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brooks bayne
(it's an old story, but…)
hugo schwyzer blows up - admits entire career was a fraud…
you obviously didn't know my grandfather. RT @medaNietzsche: He that humbleth himself wishes to be exalted. #Nietzsche
obama's still in strawman mode. he's consistent.
"The idea that you would shut down the government unless you prevent 30M people from getting health care is a bad idea." —President Obama
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"not even on the same planet" hahahaha! that was a good one.
More and more western conservatives are embraccing Putin rather than western seditious culture:
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Jesus. Ur not even on the same planet with us. RT @hugoschwyzer: My diagnosis, by the way? Bipolar disease with psychotic features plus BPD
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leftists want hugo to "step away from the computer". i don't. i want them all to writhe in agony in response. male feminist… lulz.
"pasadena man found dead in his bed. bottle of whiskey, sleeping pills, and a copy of gerald clarke's "get happy" found on his night stand."
lol. RT @BillPowell71: @realmattforney Goddam Matt, quit retweeting that crap, makes me want to puke. Talk about self-pitying narcissism.
You wanna support Israel? Get the next flight THERE. Get a job THERE. Pay taxes THERE. Put up, or shut up.
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It's not 'racist' to stop foreign aid - it's not 'anti-Semitic' to stop foreign aid. It's because we can't afford foreign aid.
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I know the right-wing fetish for socialst Israel is unsurpassed - yet, still - why go without at home so they can flourish?
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Not just Israel, but you must work harder to support ALL other countries that aren't yours. You come last.
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Kibbutz: Transcendent mix of 'Socialism plus Zionism'. << Happy right-wing's uneducated teats supply milk.
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Why did you work so hard and allow your £ to be confiscated to set up communist Kibbutz camps in Israel? You didn't know that? And?
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Israel have REALLY done a number on you. You 'hate dependence' yet not only created - but CONTINUALLY support them.
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There's hypocrisy EVERYWHERE. I like to laugh at it. Nobody does quite as hilariously as: 1: Lefties 2: Israel
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don't expect any mercy, hugo. <stares his antics down like putin stared down obama>
Hugo's sister works for the Times of Israel. Funny.
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Jesus cannot be liked. You either kill Him or crown Him. #YouChoose
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the term meltdown is much overused online, but in schwyzer's case, that's precisely what he's having.
schwyzer's timeline is full of gems right now.
i haven't met one brahmin who fits that bill, greenman. RT @joshgreenman: Even gentrifiers are patriots.
you people are goofs. RT @Slate: Look who has joined our quixotic crusade against Washington's NFL team name:
Why Your Ancestors Didn’t Want Women Voting | Theden
Recalling the Rough Riders | Theden
Evola and Hoffer on American Communism | Theden
if you're offended, you're likely a prisoner in the overton window.
frankly, i question the intelligence of anyone promoting faggotry. @johnhd12 @richardwaghorne
i'm quite calm. your fallacies are cute though, @johnhd12. @richardwaghorne
i'm promoting normalcy and cleanliness. using words like "bigot" and "homophobe" is frankfurt school tripe. @johnhd12 @richardwaghorne
No, faggotry debases humanity. You two have it all wrong. @johnhd12 @richardwaghorne
@wcserf I was in a Skype chat a few months ago with a few left libertarians. They all agreed that Amish communities should be prohibited.
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No matter how much Middle Eastern ass you kiss, they'll never return the favor. #Palestine #Israel #Egypt
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They should do more to denounce faggotry. RT @richardwaghorne Violent homophobia kills. Christians worldwide must do more to denounce it.
bestiality is now a fad for young girls living in a modern democracy. burn them and democracy.
if you missed this depravity last night… women "twerking" for their dogs:… the video:…
#Mega's open encrypted email service outside of #NSA reach will change the way people use email forever. You'll see. Coming 2014.
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that's unfortunate. sounds like he's from a different culture. RT @SayRah_: He could play games without me all day
the bolsheviks killed the white christians and their monarchs. let's return the favor. after all, their heirs are supportive of equality.
when more and more americans step forward in support of putin and reject america's current secular democracy.
because the planet needs another africa and/or middle east.