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Pendleton Ward
I'm excited to fall asleep and wake up and get breakfast
I still don't.. Know how to make this anime shine hair not look like a bunch of mayo spooted on a guys head
There is this wonderful thing that happens when I shut off my comedy mind, even for five minutes.
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Y'all wanna try out this twitch powered game with me called Choice Chamber?
Hey I'm fallin asleep but I haven't emailed the auction winners yet. I'll organize it when I wake up and email y'all. Thank you.
The auction's over. It's kinda chaotic right now with all the people bidding that are here. I'll email y'all if you won. Thank you!
I'm auctioning these AT drawings: Current Bids: Ice King $400. Finn+Jake $800. Gunter $200. 50 dollar increments
I'm auctioning these AT drawings: Current Bids: Ice King $250. Finn+Jake $800. Gunter $50. 50 dollar increments
I'll update my twitter hourly with the highest bid for each of my drawings tonight between 6 and 9 pm:
I'm selling three Adventure Time drawings tonight only in an auction to benefit my friend Simon. More info here:
bla blurblr grbler hrmm.. guh.. 🅰🅱🆎💱🔛🔃➰〰💮
This is the only thing I ever want to watch ever. “@JesseMoynihan: Manly, a cartoon I made with my brother is live.”
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Everyone stop what your'e doing and watch this BADASS NEW CARTOON by @JesseMoynihan "Manly" then share it!
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Mannnn, @JesseMoynihan, you're so good at writing otherworldly casual convos.. Your cartoon is awesome man -->
Manly, a cartoon I made with my brother is live. If you want more eps please spread the word about it!
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Room for all my snacks on there.. My pizza and sodas...
I wanna be this guy!!! I wanna live this life. ... Woh shit it's 500 dollars..
It was a big load of dishes..
Washing the dishes makes me feel as equally accomplished as finishing a storyboard. what's up with that?
Soothe my brain Frasier.. Help me get through the night Frasier.. Guide my sleigh tonight Frasier.. How will I manage when you're gone..
U can trn that face upside down and it's kinda Mario
baby eels have iron crystals in their brain.. watchin eel docs.. this sweet man's voice on this Netflix eel...
Any of my close buds.. do y'all sit around on Steam all day? Are y'all on my Steam list? Any particularly rad people wanna be buds on steam?
How many friends do I have that just keep Steam on all day long and wait to play games with each other? ... not too many..
Any close buds on Twitter wanna play Unturned with me and @jpcoovert? .. It's free on Steam..
I think I'm good now.. time to go work! I like workin on my writing at comic book shops. Overhearing the best arguments at comic shops.
..who's workin on his car in front of me.. Waitin for my eyes to not look wet so I can go inside the comic store I'm parked in front of.