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Brooklyn Decker
Happiest moment of my life? Regram from @paulslittle
As a southerner, it's crazy how optimistically in denial we are... cockroaches suddenly become "palmetto bugs" in the south.
7 dogs. Count 'em. All 7 family dogs in one place. Heaven. @tessadecker @jordanmdecker
Dwindling summer days w/ @elle_harris
Happy birthday, husband. Look how cute you were! @andyroddick
Happy Birthday, husband. Look how cute you were!
And to the other love of my life... Bob Costas. #natldogday
Because it takes a day like National Dog Day to show her we really care...
Project dining room... Getting there slowly.
Been trying to get my hands on as many of these blankets as possible...
Teaching my nephew music. He hasn't heard of Hendrix, Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Marley... Me "u know U2?" Him:"of course I know YouTube!" #tears
@brooklynfritzy @dpshow @chrissyteigen @kateupton @justinverlander
I accepted your challenge @brooklynfritzy @dpshow benefitting #ALS. I will also make a donation. I now challenge @kateupton @justinverlander and @chrissyteigen !!
Happy 25th birthday little brother!! @jordanmdecker
This is the most excited I've been about a film in a long time! My favorite childhood book.…
.. Um..?β€œ@cnnbrk: Wildfires in No.Calif. briefly suspended search for alien life, forcing @seti workers to evacuate.”
RT @TimShriver How Challenged Have You Ever Really Been? thanks for a powerful invitation for everyone to see good
The most beautiful street I ever did see.
The Olympics are on. #Soochi2014
I had such a wonderful evening celebrating @SpecialOlympics athletes who are leaders on & off the field. Thank you @BarackObama @TimShriver
Who's playing it cooler? Just hanging with Abe, NO BIG DEAL. @specialolympics @whitehouse #playunified
Good night, @whitehouse ! Thank you, @specialolympics @flotus @BarackObama for having us #playunified
What. Is. Happening. White House dinner with @specialolympics
Poor fella.. He fumbled around and goes "uh.. You weren't supposed to see that." We stared, trying to make it as uncomfortable as possible.
The camera on. He accidentally had it on his last photo taken WHICH WAS A NAKED SELFIE. All I could say was "uh sir there's a selfie here.."
Oh my gosh OH my gosh. A guy just asked me to take a picture of him & @andyroddick he then proceeds to hand me his phone.. instead of having
For example, there's a man here with tattoos covering his skull. I call dibs on that guy. You know? Of course he'd have my back.
Do you guys ever people watch in the airport and play the game "if we all end up on an island a la "Lost," who will my allies be?" I do.
What do you think the protocol is for setting up a tent &leaving my stuff at the airport? Does TSA collect rent? Do I get squatters rights?
The lovely @MollyBSims launched a newsletter for her site Sign up for her #SupermodelSecrets & healthy recipes!Go M!…
😊 @Deadlinee: Ethan Embry & Brooklyn Decker Join Netflix Comedy Series β€˜Grace & Frankie’”
Take me back... Hiking in Furcy, Haiti last week. @kielyface @camilaluana13 @jillllindsay @alxjhnbck @bluebritain @katepiperedwards @debbiegreeley #timmy
Ya really wanna freak people out? These usually do the trick.
Ooohh surprising twist!! it means "poop" in Danish. Okay... Now I might be able to get into this whole "bae" situation.
The kids are telling me it means "before anyone else." In other news, I'm going to despise my future teenage offspring.
So.. Um.. What's a "bae" ..?
I think it's time we bring Lisa Frank back. Who's with me?
Only home for 48 hours and I'm already counting down the days until I see these guys again! #lifehighlight #eimhaiti
I found myself crying my eyes out on the flight home from Haiti. It was such a special experience and Im thankful for these folks.. They were a massive part of it! @camilaluana13 @debbiegreeley @jillllindsay @kielyface @alxjhnbck @bluebritain @katepiperedwards #tim #chrissy #eimhaiti #wedidsomedama
Just left today, and I'm already missing Haiti.