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Byron Katie
The mind has to judge to stay identified.
Have The Work for breakfast and have an amazing life.
Whenever I defend or argue, my mind is closed.
Undo your fear today. No one else can.
Confusion is when you argue with what is.
At some point I believed I existed. That was the first movement away from reality.
When they criticize you and you notice that you love them with all your heart, your Work is done.
The moment we believe is the moment of separation.
Question your mind in the name of peace.
Before you, did ego exist? Only ego is born; only ego dies.
When you get a clue, reality can be hilarious.
Problems can exist only in a past or future. There can be no problems now.
The only difference between heaven and hell is believing a thought.
It took The Work for me not to revert to the insanity of "I."
The world changes because the mind that projected it has changed.
If you want to be right, The Work is not for you.
What are you doing? Have fun answering that question, honestly, now.
The instant you believe that harp is too loud, you have kicked yourself out of heaven.
The Work is a way to step in between thinking a thought and believing the thought.
One of me is here; the other is there. Which one is false?
Once you’ve questioned a stressful thought, you don’t have to let go of it. It lets go of you.
Earth is actually heaven; our unquestioned thoughts about it can make it seem like hell.
I am a lover of what is. It's too good to miss.
What you do to one you do to all. What you do for one you do for all.
Your suffering is never caused by the person you're blaming.
What I believe about me is my business; what you believe about me is your business.
When you question your mind, you’re dealing with concepts, not people.
Everything I need in order to know the truth is given to me in the silence. I call it The Work.
Got stress? You're arguing with what is.
My happiness isn't dependent on anyone else's.
There’s nothing in the world that isn’t there to help you.
If you think anyone has the power to hurt you, you’re confused.
If I have a problem, I look to myself.
You don’t have to stop anything to get free.
You can’t be jealous without comparing.
I don’t believe anything I think.
When you love everything you think, you love everyone you meet.
Even when we are sure, we’re just guessing.
You're always living in the present, whether you realize it or not.
The four questions take us to the wisdom we all share in common.
"Drinking quit me." The Work and addiction. xoxox bk
The world is what you believe it to be, and it changes as you change.
Each moment—an opportunity for peace. The nine-day School, 28 September in Ojai, CA. xoxo bk
Newsletter out with Q&As and a rebroadcast of the 3 Sept. Conversations with Byron Katie.
Any time I'm defensive, I have started a war.
See you tomorrow for a workshop at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA. 12–14 Sept. 2014. xoxo bk