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So, I've not washed my hair for a bit. Maybe tomorrow. #illandgross
So, Murdo just arrived home to this person. Who even is this person? Whoever she is, she needed a filter.
Work wise, I think I'm doing pretty good today for someone who can barely leave their bed. #lookonthebrightside
Donald Trump looks like an old hot dog topped with a merkin someone bought at an antique store. With personality of a drunk, racist toddler.
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My stomach currently hates me. This may be a long night...
This is a face that always cheers me up.
So the standard in America now is damn having a real job or talent, just post sexy photos and you're a star? Is that it?
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I personally don't think enough people talk about thrush. It's a thing that happens.
MONDAY, Godammit! Can you imagine??
Despite best efforts (probiotics), I seem to have it and I'm not allowed to take Canesten until my antibiotics end on Monday. It's Tuesday.
So, let's talk about thrush.
Those are the headlines. God I wish they weren't.
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Some hot cognitive dissonance when you stand for liberty and freedom but you are spending all you time trying to deny women these things.
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Because that's what the company's known best for?…
Woo yay, today I'm getting paid to write about the Fringe! And use photos from my own archive of awesomeness. :-D
I think he may even have hissed at me.
Saw a squirrel on my way back from Tesco. A big, mean, city squirrel. He'll take McDonald's burgers over McDonald's farm any day of the week
Life really is that fragile.
Almost forgot to change my tampon last night. Could have died in my sleep.
Pretty but wet walk home.
It had brownies AND profiteroles at the bottom! Two of these between nine of us. So, so full...
Well, at least I've lost weight...
Giving up and making an appointment at doctor. Cannot get rid of this terrible throat pain alone, and it's making me miserable.
Homemade chicken soup made by my FB. I feel loved. <3
Throat is killing me. Not allowed another Strepsil for at least two and-a-half hours, hopefully my Nurofen kicks in soon. What else works?
It's times like these I wonder whether I should have had a child. A way to leave a part of me behind in this world before sadly departing...
So, on Saturday at IKEA, we picked up a new mirror, a new breadbin, and I managed to also pick up... THE LURGY!
My follower count is going down. Better tweet something interesting/funny soon.
My dad made a new friend earlier.
Just a small dessert, then!
Best restaurant ever!!!
Quick outfit spam before going out in my Tahiti Hibiscus dress from #Collectif and also my new Feral Queen necklace! (Was too sunny for new mirror vs blinds today)
Argh, where's my normal tabata instructor?! You're ruining my routine and my life!!! :-(
My wedding favour from yesterday. Cath made these all by herself, which is pretty amazing - must have taken ages!
Do love this dress, though.
Dinosaurs, Tank Girl, leopard prints cats... and a sleepy me (not pictured).
Up at 6:45am to get to my early dentist appointment... so not feelin' it right now.
Just took Sid out for a carry more than anything else. He just wasn't having any of it today.
Really impressed with all my loot from Birchbox. Especially the Dr Jackson's face oil!
We have Cthulhu Doom! :-D

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