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Hope I didn't give my dentist the wrong idea today... (Didn't have time to change)
Good thing I had my mouth closed 'cos a FUCKING WASP BASTARD just bounced off my lips and made me flip out at involuntarily kissing a wasp.
Free gorgeous gloves from Little Wicked? Don't mind if I do...
My plank-work has become pathetic. Sob for my undefined midsection. #7minuteworkout
Demure or Doing-it-Wrong?
Numb thighs. That's been my November so far.
Is it just me or does the moon look decidedly big tonight?
Somebody please stop me from buying all the pretty things. Lock me in a cupboard or something.
That does it, I'm officially on the coffee. #screeneye
Actually a better look than this year's half-hearted Halloween make-up.…
Sweet potatoes are the best kind of potatoes. *munches sweet potato crisps*
Happy 60th Birthday to my wonderful Mother Dearest!
Homemade sweet potato fries! Om nom nom.
On the up side, it amuses me that tampon applicators are sort of shaped like miniature plastic submarines. (I'm very easily amused)
RT @WEJConservative @BronwenPhoenix Neat picture. Who are you? -- Pardon? Oh, you mean the costume! I'm Spoopy Doll Bronwen in Spoopy Dress.
Wondering if international calls are blocked on my phone.
Had a missed call from what appears to be a New Mexico number. Slightly worrying. Can't get through to call it back.
Oh Lindy Bop, you will one day be the undoing of me.
Twitter keeps telling me I have a notification, but I don't.
Just clicked back to an open and previously Facebook window. Typed in the status section was just one word: 'Does'. Does what?
I have nothing to say, so here's a cat in a sink.
"There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love." -- Bryant H. McGill
Fluffy socks may seem like a practical idea right up until the point where they get stuck in the zipper of your New Rocks...
Had an awesome time at the cinema tonight!
Reckon @BrentSpiner's like the Facebook equivalent of the honey badger: it just does what it wants.
Hands up who's ever imagined Bruce Forsyth in a hazmat suit.
Got that sticky nail feeling and typing. Living life on the edge, yet again, Phoenix.
Getting a lot of random followers recently. Hello, new people. Welcome to the crazy train.
"Simplicity is always the secret, to a profound truth, to doing things, to writing ... Life is profound in its simplicity." - Bukowski
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FACT OF THE DAY: Humans spend less than 5 hours a day thinking about a swan's legs.
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"Don't let this erection fool you, officer. I am as upset about all this as you are."
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