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Cabel Sasser
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10 years ago I'd be like "jeez man follow the HIG" now I'm like "GO GO GO FIGHT THE SYSTEM!". So cool:… (via @mrgan)
This is VERY good:… The imagined music of the 1960's after a total Nazi victory. (It's for a new Wolfenstein game.)
Uhh... Quiznos has pasta now? "I missed that on the menu!", I said. "You're not missing anything", the manager said.
Good Game inFamous: boots immediately into your game, no main menu. Best. (Also, never shows "this icon means your game is saving!" junk.)
Google I/O tickets are going to be randomly distributed this year. How long until WWDC does this?…
Patent now more relevant than ever:…
The future of gaming looks amazing but weirdly every player character looks like Mike Matas or Sharon Hwang???
Christ almighty
Weird that text-to-speech in 10.9 still has the janky old voices (Bubbles, you had a good run). Makes it harder to find the amazing new ones
Wheat Thins Popped? Wasabi and Soy Sauce Triscuits? Just doing my job here people, move along. #New
Because this is the kind of trivia I enjoy: makes the aluminum panels for Apple Stores. Signed, Nosy Crate Reader
Signing up for trade mags (Candy and Snack Today, etc.) with goofy company names is a gift that keeps giving forever
Hey great the cat is already helping with the baby
Just the most classic Litterplugs.
You never forget your project's first 3D model. (Can I make a print of this, @thatJaneNg?)…
There's no PASSPORT PHOTO here. > get tagamet hb You got the Tagamet HB. > make overdone nerd joke from photo
Go to The Onion, read, scroll a bit, and the App Store suddenly launches to Deer Hunter. How is this OK, ad network?!
I hope we don't lose sight of one thing, that it all started with a toilet gee thanks twitter for digging this up
5. Cute kid: “Can Disney run a summer camp?” Iger: “Probably not. Do you go to summer camp?” “No.” “Would you go to a Disney one?” “…maybe."
4. "In my adopted home town of Astoria, Oregon, we do a play called Shanghai'd In Astoria! How about a partnership with Shaghai Disneyland?”
3. "I'm with the National Center for Public Policy Research. Why did ABC News only dedicate 8 WORDS to the IRS Tea Party scandal?" #benghazi
2. "Hello there! My name is Constance Von Schnickel!" (Really) "I flew here from Germany! Can you help me get a job at Shanghai Disneyland?"
1. "Montessori has a 100 year history of learning. I run a Montessori company. Will you use my program to teach employees' children?" (No.)