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Gosh, I really hope @BowmanBowman211 isn't reading my feed right now.
Just a few more hours left of being 29... How should I spend this time?
"We don't mind hourly shootings and the resultant grief and global condemnation, we just care about owning guns" says average American #WDBJ
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This has been the best Fringe of my life! Partly because I now live here so there's more of it, but that's besides the point!
Used Murdo's hairspray. My fringe is literally stuck to my forehead right now. It ain't moving!
Before I got soaked last night.
Unintentional cleavage.
Currently in the queue for a wonky homage to @yokoono. Love Fringe!
PUG Mary Blair planes print and PUG balloon bag. This outfit just makes so much sense. #pinupgirlclothing
I can't decide which bag I like the most. But that's okay because they're all mine! :-D
Is this a face that looks ready for going on NBC?
Refusing to attend a business meeting on the 28th unless I am bought a cake and am treated to a special rendition of 'Happy Birthday'.
Which reminds me, there should be an @achrisevans revival show for the younger generation, called 'Don't Forget to Charge Your Toothbrush'.
Shit, forgot to charge my toothbrush.
In my bubble, where nothing can stop me!
Chillin' with my best bud.
*looks out the window* Well... I WAS going to spin class...
Nice, warm laptop for geckos.
Jealous of everyone losing their shit over the #BerensteinBears because I never read the books or watched the TV series. I'm just fascinated
I think I need to go to bed now, but I haven't had this much fun on the internet for ages. #BerensteinBears
It's like something out of @StephenKing's The Dark Tower series. Maybe it's all his fault? Stephen, look what you've done! #BerensteinBears
... It'd explain that tuna episode of the X-Files that seemingly doesn't actually exist. Hmmmm.
Actually, you know what? If this Berenstein Bears thing is correct, and we HAD moved to a parallel universe...
idea: nextflix but for movies that aren't shit.
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Playing Moth Trumps with my mate Blind Phil. Having the worst time since sliced bread.
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No, seriously. Facebook knows nothing of 'Enemy' starring Jake Gyllenhaal, for some reason.
Just watched 'Enemy' starring Jake Gyllenhaal... What the FUCK just happened?! What. What did I just watch?!?! Turning to you lot for help.
This may sound a bit weird, but if I can have crab and baguette for lunch, I am a happy person.
My favourite Puddles shot of the night. #chasingtheclown
Thanks @PuddlesPityP for such a fantastic show tonight. <3 #PuddlesCuddles

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