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I heard something about Mercury being in retrograde. Maybe that means the usually fucked up people finally get a break.
Woke up this morning at around 4:17am. Since then, I'm not sure I've ever felt as awake as I do right now. Hello.
Picked these bad boys up for cheap.
I'm not sorry, and I'd do it again, I say! I'D DO IT AGAIN!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAHHH!
Old Beryl and I are finally going to get this cushion cover lark mastered and create something magical.
@BronwenPhoenix it's good of you to share them and not be shellfish about it.
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Birds like leftover prawn crackers, right? #feedingthebirdspart2
Cat muttered something about Alan Yentob, kicked over scrabble board & grabbed keys to Nissan Micra, not sure I should be live tweeting this
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I spent 15 quid tonight on what was essentially a waterproof hanky on a pole. #brollyripoff
Falsies! Have I done it right?
You know what's weird? Tampons.
Something awful is happening, and we're being led right into it, most of us too distracted or beaten to do anything about it. #humanrights
I'm all by my wittle self and there are scawy noises outside and weather and stuff. Helwp.
Apparently if I lost one pound a week I'd be 12 pounds lighter by Christmas... or I could just continue eating cake.
Wonder if they have my iPhone Flex at the EE store yet. They said they would. Shall I go and check?
This is him from the side. He's literally made for when you really want to have a squirrel on your head.
Squirrel Nutkins is my new friend.
Had a horrible dream. The one thing I remember most of all was saying this: "You don't treat me like a person."
Ebola, you're not supposed to be in the US; I am :-(
There's just not enough tea in the world to motivate me today.
Time to get my game on. #lanoire
In a strange mood. Just made myself cry whilst washing the dishes.
Whine, moan, grumble, whinge, bitch, gripe, bewail, lament, carp, groan, bellyache, fret and motherfuckin' fuss.
Na'nite everybody... Zzzzzzz. #frazzled
Just accidentally kicked my 6kg kettlebell. Trying to pretend it didn't hurt and that my toenails won't turn black and fall off next week.
Does Bill & Ted count as sci-fi?
Waiting for body combat and core blast to start, mainly so I can eat guilt-free pizza afterwards.
Big butts may be 'in', but I still have to sew another 2 inches closure to the slit at the back of my dress for fear of flashing everyone.
"Gluten-free zombie head is so LA." -- Me, several minutes ago.
On the up side, it's very rare for me to have any pockets. #bendgate #iphone6
You'll find me in the corner. Or on my way there. Living in the corners. Building up my lair.
You pray to your gods, I'll pray to mine. #fruitandvegart
It's late. I need to take the bins out, but I can't be arsed. I am that person.
Just occurred to me that I personally don't know anyone that actually likes the Prime Minister. No-one. Not a soul. Do any of you like him?
The doctor said I was a paranoid schizophrenic. Well, he didn't actually SAY it, but we knew he was thinking it.
This used to be my gran's. Not entirely sure what I'm doing, and may later require a paramedic...
This used to be my gran. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing, and may later require a paramedic...
02:17am and I'm dancing around to Chicago music. Yep, just another night, then. And all that jazz.