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Call of Duty
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#InvasionProTips - Awakening: Sometimes, running away is the best strategy. It’s better to regroup in force than to go down one by one.
#AdvancedWarfare is closer than you think. Check out our Emergent Combat News page & learn about today's future tech:
#InvasionProTips - Pharoah: What's that about torches? There's more than meets the eye in these tombs. #CODGhosts
100 days until November 4th. Make sure you're prepped to play #AdvancedWarfare on day one:
#InvasionProTips - Departed: Place your Sentry Gun along one of the long streets. Rack up the points. Thank us later.
Want an update on this week's #AdvancedWarfare news? Catch the intel report here:
#InvasionProTips - Pharoah: Scarabs and soldiers just don’t seem to mix. Aim for the vases and trap your target. #CODGhosts
TONIGHT: Come play #CODGhosts w/ us & @MiserySignals on 360! To join send an XBL msg to "ClaireJeepChick" w/ #MaliceX
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#InvasionProTips: Blitz on Favela? Get creative & think vertically the next time you rush the enemy portal #CODGhosts
SUPERPOWER FOR HIRE: What happens when wars start being fought by corporations instead of countries? See @VICE's doc:
#InvasionProTip - Mutiny: Control the ship and you control the map. Ship occupied? Grenades work wonders. #CODGhosts
See #AdvancedWarfare's EM1 Quantum weapon & the Bullet Brass exoskeleton: Pre-order here:
COMING SOON: Watch @VICE's doc on how Private Military Corporations are changing war. Superpower for Hire:
Visited @SHGames studios and played the new @CallofDuty #AdvancedWarfare for the first time!! SICK experience!…
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Hey @djafrojack: getting a 1.0 K/D in #AdvancedWarfare against @SHGames is pretty damn good. Recap here:
Happy anniversary, @SHGames! Year 5 will be the best one yet. #AdvancedWarfare
"You don't just go and record a weapon..." Hear Don Veca, @SHGames audio lead, on #AdvancedWarfare's sound design:
We had a kickass time with @Uber at #E32014. See how #AdvancedWarfare fans dealt with LA traffic in the Mission Recap
Interested in the art and design of #AdvancedWarfare? Get the debrief from the animation & art directors at @SHGames:
#AdvancedWarfare features all new weapons, armor, vehicles, & more: what 2054 tech do you want to know more about?
"#AdvancedWarfare is the technology of tomorrow in the hands of the player today" More on future tech from @SHGames: