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Antoney Darling
Positive day.. Making productive moves!
Always remember to give thanks, through the Good and the Bad. #MorningGod
Be strong in The Lord and never give up hope.
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Play stupid and you will touch the Moon and beyond.. Play a know it all and you will stay on Earth #BlackSocrates Lol
Compare yourself to people and you will always LOSE.. Compare yourself to God and you will WIN. #WordsiLiveby
March 17 2014 out with the 2nd family #Funtimes #Birthdaycelebration #Flexing #Ireallybechillingthough lol
Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you'd have preferred to talk. -Doug Larson
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Started this weekend with More energy. .more Determination..More Motivation then ever!!!!Ambition is priceless!!!!!!
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I like gifts , but I can buy them for myself . You wanna impress me ? Be loyal . Be attentive . Be passionate . Be sweet .
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Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. All you have to do is count on it.
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You gotta have a tough skin to survive
People lose money focusing on things that's not getting them money
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RT @sarahdotsonn: I can't wait to get this book, so many answers to so many questions. @StartupPro
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These @alzassociation stats are staggering. #Alzheimers deaths rival cancer & heart disease. We need to wipe it out.…
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Had a great interview today with today check it out next week!
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When we lose track of time we are in the flow of creativity #leadfromwithin #leadership
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@PhillEdwards Check your email and twitter for updates! Launch date has not been announced.
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It's always n!ggaz who can't bring nothing to the table who have the most mouth.. Keep them away from me. #Bloodsuckers
Your one job today is to take a single step in the one direction you ultimately want to go. From there, momentum is on your side. Good day!
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First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win. - Mahatma Gandhi
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In order to be rich in this World, you first have to be rich at heart.
Noticed many celebs follow me.. Well about a handful.. I don't let it get to my head.. I know that with or without fame I'm a star at heart.
Chatting live right now on ET facebook page… If u r watching ET on the West Coast,tell me what u think of the stories
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I try hard not to judge but you just have to question some people behavior.. I'm sure even God is baffled at times Lol
But my theory is simple, if you didn't have it for the past 6 months. What makes you think u will have it for me? I'm No Einstein but Lol
In today's World it's not even that people won't pay you back, they just don't have it to pay back..
Nowadays I'm like the bank.. if you don't have a career I'm not lending you money.. I need paystubs phuck that friendship ish. Lol
Don't know if it's human nature, but just because I don't bring up something means I forgot about it. It just means I'm keeping my composer.
Dropped my whip off 2 weeks ago & this fool still haven't replaced the bulb.. I'm bout to pop up on this n!gga he don't know I have 2 Lol
These mechanics are thieves in Brooklyn
Some Females won't even check the mailbox without makeup on #Sickening
I'm not saying I prefer men to wear maksup and females shouldn't, I'm saying females shouldn't allow themselves to be a slave to makeup.
Exactly "@menarewhores: And bad for the skin RT “@_Divineking: Theres no reason a female should go to sleep with makeup on that's pathetic”"
Makeup was intended for a man.. Females just ran with the idea and fell in love with makeup #knowyourhistory
Theres no reason a female should go to sleep with makeup on that's pathetic
Females need to have a No Make Up Day.. seriously though.. Society is just becoming more superficial day by day.
Speak with content.. not volume.
Twitter is like reality, in society some people talk just to talk. On Twitter some people just tweet just to tweet
Shawty reset her body count every 2 years 😂😭
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What the fuck is going on snoop. Talk to me about this one man,Damn #smsaudio
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A transformed life is a better sermon than any words we could speak.
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Everything that glitter isnt Gold.. But I still want the Glitter!
Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. Chinese Proverb
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Up late making this money
Young n!gga but I'm ready
At this point in my life when it comes to emotions I'm too poor to give a phuck what others think of me