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David 'Bumble' Lloyd
sportcricket 387,341 followers
@TylerJelley: @BumbleCricket If you could only have one team in your life, which would it be? Stanley or Lancs CCC?” Stanley , of course
Great anticipation for tomorrow's 50 over Final..... Fabulous feeling to be a winner at Lords ...devastated if you lose
@HAZHaroon: @BumbleCricket don't suppose you've been watching the Champions League t20?” No ......
@AndyChinn1: @BumbleCricket Lancy going to beat drop bumble?” No...
@HAZHaroon: @BumbleCricket Ha ha, why does Bumble never answer questions properly anymore?” Probably daft questions ...
@Salixmaster: Presumably U used to bat in one of these, rather than a helmet @FredBoycott @Yorkshireccc”Proper folk
Can't believe that tomorrow at 1pm I'll be in Waterstones Cheltenham doing a short reading from my wonderful book and pressing the flesh
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@JakeAB89: @BumbleCricket @Vivek_324 Noddie by a country mile.” Tom Noddie has had a great season #norecognition
@Helen_DAlessio: @BumbleCricket What is your prediction for final championship promotion / relegation places?”Don't have one .what's yours?
@totalprat: @BumbleCricket haha. Same problem with Apple phones battery life.”Surely there aren't 2 blokes called Piers ....
@mermaid77479: @BumbleCricket .....but you gotta love his pickles!!!” Pickles wasn't his dog surely? Found the World Cup
Must tell Mr Branston that his wifi wasn't working again on the rattler That's 6 out of 7 now .. Can put a man on the moon ....
@Vivek_324: @BumbleCricket who is better player in regard to all 3 formats, virat kohli or williamson? What about Tom Noddie ?
@ALLYFAVCORNWALL: @BumbleCricket# Bumble Durham to win?? what's your thoughts ?”Either them or Warwickshire for me
@mikebirty: @BumbleCricket thinking of doing some baking for Lancs next week. What's your favourite?” Not on that game ...
Clear forecast for tomorrow Just booked in one night
@judelark: @BumbleCricket Branston Pickle?” That's him ...owns the railway ...and The Moon, I think
@anstoxxx: @BumbleCricket @TBPGC on a Friday. No way!?” Looks very much so ...
@Call_To_John: @BumbleCricket Should I trip him up?”Toss him off ...( the bridge , I mean)#chortle
Tim for a new challenge with @ASFCofficial looking forward to it , let's start with a win tomorrow #Loan #brfc #asfc
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Rattler on time ...Mr Branston on the ball today ...nice banana , too
@jamesr1509: @BumbleCricket 50 over cricket on its knees Bumble, only players care about a lords final these days.”????
@vhpparekh: @BumbleCricket @ASFC what is your thought about Asian origin business man helping irish cricket!” Good man!
*Thank you so much to everyone who's donated and to all those that have been supporting us. We are now just £14,810.28 off our £1M target!*
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@ZAMEEKHAN: @BumbleCricket and i think last year their were no english clubs too,” Because we play to end of Sept over here
@Phleeper: @MichaelVaughan @BumbleCricket will you be getting a signed book off Sir Geoffrey?” He gave me a Hundred Hundreds plate
Good luck to the lads from Durham and Warwickshire who play in the Final #bestshot Who will be M.O.M ?
Hope Lords is full ....Final is a great day out play in and to watch
@MichaelVaughan: Great to have em still with us.... #indyref #GreatBritain” You at The Final, Mick?
@FredBoycott: My Top Ten Blockers: Barnacle Bailey” Mo Nazaar, Mark Richardson, Slasher McKay, Brian Bolus .....
@lendavies3: @BumbleCricket @ASFC You cannot be VERY unique. Just unique.” Thanks for your interest, Len .VERY astute .or is it just astute
Off on rattler soon for 50 Over Final ...Hope it's a good game ...2 excellent teams ...
@TheGreyMonk63: @BumbleCricket @ASFC For investor read someone with money they don't want back?” Thanks for your interest, Jonathan
@alloverglad: @BumbleCricket - you must be worth a few bob Bumble ....” I wish ....
There must be a wealthy bloke(or lady)with a few million spare who wants to ID with a Community Club, Accrington Stanley , have some fun
Still looking for an investor in @ASFC ...A very unique Club , great name, Accrington Stanley.. ( Exactly) Founder Member of Football League
FA chairman Dyke to return gift of £16,000 watch to the Brazilian FA:…
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@flintoff11: The lads , all professional drinkers apart from him on the right !!” You're a long time retired!!...
@reverse_swing3: @BumbleCricket heard ur joining coaching academy recently opened by exindian players Pathan bros” You heard wrong ...
@PloszajskiLynch: @FredBoycott @BumbleCricket And I am the King of Siam” Hail , Hail , The King .....
@BumbleCricket Please RT. Have you seen Alice Gross or Arnis Zalkalns since Aug 28th? #FindAlice Call 0800 555 111
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Chairman Peter Marsden believes John Coleman is the perfect manager for Stanley -…
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@AhhhDelMonte: @BumbleCricket Who's been your player(s) of the County Season, Bumble?” A Lyth ...from Whitby , M Footitt..Derbyshire
@ChelseaBronco: @BumbleCricket Are Lancs doomed Bumble?” Tough league, Div 1
sounds like The Life of Brian .." What did the Romans ever do for us ?"
John Coleman is back in the manager's office and has had a busy first day. Video -
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@PhilTrumper: @BumbleCricket Yorkshire wants independence from Lancashire #freeYorkshire !” I blame the M62 ....
@shezRommy: @AndrewJSimmo @BumbleCricket so you have to cheer on a sports star only if he is apart of great britain?” A bit like India ...
Lot of kerfuffle in Scotland . Do England want Independence from Scotland or other way round ? Is there a problem ?
So Andy Murray says vote "yes". I hope those who cheer him inanely at Wimbledon will remember that
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