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My bf has just explained to me at length that it's a siren... so Starbucks are luring people to their deaths? Makes sense.
What IS the Starbucks logo supposed to be, anyway?
Dear Rain: Can you just not, please?
These past couple of weeks, I've really, properly discovered my love of pâté. I think this should be documented, just for the record.
Who needs an alarm clock when you have a lifetime of regrets on shuffle?
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Larger-than-life Gent Upstairs is currently singing along to 'Songs of Praise' at a high volume...
Guess who stayed up reading Stephen King short stories until 2:30am and then slept almost 12 hours. Score.
Going to drink some tea and try to get rid of stress-brain.
Really glad it's Friday night - such a busy week!
Shedding is a tough business.
Think I lost a few followers by intensively complaining about FB's name policy. #FBsuspendedme
It's froggy! Just look at all the frog.
Say it with Ebola Eye.
Drama is over. My FB account is back up after I sent them a photo my passport. Not even 24 hours without access, so all good. #FBsuspendedme
FB suspended me because my 100% legal name was "not authentic" enough. Has FB ever suspended you? Join in with #FBsuspendedme
Short things... can surprise you #brokenage
#FBsuspendedme because @StephenKing based one-too-many stories in Maine.
#FBsuspendedme because I complained the tampon tax wasn't high enough.
#FBsuspendedme because I ate too many processed meats.
#FBsuspendedme so how am I going to get my news updates now?!
#FBsuspendedme because I get carried away with Internet things that don't really matter. Like silly made-up hashtags.
#FBsuspendedme because my love of penguins exceeds the natural laws of physics.
#FBsuspendedme because I said fudge was one of your five-a-day and everyone believed me.
#FBsuspendedme because I drank too much tea and told your nan her scones weren't moist enough.
#FBsuspendedme because I wasn't wearing matching underwear.
Okay, I can't tweet *everyone* I know, but I have a platform and I am going to bloody well use it.
It seems I only ever come on Twitter to complain about things now. That really should change. It used to be my playground.
Feeling ever-so-slightly incandescent with rage that @facebook decided my 100% legal name was "inauthentic" and suspended me. What to do...
Apparently it could take weeks to sort! Do you know if this is automatic or if someone would have reported me?
Facefuck has suspended my account due to my "inauthentic" 100% completely legal name. Received a very patronising email. Not happy.
Another from the weekend.
Sometimes, owning a gecko means you get to have your very own mini dragon guarding your cleavage.
Sweet. Wish we had a padlock now.

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