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Michael Buckley
Anytime I can sing On My Own in the style of actress Katie Holmes is a great day!!
Teen Vine Stars to launch a clothing line with Aeropostale yet none of them ever wear a shirt. #GoodIdea
I think Bruce Jenner is pulling our dick. #NotHis
I will not sleep until I see @SideShowBway! WILL. NOT. SLEEP!!!!
Say HELLO to the SIDE SHOW! The Hilton Sisters are LIVE on Broadway! #SideShowBway
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What is this bullshit that just came in the mail?
It is @taylorswift13's world. And we are just shaking in it.
I don't know how you expect me to do anything else when @taylorswift13 is on every TV show!?? #whitegirlproblems
Our #TaylorOnTheView party starts NOW! @taylorswift13's "Shake It Off" is kicking us off! RT if you're watching!
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Notice I didn't say vagina! I KNOW HOW TO BE APPROPRIATE!!!!!! :-)
If Kylie Jenner is bored with us talking about her lips, she should post photos of her feet and not her face? #duhKylie #LipsDontLie
The video where I talk about how I am not drunk and ask my dog to put his dick away. #Brave You're welcome.…
Am I the only gay who loves pop Taylor but loves country Taylor more? :-)… #ImJustGonnaShake #BackToDecember
That man who is pitching is a professional athlete? He looks so out of shape?!!! #baseball
PLEASE RT my previous tweet - trying to spread the word about my friend's new song!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! XOXO
My dear friend @ScottAlanNet wrote a new song! Sung by @ChristinaMarie! I am so happy to premiere it on my channel!
Just heard Oom-pah-pah from Oliver and lost my mind. Like went crazy for it. Hahhaa!
you can listen to the FULL AUDIO of ICHTY here:… big thanks to @buckhollywood for premiering the track! much love! xx
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.@MichellePhan’s Subscription Service On Pace To Hit $84 Million In Annual Sales / (@ipsy)
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NEW VLOG!!! I address the addressing of the address. Yes.…
"It's like 'We Didn't Start the Fire!' Well, not really" can't sleep because I'm still laughing at @buckhollywood's 1989 review.
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"i know i'm gay, and i'm supposed to wanna shake it off, but i like to cry with a guitar" - @buckhollywood, 2014
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NEW VIDEO!!! - A TRACK BY TRACK REVIEW OF 1989 by @taylorswift13! YAY! RT so Tay sees it! :-) ENJOY!!!!
HA TY! "@aereichert: "The only thing I have bad blood with is an empty glass." Oh @buckhollywood - I adore you.…"
BEST VIDEO EVER! Laughed so much! TAYLOR SWIFT 1989 TRACK BY TRACK REVIEW!!!!: via @YouTube @buckhollywood
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Taylor Swift reblogged me on tumblr and called me her favorite author. Trying not to freak out.…
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Shit. My 1989 review is 12 minutes long. Gotta fix that. BRB. I guess I had lots to say. I'm just gonna
She just jumped in my chair. She looks like Rihanna with a diaper on.
I just put on a duvet cover alone. I am sweating now. It was so challenging. I literally had to get INSIDE of it to see what I was doing.
I cannot believe I used to be so fake tan. Why did you not tell me?? I mean the teeth are popping in that picture but JESUS!
THIS IS HAPPENING ON SUN NOV 2nd!!!! AHHH! I will be on #Evolve with my new very dear friend @psychicmediumje!
Monday's are boring but here's the latest #JackAndDean video to make it less boring. RT, I appreciate your support :)
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Just downloaded 1989. Will listen and post a video review this afternoon! What else would I be doing today? #duh
NEW VIDEO!!!! The thumbnail is disgusting! I AM SORRY! I'M MONICA AND I'M DISGUSTING!!!!!!…
My TO DO list for today is laughing at me right now. Think I can turn it around in 66 minutes before tomorrow???
Watching Kelly Clarkson SLAY "Shake It Off" is an excellent way to celebrate 26 HOURS TIL 1989!!!!!! #TS1989
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Here is my latest video! Ranting about reality shows!! Brought to you by Prosecco. You're welcome! ;-)
Tune into @icenetwork after the ladies free skate & free dance for analysis w @TanithJLB @JohnCoughlinUSA & 😊#SA20144
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That silver medal for Haven Denney and Brandon Frazier is highest finish for US pair at Skate America since 2008.
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Brace yourselves... @taylorswift13 is on @GMA tomorrow! Send questions for her using #TaylorOnGMA! Who is excited!?
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Our live coverage at #SA2014 starts at 1:40 p.m. ET with an AT&T ICE Desk segment featuring Skate America silver medalist @jasonbskates!
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My finger still hurts. I know you were wondering! :-) The bandaid is nailing it in my new videos! HA!!!
I made a long list of great productive things to do today but that couch is looking amazing right now!