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Michael Buckley
Goodbye Toronto. I love you. The nicest people. A great event. Love my friends. Much gratitude to @BufferFestival @CoreyVidal!
Loved your screening @wheezywaiter! You are so talented! @BufferFestival
Yes. That was me dancing to Wrecking Ball on the couch last night. Hello to any new fans.
Finding new dogs to follow on Instagram. #normal
I was emailing people today asking them to borrow a pair of black socks because apparently I am 11.
Having a mimosa at night just feels right.
Just put my whole album on YouTube for my broke ass fans. Enjoy until you can afford to support!
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I am glad I practiced one of my jokes for tonight on @wheezywaiter & @ChynaGrove! LOL They both looked horrified! #ItsBeenCut! ;-)
Tickets still available for Buffer Gala tonight. I'm hosting w @buckhollywood! Get 'em at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. There might be twerking.
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Oh shit my dress shirt is too tight! Too much poutine. #CanadianProblems
Watch CSI SUN 10pm est! I can't say anything with out spoilers !! My character/script is amazing! @CSIWritersRoom dir. @BradTanenbaum
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Shake it Off just came on! Paper's gonna pape! pape! pape! pape! pape! @buckhollywood
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OH AND I was just going to tweet how thin @jacksfilms has gotten! I told him "This is how you are supposed to look". LOL #BufferFestival
I love hanging out w/ @wheezywaiter & @SeanKlitzner. They r A+ kind & hilarious people! That's all. #BufferFestival #BestFanInteractionEver
@buckhollywood @mametown TY guys for coming to Bahamas! We loved hanging with y'all. U r part of the family now;) C u soon in Nashville xoxo
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There are still tickets for the @BufferFestival gala tonight! Many YouTubers will be there! Tickets available at Tiff Bell Lightbox! Come!
With my friends @CharlesTrippy and @shaycarl last night. PS Shay I am not running the marathon.
I said "young people don't like to be gabled." I meant to say young gay people don't like to be labeled. #gabled
Awesome LGBT+ panel at #BufferFestival - @buckhollywood officialdaveywavey princessjoules &…
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Babbu's Reviews - Swingline Stapler: I can't. I'm dead. Omg. Best video on YouTube.
You know what I love most about Canada? Going to the WASHROOM. Sounds clean! The RESTROOM sounds DISGUSTING and I am not resting! Eh?
I will be at LGBT Screening/Meet Up and then the Viral Video Screening! Get tickets to either or both! YAY!
We are producing a TV pilot tonight in LA & still need more for the audience! email (18+ Only)!
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Hey @SusannaHoffs! This is a fantastic cover of this song!!! Obsessed!…
Thanks @JUSTEATca! How did you know I love to just eat?
Of course the moment I checked into the hotel I ordered Eggs Benedict. #Predictable
The only things in my AROUND ME app are Liquor Stores and Breakfast. Yup. Sounds right.
Toronto. I am in you.
I'm halfway thru @gracehelbig's book. It is hilarious and educational and perfect like her! You will love it! Get it!
Shout out to the McDonald's worker at the airport who gave me an extra hash brown. I nominate you for a Noble Peace Prize for potatoes!
@buckhollywood if you come I will fling panties at you from the stage. Thanks Buck!
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NEW WTBS! Kesha was sexually abused? TICK TOCK MAKE IT STOP! @chestersee on Bway! Lady Gaga Married & MORE! YAY! HI!
Why do u think nobody gets mad at Taylor Swift for her Diet Coke endorsements but people always get mad at Youtubers who promote something?
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Happy Anniversary to my favorite show of all time, I Love Lucy.
RIP @DavydW. I am sending @norbuck and family so much love!!! <3
I like the bass but I enjoy a treble too. #butts
Ummm, @BethanyMota and I are nominated for @MTV Homecoming King & Queen?! It's a bracket voting system, check it out:
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