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Byron Katie
Everything I need in order to know the truth is given to me in the silence. I call it The Work.
Got stress? You're arguing with what is.
My happiness isn't dependent on anyone else's.
There’s nothing in the world that isn’t there to help you.
If you think anyone has the power to hurt you, you’re confused.
If I have a problem, I look to myself.
You don’t have to stop anything to get free.
You can’t be jealous without comparing.
I don’t believe anything I think.
When you love everything you think, you love everyone you meet.
Even when we are sure, we’re just guessing.
You're always living in the present, whether you realize it or not.
The four questions take us to the wisdom we all share in common.
"Drinking quit me." The Work and addiction. xoxox bk
The world is what you believe it to be, and it changes as you change.
Each moment—an opportunity for peace. The nine-day School, 28 September in Ojai, CA. xoxo bk
Newsletter out with Q&As and a rebroadcast of the 3 Sept. Conversations with Byron Katie.
Any time I'm defensive, I have started a war.
See you tomorrow for a workshop at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA. 12–14 Sept. 2014. xoxo bk
When I win, I win; when I lose, I win.
You have been living as your story of the world.
We have the power to be happy under all circumstances.
Can you hear the soundless beyond all the noise? Listen.
It's a friendly universe. Don't believe me: test it.
We all have the same values, though our minds try to convince us that we don't.
Who would YOU be without your story? Find out in the nine-day School for The Work, Ojai, CA.
Thoughts must be believed before sadness can exist.
Does your mind keep itself in prison? Sitting quietly in "Is it true?" can set it free.
See you today for a live webcast at 10 a.m. PDT. xoxo bk Webcast lasts approximately one hour.
The world is only as lovely as I believe it to be.
One of my grand, granddogs on the job. Music to my eyes. xoxo bk
Join me tomorrow for live webcast 10 a.m. PDT. xoxo bk Webcast lasts approximately one hour.
I live in a state of grace where the internal don't-know allows what really matters to shine.
The world you live in is 100 percent your own.
In the stillness of inquiry, mind can set itself free.
Join me at 10 a.m. PDT for a one-day workshop, live online from Spirit Rock Meditation Center.
Fear is always a case of mistaken identity.
Join me tomorrow for a one-day workshop, live online from Spirit Rock Meditation Center.
No one would hurt another human being unless they were believing their stressful thoughts.
The School for The Work early-bird discount expires Thu., 28 August 2014, at 11:59 p.m. PDT.
Marley's first day of school. She is here to learn again what she already knows. xoxo bk
Freedom can be found from where we are, right here. Where else does it matter?
There are a lot of things to fear in the dreamworld. I love that dreams aren't real!
There's nothing more exciting than peace.
Do you want to live in a friendly universe? Question your thoughts!
What is my teacher? The fearless mind that honestly and thoroughly answers the question "Is it true?".
You're dreaming the dream of everyone.