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Cabel Sasser
ios mac 63,434 followers
I mostly UGH BARF on "The Deku Tree" name because I love Zelda games and I don't want to think of Kevin Rose's Google Sketchup House instead
Kevin Rose will sell the house back! Someone offers! He rejects?! Also his plan is called "The Deku Tree". UGH BARF
I really love the piano roll visualizer @georgeNjonathan made: (Also, great segafuturepast music. WebGL required.)
(Thanks everyone; screening tickets have been officially handed over. Break a leg, Pixar!)
Do you live in PDX? Do you have a child aged 6 to 12? Are you free at 4:00 PM? Do you like screenings of work-in-progress Pixar films? DM me
Joby b-day meal request: donuts and Taco Bell. No. As a responsible parent I will NOT permit over-processed yes hi two Crunchwrap AMs please
PDXFOOD: looks like the free fried chicken test at Son of a Biscuit is working! DANG. Good job Twitter. ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
Here's to @Quaker Oh's, possibly the last cereal box to be updated lately. 80's bowl photo! Tastes like Cap'n Crunch!
Skybox knows you're almost home. Nest knows you're home. Dropcam knows what room. Then a robot dog bursts in and gives you a Arby's coupon
Self Motivating Tweet Please Ignore. I've been jogging to/fro work since late 2011 and I passed 2000 miles today! •ᴥ•
PDX FOOD: Saturday. Micah and Katie of Little Big Burger take on fried chicken. 1,000 free meals. Son of a Biscuit!…
Hey is anybody else watching Halt and Catch Fire? Retro computer drama! And the lead guy looks like Trip Hawkins! It's just me isn't it.
Kevin Rose bought a house in PDX for $1.3 million to tear it down? Oh god. San Franportland is now. PDX I'LL MISS U…
I feel bad for employees at the new "Diagon Alley" at Universal Studios Florida as it will be called "Dragon Alley" by every guest forever
ATTENTION people named JR: there are novelty Coke and Diet Coke bottles with your name on them. Of course no Cabel :(
The bigger the signature, the worse the art.
Father's Day playing random NES games w/Joby = 😍, has lead to some dark licensing
Limited Edition Reese's Peanut Butter Cup flavor creme Oreo. Real good. #new
During a dream last night, a notification sheet came down over my field of dream-vision with an incoming tweet reply. I've hit rock bottom.
RT if you prefer cake, FAV if you prefer pie, DO NEITHER if you support mass genocide
I love this photo of Angela Ahrendts mostly because of the preposterous costume right behind her. Welcome to Apple!
Regarding… — it now looks like the Virgin America PDX to SFO flight is down from three each day to… one. Dang. :(