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I appear to have lost all energy and ability to Bronwen.
Sitting at my desk, suddenly got the feeling that I might be a little bit cold. Then I thought: 'Wow, cold. That hardly ever happens now'.
"Don't marinate in your sadness. You are not a steak. You are a person."
If you choose to read a paper whose front page headline is 'Prince Harry Yawns' then I'm surprised you can even read.
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I wonder if the people who clap when a plane lands successfully would also boo if it crashed?
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"You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never ever choose to be..."
My hob kettle. It does the job.
Just because I don't say it, doesn't mean I'm not thinking it.
This apricot is just too intense for me to eat. This makes me sad.
Think I just heard a gun shot... or something that sounded very much like one.
2 back-to-back 7-min workouts, 20 mins of body combat, 25 mins INSANITY, followed by 10 mins crunches/core workout... what's my name again?
Urgh, do I *really* have to get out of bed? Oh wait, forgot I'm a writer. As you were. Zzzzzzzzz.
Here's my review of Ralph Steadman documentary 'For No Good Reason' featuring Johnny Depp:…
The mad half hour I thought my cat was having is now entering its fifth year.
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As I complete my 54th lap of Silverstone using Google Streetview, it becomes clear that boredom has reached an unprecedented level.
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I don't know how it happenend, but I just had a dream that was a Jurassic Park/Sex and the City mash-up.
Going to start a new treatment for Meredith today. I also need to think of a decent name for it. Something something Netherspace something?
Just had some exciting news about my treatment! Today is getting better and better! *squee* *fingers crossed*
So it seems that the rumours about @BronwenPhoenix auditioning for the new Mr Men movie might be true...
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James Franco is getting right on my wick now.
Interview went well. Knackered.
And I totally did not just have banana cream pie for breakfast.