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Pendleton Ward
adventure cartoons television 122,958 followers
Any of my close buds.. do y'all sit around on Steam all day? Are y'all on my Steam list? Any particularly rad people wanna be buds on steam?
How many friends do I have that just keep Steam on all day long and wait to play games with each other? ... not too many..
Any close buds on Twitter wanna play Unturned with me and @jpcoovert? .. It's free on Steam..
I think I'm good now.. time to go work! I like workin on my writing at comic book shops. Overhearing the best arguments at comic shops.
..who's workin on his car in front of me.. Waitin for my eyes to not look wet so I can go inside the comic store I'm parked in front of.
I'm sittin here tearing up at a This American Life story on the radio, sitting in my car eating Taco Bell and lookin at some dude's crack..
This drawing strangers selfies app is AWESOME - I just drew this one - the app is here:!
Day 52 in space. Had my first backwards dream last night – got back to Earth and gravity wasn’t normal.
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Gettin tired of people saying I look like George R.R. Martin. Time to shave my beard and take off my glasses cause I'm not gonna be less fat
The best Lumpy cosplay I've seen yet: “@NGeistofficial: Lumpy Space Princess & Pendleton Ward at #arcadecon2014
The seagulls outside flyin around sound like sobbing dudes sometimes.
Talkin about living on Mars with @joeboating! Truly exciting man.. Sheesh. Super cool to meet @joeboating y'all.
I just bought four candy bars at the vending machine. This is the sound they make in my pants.
Feels like a Doctor Who episode in the Ballsbridge stairwell this morning.
Woke up at 4 AM. Took a bite of a cookie. Been sittin in a bubble bath for a while whatchin speedruns on my laptop.
"Hey do you call the bathroom the John in Ireland" "some people do" "yeah?" "Yeah" #iminireland