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David 'Bumble' Lloyd
sportcricket 387,572 followers
@Arthur_Strong my favourite time will be when I get a ticket for your Radio Recording in October! @BumbleCricket is away & gutted!
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@Topgolfertiger: @BumbleCricket @Paul_NewmanDM Their David, their. How many times have I told you to reet proper?” Lines for me ...
Thanks again for all your good wishes re doco. Last night ...looks as if it's on repeat!
Well done @Wardyskycricket 37 points at Portrush. Looks like I will be buying him a bottle of bubbly tonight good job he hates champagne!
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A tribute to Alan West...… join @BBCLancashire tomorrow night between 6-7 as we remember his life.
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@Paul_NewmanDM: Just seen sky's documentary on @BumbleCricket. Brilliant stuff. Well done Bryan Henderson and Paul king” Yes, there fault .
@Degsy11: @BumbleCricket bumble did you get paid royalties for being on the latest @duckworthlewis record?” No !!!
@CharlesDagnall: @BumbleCricket post match bingo.” Forgot ...' Hitting them well in the nets "
@SladeDJ: @BumbleCricket @magicphysio isn't 'down the line' when you are born in Pontypridd" Sean Connery fro Scotland .doesnt live there
@RDBCroft10: @BumbleCricket excuse me Dave. Pontypridd lad....” Cardiff, me, see .....
@CharlesDagnall: @BumbleCricket assess our plans, employ our strategies.. Take the positives...” And , finally ...right areas
The amount of stick I am getting for retro haircuts circa 60s/70s ..glad they didn't see the threads ....
@HoHoHolmesy: @BumbleCricket you look younger now without the perm!” Don't mention the perm! Producer did that on purpose !!!
@MarkTommostuff: @BumbleCricket Hang on! Macclesfield? That doesn't sound very Welsh...” Macc GC
Lovely piece on Granada for Jamie Donaldson ..Macclesfield lad ... What a shot!! ...I'm giving up !!!
@mermaid77479: Given that barnet in TV prog last night I doubt its a tonsorial award! @BumbleCricket @Arthur_Strong” hair through the ages
@Arthur_Strong: @BumbleCricket Will you have to get down on one knee?” Do you know my pal , @jamquinn , Arthur ?
@ASFCofficial my brothers middle name is Stanley and he is a season ticket holder.
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@Arthur_Strong: @BumbleCricket Will you have to get down on one knee?” No,no... Better than that ...this is from cricket
@CharlesDagnall: @BumbleCricket upskill, execute skills, stick to areas."Put your hand up, stand up ..and be counted , step up to the plate
@CharlesDagnall: “@TheFBLife: Best speech ever...” all post match interviews should be like this!!!” Look, obviously
@WestwoodLee: Breakfast of champions!” Coffee! ..What's up wi' Guinness?
@Arthur_Strong: forget it. I've done it in biro” Ah , the constipated mathematician ....worked it out with a pencil ....
Thanks again for all your lovely messages ...
@tonycottonlfc: Wonderful @BumbleCricket documentary on Sky tonight. A true national treasure but where was Vipers?” She was on nights..
@BumbleCricket @picklefork1965 loved the show if you want to ride a horse let us know we'll organise some free lessons here in Cheshire
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@flintoff11: Sad to hear the passing of our scorer Alan West today , a true gent and a wonderful man ! @LancsCCC #ripwesty” Sad news ...
@sarahlou_ent: @BumbleCricket it's on again at 9 apparently..can't wait!! X” Imagine what didn't make the cut! xxx
@seant666: my favourite video of the 2014 Ryder Cup @WestwoodLee”this is good even for me! Timing!
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@WestwoodLee: Little bit from the closing ceremony.” Just a brilliant sporting event stopper
@hassan_113: @BumbleCricket great programme! :-)” Ta, Doc ...
@matthewpont: @BumbleCricket when is Fruity Stories coming back?” Do you remember that ?!
@picklefork1965: @BumbleCricket Was enjoying it till the guvnor of my local turned it off 😡😡” Yer barred !!!
@CraigWooder: Is Atherton your lad? Hahaha look pretty similar to me! @BumbleCricket” Shhh.....
@X10MRT: @BumbleCricket What curry restaurant do you use?” Any !!
BTW ...thanks for all your very kind comments for my takeaway now ...might just get one in at the Milly
Some terrific friends on there ...young and old ... They were very kind Obviously, there have been dark times everybody else
Sorry about a lot of things ...especially the perm ......
Hair today ...gone tomorrow ....
Oh no ...chewing gum.... What a plonker .....
@FredBoycott: @BumbleCricket What you watching?” See that footwork, Fred ....?
Adverts ...time to order a curry ....
@LikkleAl: @BumbleCricket bet you're having a field day?!” Golfers and Ladies exempt....
.@BumbleCricket … I fear your experience of indifferent service is catching - not good here in Porthleven - lack-lustre and uncaring …
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