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Burnie Burns
@burnie Thought it'd be funny to see how many "DYSENTERY" jokes got tweeted at you. It was not.
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I left my hotel in Singapore for the airport 36 hours ago and I’m still not in Austin yet. This return trip is my personal Oregon Trail.
Thanks to everyone who came out to say hi in Singapore. Especially to the crew that rescued me from my own bad directions.
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I now have a group of guides now leading me to the meetup. My heroes.
OK Singapore meetup people waiting on me. Tell me how to cross this road:
Added more info about Singapore meet ups:…
Just finished my keynote at @SpikesAsia where I talked all about you nice people. I said you were smart and so handsome.
What's the most common post on the internet? @burnie from @RoosterTeeth just showed the #SpikesAsia audience.
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.@burnie,Founder, Creative Director, Rooster Teeth Productions: 'The Power of Hyper-Engaged Audiences' #OgilvySpikes
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Happy Anniversary to my wonderful, lovely girlfriend @AshleyJ who is literally halfway around the world from me right now.
Going through customs at 1:30 AM after 26 straight hours on planes. This seems like a recipe for me getting detained.
.@deqncas the Singapore meetup looks like it will be lunch time on Friday. Still need a location near Pan Pacific exhibition hall.
Congrats to @gstrompolos and the @Fullscreen team on their huge announcement today.…
When filming this short, @burnie and @BGibbles forced me to chew tacos whilst on a strict diet. It was like heaven.…
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I am proud of all the work we do, but a game studio with zero games released should not even be in the running.
.@LaurinACrozier The award was given based on our gamer audience and the announcement of our first game (RWBY).
At the risk of sounding like an ungrateful jackass, the Austin Chronicle awarding us Austin’s Best Game Studio is totally undeserved.
I will be in Singapore to speak on behalf of YouTube this coming week and would like to plan a meetup. Any locals want to help with advice?
A new episode of #ThePatch is here! We talk sexy games vs violent games, define MMOs, and debate Destiny A LOT.…
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Took the RvB crew to Fogo de Chao to celebrate wrap and now they are in a meat coma.
Had to take a few weeks off front the podcast to make sure it’s cool with my new job. Hoping to resolve that shortly. Stay tuned and sorry!
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Assassin's Creed: Scottish Revolution is going to be one boring-ass game.
@burnie @sorola Now you tweeted it, just use google on someone else's phone to go to this tweet. #solved
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here’s information on the last of this series of Red Vs Blue posters from the amazing @Aled…
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@burnie figured it out: you bring a little bit of heat every time you visit, then just leave it here. I'm on to your game, climate smuggler.
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Respectfully, I'm not going to be doing any interviews.
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Sobering statement on the Internet and success when Notch's statement ends with this: "It’s not about the money. It’s about my sanity."
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@burnie i really liked your opinion about minecraft on the patch. i agree with you it will be huge and continue on. like tetris
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Microsoft just bought Mojang for over half what Disney paid for Marvel and Lucasfilm. Mojang is five years old. Amazing and well deserved.
Why everyone with an iPhone hates everyone else:…
All done. Took less time than changing my Twitter icon.
I am calling my Congressman right now about Net Neutrality and I hope you make the time to do so as well.…
You know it’s a rough day when your corporate twitter account has to apologize to a dude named “dogboner“…