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Call of Duty
Have you uncovered all of the exclusive #AdvancedWarfare intel from the site? Get it done:
#AdvancedWarfare’s exoskeletons add a whole new dimension to combat. You haven't played Call of Duty like this before
Click this tweet to introduce your enemy's face to your forearm: #AdvancedWarfare
Kill Confirmed returns in #AdvancedWarfare. Take down opponents and collect their dog tags to secure victory.
Exclusive #AdvancedWarfare intel - see the Goliath in action. Unlock more intel on the site:……
What's it like inside @SHGames? @TmarTn stopped by to visit the #AdvancedWarfare developers and took the grand tour:
.@SHGames invited some community members to play #AdvancedWarfareMP early. Check out their reactions:
13 DAYS TO #AdvancedWarfare - Tag friends by replying w/ their handle so they're ready to fight with you on #DayZero.
Get ready for @CallofDuty #AdvancedWarfare. Watch the new trailer featuring The Raconteurs “Salute Your Solution”
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ICYMI - Watch the #AdvancedWarfare Launch Gameplay Trailer: We're two weeks from #DayZero. RT if you'll be there.
THIS IS IT – #AdvancedWarfare LAUNCH GAMEPLAY TRAILER: Make it count on #DayZero: 16 days left and counting.
CLANS - RALLY UP! Want to know more about #AWClanWars and the #AdvancedWarfare mobile app? Get all the intel here:
Click this tweet to grapple with a Goliath:
Upgrade last-gen copies of #AdvancedWarfare to current-gen for free; @SHGames co-founder @GlenSchofield has the intel
Unlock exclusive #AdvancedWarfareMP and Campaign content – Connect your mobile devices:
Details on #AdvancedWarfareMP @MLG Pro League are here. Be sure to track your team from game one:
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Please disregard the previous tweet – #DayZeroCE sweeps finalists, you’ll be DM’d shortly!
The early bird gets the bonus. Pre-order #AdvancedWarfare to get #DayZero Early Access & more
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Clans: reserve your Ghosts Clan name and roster for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare today. Send your Clan Leader here:…
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Click this tweet to check out the Virtual Lobby. #AdvancedWarfare
3 years in the making! We can't wait for #AdvanceWarfareMP Pro League to begin in December. More info via @MLG:…
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Thinking of getting a new console? Upgrade your copy of #AdvancedWarfare for free. Details:…
We're happy to announce the world premiere eSports event for @CallofDuty: Advanced Warfare!…
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NEW VIDEO - Go behind the scenes of #AdvancedWarfareMP with commentary from @SHGames devs:
Have you checked out the “Power Unlocked” feature on the @CallofDuty site? @TmarTn explains more in this video:…
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Want to play #AdvancedWarfare a day early? Click here & learn how you can play on November 3rd
Unlock exclusive content! Access #AdvancedWarfareMP intel by linking your mobile devices here:…
This week's #AimDown Sights is live! Watch @BennyCentral get the world's 1st #AdvancedWarfareMP Nuclear medal:
Enemies below - click this tweet to make a big entrance. #AdvancedWarfare
35 days until go time. Watch the latest #AdvancedWarfare trailer & ready up for #DayZero:
Our Emergent Combat News section of the #AdvancedWarfare site has been updated. Click to catch up on the latest tech:
It’s great to have local talent like the @warriors@hbarnes stop by the studio to play some #AdvancedWarfareMP.
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Goliaths, Exo Grapple, and the Exo Survival reveal - It's time for a new episode of @gamespot's #AimDown Sights:
.@LTZONDA is NOW LIVE with #AdvancedWarfare gameplay, straight from @EGX London! Click here:
Classes, upgrades, objectives & more - @IGN has a detailed write-up of their hands-on experience with Exo Survival:
Manuel Noriega doesn't seem to like his portrayal in #BlackOps2. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani thinks that's absurd.
NEW TRAILER: Campaign, Multiplayer, & Exo Survival. Which #AdvancedWarfare mode will you be playing on #DayZero?
Thanks to the @Angels Pitching staff for visiting today. We hope you had a blast checking out #AdvancedWarfare.
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Who's using the EM1 Quantum in #AdvancedWarfareMP on #DayZero? Pre-order & get Early Access: