LTZONDA is NOW LIVE with #AdvancedWarfare gameplay, straight from @EGX London! Click here:
Classes, upgrades, objectives & more - @IGN has a detailed write-up of their hands-on experience with Exo Survival:
Manuel Noriega doesn't seem to like his portrayal in #BlackOps2. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani thinks that's absurd.
NEW TRAILER: Campaign, Multiplayer, & Exo Survival. Which #AdvancedWarfare mode will you be playing on #DayZero?
Thanks to the @Angels Pitching staff for visiting today. We hope you had a blast checking out #AdvancedWarfare.
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Who's using the EM1 Quantum in #AdvancedWarfareMP on #DayZero? Pre-order & get Early Access:
What mode will you play first on #DayZero? RT for #AdvancedWarfareMP Fav if you're going straight for Campaign
Don't go in blind - Click this tweet to use your Threat Detection Grenade: #AdvancedWarfare
Tag enemies in Campaign to get this #AdvancedWarfare achievement. Tag friends on Twitter that you'll play MP with.
Wearable Exo-Jetpacks that increase speed and agility are being developed today by @ASU:…
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Fight in Riot, a partially-destroyed prison. Those inmate tracking systems might still work... #AdvancedWarfareMP
Incoming fire! Click here to activate Exo Shield: #AdvancedWarfare
Are you an escape artist? Dodge 20 grenades in the #AdvancedWarfare Campaign and get the achievement to prove it.
Get your #IGNFirst look at Kill Confirmed in #AdvancedWarfareMP. Fav if you collect tags. RT if you collect kills.
RT if you’re going to beat your friends to 100% Completion in #AdvancedWarfare. #DayZero
Pure firepower: equip the XMG and wreak havoc with akimbo, fully-automatic machine guns. #AdvancedWarfareMP
RT & you might win the Atlas Digital Pro Edition in the #DayZeroCE sweeps. More info:
Customize scorestreaks for even more power. More power = more destruction rained upon your enemies: #AdvancedWarfare
Spending 10 Exo Upgrade Points will take some time. Who's earning their Second Skin? #AdvancedWarfare
If you want to be among the first to unlock #AdvancedWarfare's achievements, you have to play on #DayZero.
RT for a chance to win an #AdvancedWarfare Atlas Pro Edition in the #DayZeroCE Sweeps! Rules:
Teach enemies in Campaign that "what goes around comes around" & you'll unlock this #AdvancedWarfare achievement:
RT & to enter the #DayZeroCE sweeps. Today's Prize: #AdvancedWarfare Atlas Pro Edition! Rules:
RT if you'll be the first to unlock Life in the Fast Lane on #DayZero. Pre-order #AdvancedWarfare to get Early Access
See exclusive gameplay of #AdvancedWarfare’s new mode “Momentum” in this #IGNFirst video:…
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How long will it take you to unlock all of the achievements in #AdvancedWarfare? Better get started on #DayZero.
Pre-order #AdvancedWarfare and play a day early. Will you be the first among your friends to unlock all achievements?
RT & you might win the #AdvancedWarfare Atlas Limited Edition in the #DayZeroCE sweeps! Rules:
Play #AdvancedWarfare on #DayZero and you could be among the 1st ever to score in Uplink. Pre-order for early access.
Pre-order #AdvancedWarfare? You're fifty days away from playing on #DayZero. Ready up:
Your Exo Ability can save your life. Make sure to manage its battery & let the suit do the rest. #AdvancedWarfareMP
Recovery is set on the rim of an active volcano. Careful - it turns ugly fast. Watch on #IGNFirst: #AdvancedWarfareMP
#CODGhosts #Nemesis is now available on PSN & PC! Which map is your favorite: Goldrush, Dynasty, Subzero or Showtime?
Watch this new #IGNFirst interview with @MichaelCondrey. He discusses acting alongside the legendary "Jonathan Irons"
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The actors in #AdvancedWarfare contributed more than just their performances. Watch @TIME's video and find out how: