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Bruno Mars
Dear friends and family, For the past year, my buddy Mark Ronson has been secretly working on his album. I had the privilege to hear some of the material early on and I was blown away!! Even though I was on the road I told him I had to be part of it. After countless sessions and sleepless nights, we
Whoever this kid belongs to God bless you!! We shop at the same stores... And wear the same size :(
Dont know why I'm watching Godzilla Vs Space Godzilla #DaFuqIsThis?
Tonight I Got to play in beautiful San Fran and meet Joe Montana #TodayWasAGoodDay
years ago at Pickwicks Pub @jeffbhasker , @epandagram and I use to rock out and melt faces for all 14 people who showed up. That's including family members, co workers and the bartender kim. #OGShit #DartBoardOverTheDrums #WhatsMyHairDoing #SingingForTipsAndBooze #SoMuchFun
Tonight My father the man that taught me everything I know got inducted in the Doo Wop hall of fame for bringing east coast Doo Wop to Honolulu Hawaii with his group The Love Notes. I love you dad and I'm so proud to be your son.
Thank you everyone for all the sweet bday wishes. You sure know how to make this old man feel special
Tonight is our first show in the Dominican Republic! #Hooligans LETS GO!!!!!
Happy Bday @jamareoartis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My selfie jus hit 100 likes.... A HUNDRED!!!!!!!!
β€œ@BrunoMarsUS: RT! Vote for Bruno Mars as Best Live artist at the EMA 2014! VOTE HERE:… #EMA #BestLive” Love y'all
Tonight is all about The Champ! #TheGreatestOfAllTime #louisville #ILoveAli
I need to learn how to cook, Start a dance troop, Teach Kung fu on the beach and win the World Series of poker. #LateNightThoughts
Undefeated. That's awesome! #FloydvsManny C'mon!!! One time!!!
This ref is trippin!!!!
Wood flute... That is all
Fight night!!!!
Like it was yesterday
Now it's time to start writing chapter 3. See you soon hooligans. Brunz
Farewell moonshine jungle! Thank you to everyone who attended the show. You guys are everything to me #hooligansforever
Happy birthday to my amigo @iamMarkRonson
Shout out to all the ladies that showed up to our Mexico City gig. I just got one thing to say to you.....
Mexico City was wild yesterday !! Crazy thing about it is we get to do it again tonight!! #moonshinejungletour
buena gente de MΓ©xico !!! el capitan fuego ha aterrizado!! #Frikikikikiki #tonight #MoonshineJungle
Happy Birthday to my gorgeous mother. I love you mom. Everything I do is for you.
Day off! Damn near midnight and I'm in my hotel room making monster beats yo! #WhenImOffImOnOne #ThinkAboutIt #Blessings #LicksLips
Thank you Tahoe!!!!
One week later and I finally beat the game!
Alright guys I love ya! Let's do this again real soon!
β€œ@Isa_Unorthodox: @BrunoMars wouldn't you want to perform at small bars again?#askthedragon” yeah that would be so fun. Secret shows!
β€œ@Cammy_hooligan: @BrunoMars would you ever skydive? #Askthedragon” yeah. Believe it or not I bungee jumped once.
β€œ@KaelynPoirier: @BrunoMars what's one place you haven't performed at but want to?? #askthedragon” Africa -Russia - Israel - cuba
β€œ@laprincesaxo: @BrunoMars Oatmeal or grits? #askthedragon” grits!
β€œ@meghan4215: @BrunoMars what do you wanna do differently in album #3? #askthedragon” I just want it to be the best one yet.
β€œ@Camyhooligan: what can be expected from a guy like you for their third album?? #askthedragon” that's the best part! Anything goes!
β€œ@robynsbruno: @brunocriminal , if you could reunite your fans in one place, what place would you choose? A private show on an island
β€œ@bmars_updates: @BrunoMars any plans for collabs on album three? #askthedragon” don't know who would you wanna hear me with?
β€œ@84vanessab: @BrunoMars #askthedragon is the fro coming back? ? X” Infull affect. #activator #soulglo #naenae
β€œ@tooturntmars: @BrunoMars why can't you guys do tinychats again? #askthedragon” someone would have to set it up. Me and computers don't mix
β€œ@canchola5: do you ever fight with your bandmates? @BrunoMars #askthedragon” all the time. We wouldn't be a band if we didn't.
β€œ@zayna_chillin4E: @BrunoMars favorite nickname anyone has ever given you? :) #askthedragon” mr show up and show out ! #yadig
β€œ@Fer_MarSars: @BrunoMars #askthedragon only 21 days to MΓ©xico!!! You are excited?” Were end this tour with a bang!!! Frikikikiki
β€œ@curlynickshair: @BrunoMars Would you like to come back to South America? I think you should come back πŸ™#askthedragonn i” I can't wait!