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Bryan Cranston
To slice competition I went inside the game, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff,<> a slice indeed
Show me yours and I'll show you mine... #GodzillaRoar: just two more days boys and girls. It's the year of the lizard
Listen right now to ESPN radio at discussing sports, politics, and the comic gold coming from Donald Sterlings mouth.
Is that @jimmyfallon wearing leftovers from a bris as earrings? watch it on @FallonTonight show. Crazy fun doing it.
Yahoo! Nominations from the Tonys, Outer Critics Circle, Drama League & Drama Desk for ALL THE WAY. Havin fun but LBJ kicks my ass nightly.
Don’t miss out on tickets to my show @AllTheWayBway! Bid @charitybuzz now to support @johnvarvatos & #StuartHouse -
Give @ActuallyNPH an inch,angry or otherwise, and he'll take it a mile! See this brilliant performer in #hedwigonbway & Lena Hall is great
Colbert,blushing over his new job was clearly a redskin.But I didn't say that.Devotees in Colbert Nation salute you @StephenAtHome Congrats!
Hey kids, meet me @AllTheWayBway with a friend! Bid @charitybuzz to support the @johnvarvatos & #StuartHouse benefit
Watch that right-wing nut job #ColbertReport tonight @StephenAtHome and find out what #jumbo is all about. Boy howdy.
It's opening night for my Broadway debut. I'm finding fun, new places to throw up. Actually, I'm very excited! Come see me in "All The Way."
I'm going to pay a return visit tomorrow morning to the King of All Media. Tune in. Baba booie!
It's true, I play the title role in GODZILLA. I was very lucky that I fit the costume - though it was really itchy.…
Please check out: I'm on Ben's team. Argofundyourself! Although I hear that I might play Lex Luthor to Matt's Batman!
Walter White named: Father Of The Year! I can dream can't I? See @HankAzaria doc #FatherhoodSeries Good dads but probably terrible chemists.
The ghost of Walter White embodies a Blind Polish Hit Man! Cold Comes The Night opens in just a few theaters Friday.…
Drop everything you're doing and watch @modernfamily tonight. I directed it, and it's funny. Not Toronto mayor Rob Ford funny, but still...
Once Toronto Mayor Rob Ford stops being so damn entertaining ( I love him), check out this book-on-tape i recorded.
What element was once considered as valuable as gold? Find out tonight on #BigHistory. @More2History. I narrate this fascinating series.
Christopher Titus is insane. Funny, but insane. He's making a movie about physically challenged cops! "Special Unit"
To @BrittneySpear5. Not happy with the Breaking Bad finale? Or just sad that Walt died? Glad you felt for him. RIP W.W. maybe I'm still here
The opening lyrics to Bad Finger's song at the show's end is Walt's prophecy, "I guess I got what I baby blue" Goodbye Mr White
Well, this is it. The last episode ever of Breaking Bad. Thank you for sharing this ride with me. Without you we never would have lasted.
Robert Forster as the "Disappearer" Fantastic. Give some love to writer/director @petergould. Great job on the penultimate episode. 1 to go!
EMMY GOLD GOES TO BREAKING BAD! CHEERS! And thank you fans for all the tremendous support.
Your comments are great. You're the reason we got to tell our story. Jimmy Fallon is doing a BB sketch on tonight's show with Aaron and me!
Apologize for being out of touch.This play is kickin my ass but we're sold out for the whole run. Sorry x 2. How you likin' BB this season?!
One more laugh before the tears. A BB mash-up. Walter White sings "My Way". Think: Shatner doing "Rocket Man". Enjoy.…
Here's a breaking bad sketch by an improv troupe. Really Funny bit. Enjoy. And see you all tomorrow, Bitches.…