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Sindletomb Horrored
No one else is at the Fun Zone in Second Life
Been a while since I've booted up Second Life.. It's still amazing.
Worst trash can.. What.. All this does is piss off firefighters?
I'm trying to draw Uncle Grandpa from memory.. Man my memory is trash..
Live Action Adventure Time:… - this is super nice y'all.. reading silly lines sincerely is really nice.
Shhhhh... shush.. shuusshhhhhh..
Haha.. oh boyeee.. The Maze Runner is a fun movie to hate if you like doing that sort of thing.
Dreamt I was on the beach. Then 13 bikini babes started booty dancing in my face and I yelled "I can't see the ocean!"
Reading an article about that enormous whoopee cushion. I loled when I read "This broke a six-year-old" uh.. then it goes on to say "record"
Wohh! This makes me really proud.. and happy! It's a Guinness World Record breaking whoopee cushion made in France!
Hey The Boxtrolls is great! The animation blew my brains out! It's in theaters now everybody.
I cried a little bit today while watching The Rocketeer.
I'm gonna do a big 'following' purge.. I need to simplify my input..
I'm hanging out in Pat Chat if anyone wants to chat
Man.. I'm sorry everybody who's had to see this hole in my pants.. I've been wearin the same slacks for 6 years.. I gotta sow this up.
@buenothebear If you want to turn it off, go to the Tools menu, select Preferences... Uncheck "Automatically detect lists" then click OK.
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Does anyone know what this auto-indention hooha is on google docs when typing a number, period then spaceba...
My sweat and this fan are like two powerful wizards blastin at each other.
Perhaps,. If the highlander gave heads ups.. He'd b all .,, damn.. I don't know.. Poor guy.. I don't know what's happening.. Ah buddy : T
Goddam.. Everybody shush.. We got time.. There's enough to stop and consider.. What you're about to tweet.. Just shush.. Don tweet anything
You guys.. not every tweet has to be a perfect nugget of thought. #shhh everybody be quiet.. We're not.. Local news haha.. Oh lord..
@brandonnn: hey does anyone around #XOXOfest have an HDMI-enabled windows laptop we can use at the arcade tonight? ours won't display!”
What are you guys working on?
Bros complimenting me on my beard