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Michael Buckley
.@AnaGasteyer album is amazing! She sings Defying Gravity, Theme From Valley of The Dolls!!!!! & Before He Cheats!
Watching @AnaGasteyer on The Talk! I LOVE HER NEW MUSIC VIDEO!!! It is perfect!! AHHHHH! So fun!…
Slutty Superman for Halloween! Heyyyyyy!
If i buy any chocolate, it will be long gone by the time you get here! So please expect something sour or some licorice bullshit tonight!
What topics should I cover today?? Tweet me some good ones! :-) Go! The more the better!!!
NEW VIDEO TODAY!!! YAY! Catch up on this weeks new episodes HERE! There were some good ones! :-) I swear! HA!…
@buckhollywood Favorite Recipe ~ from Michael Buckley ~ Meatloaf
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@Rosie You have to see @buckhollywood @shutupbuck 's video on the Honey Boo Boo situation he is spot on ! :
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FYI do not buy @peoplemag this week if you think Katie Holmes is talking about Tom Cruise. It's a fine article but...
#TBT meeting @ArianaGrande and @FrankieJGrande 2009. She knew who I was. She did her Alice Ripley voice for me.
I just looked in the mirror and thought I had a cut on my face. It was red J-Ello. #WildNight
So excited that you can watch the first episode of @HouseOfDVF NOW. Check it out here #sp
Aww TY" "@Zankielover1993: Anyways, in happier news, @buckhollywood's video is hilarious & I love him!! <3…"
I didn't see this in my s-box when it came out but I love your kitchen as your background @buckhollywood via @YouTube
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New Vlog!!! Why YouTubers Love Making Fun of Viners!! And a pep talk! BYE!…
"Their fans would buy a line of dog shit if they partnered with dog shit."-@buckhollywood on Viners w clothing lines…
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Watching #Nashville - loving season 3 and thanks for the CD's! :-)
I just found out that #gracesguide became a New York Times #1 best seller. YOU GUYS. You are all…
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NEW VIDEO!!! I seriously rearranged my office because my videos gave one girl a headache! YOU ARE WELCOME!!!
"Laughter is the best form of medicine unless you are crazy and you need actual medicine." @buckhollywood
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Anytime I can sing On My Own in the style of actress Katie Holmes is a great day!!
Teen Vine Stars to launch a clothing line with Aeropostale yet none of them ever wear a shirt. #GoodIdea
I think Bruce Jenner is pulling our dick. #NotHis
I will not sleep until I see @SideShowBway! WILL. NOT. SLEEP!!!!
Say HELLO to the SIDE SHOW! The Hilton Sisters are LIVE on Broadway! #SideShowBway
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What is this bullshit that just came in the mail?
It is @taylorswift13's world. And we are just shaking in it.
I don't know how you expect me to do anything else when @taylorswift13 is on every TV show!?? #whitegirlproblems
Our #TaylorOnTheView party starts NOW! @taylorswift13's "Shake It Off" is kicking us off! RT if you're watching!
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Notice I didn't say vagina! I KNOW HOW TO BE APPROPRIATE!!!!!! :-)
If Kylie Jenner is bored with us talking about her lips, she should post photos of her feet and not her face? #duhKylie #LipsDontLie
The video where I talk about how I am not drunk and ask my dog to put his dick away. #Brave You're welcome.…
Am I the only gay who loves pop Taylor but loves country Taylor more? :-)… #ImJustGonnaShake #BackToDecember
That man who is pitching is a professional athlete? He looks so out of shape?!!! #baseball
PLEASE RT my previous tweet - trying to spread the word about my friend's new song!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! XOXO
My dear friend @ScottAlanNet wrote a new song! Sung by @ChristinaMarie! I am so happy to premiere it on my channel!
Just heard Oom-pah-pah from Oliver and lost my mind. Like went crazy for it. Hahhaa!
you can listen to the FULL AUDIO of ICHTY here:… big thanks to @buckhollywood for premiering the track! much love! xx
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.@MichellePhan’s Subscription Service On Pace To Hit $84 Million In Annual Sales / (@ipsy)
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NEW VLOG!!! I address the addressing of the address. Yes.…
"It's like 'We Didn't Start the Fire!' Well, not really" can't sleep because I'm still laughing at @buckhollywood's 1989 review.
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"i know i'm gay, and i'm supposed to wanna shake it off, but i like to cry with a guitar" - @buckhollywood, 2014
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