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"Why do they always look like unhappy rabbits?"
500 words in at 1am. 1500 words this morning. Stressed & frazzled trying to get ready for more Fringe fun! #wonderwoman #icanhaveitall
What does it say about you that you'd be the bad one?
Ever wish you were a schizophrenic with an alternate personality that was a neat freak with a good wotk ethic and high moral standards?
My tights practically disintegrated on the way to the bus stop. Starting to feel like Cinderella only it's now 3:44 in the am.
Fixing my tights at the back of the bus. #classy
Although got to say, it's doing the job rather well. #iwillneverlearn
Can someone remind me to buy a bra with removable straps?! Just had to resort to cutting them off a particularly sturdy M&S number.
And that's not even counting 'devastated' hazelnut crops threatening Nutella production. Nothing is safe.
Is anyone else watching recent news stories develop and just thinking the world's gone quite mad?
The police in Ferguson must be really fucking stupid if they think what they're doing is going to end well for them.…
I can't believe that there are people poaching rhinos in Africa. They must have to use enormous saucepans.
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“Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.” ~ Alfred Hitchcock
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Should have been Robin Thicke.
poor robin. such a beautiful soul. to die rather than reach out is so heartbreaking.
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There was once a girl called Dorothy, O Dorothy, skiddle-dee-dee, Lived inside a walnut tree, unlike Michael Jackson, she knew where to pee
Last night I dreamt of great poverty, and the imagery since has been plaguing me all day.
Look what arrived in the post!
Still ill and a bit of a mess *sneeze* -- but look what just arrived!!!