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This bug was in my bathtub. What is it? It's so wild. Hmmmm.. Ho hum..
I just made… if anyone wants a grid of colours to play with. @buenothebear
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.@buenothebear Hi Pendleton, I made a single player version for Android: Hope you like it :D
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It'd feel real nice to watch it change colors and know that people are out there touchin it.
Still looking for this multi-user app that just changes to a random color whenever a user touches the screen. Did I make this up?
I just heard a squirrel chirp outside my window but at first thought the noise was coming from my stomach
I'm tryin to find that app that's just a color that changes whenever someone using the app touches it.. so you can see when people touch it.
You pick up a magic amulet, whisper "find me the perfect husband" and three choices appear before you @buenothebear
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Guys, don't poo poo my glitch finding technique.. This is special. #goatsimulator
I figured out how to break the skybox on Goat Simulator
The most Dedicated fan Yet! Me and @TheJohnDiMaggio went by his house that he painted adventure time in Melbourne!!!
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@buenothebear bless you! May the light of the 7 oil gods shine upon you.
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I'd say my procedural cat generation is coming along pretty well.
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the democracy setting on TwitchPlaysPokemon is really exciting.. everyone's following the orders of a guy named Zeek.…
I dreamt I was the detective character from Eternal Champions last night..… my subconscious dug deep for that one..
Dracula's gotta have the coldest, weirdest balls in the world.
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oop.. I had to set my pixel aspect ratio to square.. then re-drop in the images. Thanks doodes.
Do y'all know why my 1920x1080 72dpi images are squashed lookin in my 1920x1080 FCP sequence? Even though scale is set to 100.