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We have Cthulhu Doom! :-D
Potential new profile pic.
One of today's travelling companions.
Murdo made me hasselback potatoes! #bestboyfriendever
You'd never know he'd been attacking us just a couple of minutes before. #SidVicious
'More Tea Vicar' dress. #BritishRetro
At least now I know I can go to a local and utterly cool coffee shop to work if I ever feel tempted to end him.
Day 2 of bf​ being on holiday for a month whilst I try to work from home. Going surprisingly smoothly so far, but then it IS early days...
Fat burn class today was hell on earth. New Polish instructor is like the Terminator with a rounder jawline. I almost died.
Looked a bit like Leonard Cohen... maybe it *was* Leonard Cohen :-O :-D
He was dressed in a dark grey tweed three-piece suit, beige Columbo-style trenchcoat and a fedora. He was smoking a cigarette.
Saw the most stylish old man on the way back from the gym.
Getting my hair cut today for the first time in about 16 months. I don't even think it looks that long, really. :-/
I'm still ill and gross. However, THIS is a dress. Christy! #pinupgirlclothing
My bf and Google have fallen out. So much so that I've just been asked to leave the room so that they two of them can sort it out in peace.
Do you reckon I can use being ill as an excuse to eat my own bodyweight in chocolate?
Currently sound a bit like the Godfather. Majestic gecko nurse is here to comfort me.
Today is gradually improving.
My mummy bought me a sailor ring!
WILLIAM GOLDING. That's the one thought I woke up to. Seemed fairly important, hence the caps. But... William Golding what?? Do YOU know?
Some really rather interesting property around Edinburgh right now. Unfortunately, most of the *good* interesting is out of our price range.
Armstrong's, Edinburgh.
Been in this corset 7 hours so far today. Still going strong! I've found the trick is a) not to have it too tight and b) don't eat too much
Followed the instructions to a T, microwave was steaming. Thought maybe some of it could be saved, but it's all inedible :-( @grazedotcom
Today is improving dramatically.
Just fell on my ass during step class. In front of everyone. That's what I get for being mean to my bf. #karma
So, was anyone else as blown away by the latest episode of #GoT as I was? 'Kinell.
Currently stress-eating watermelon.
"If you go down to the woods today..."
Gun tights are essential with Dolores Doll gingham. (Well, maybe not) #collectif
Collectif Dolores Doll dress in Atomic Flamingo! <3

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