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Looks like an uncomfortable place for a soft gecko belly, but it seems to work.
I love my outfit today. #collectif #vintage
Leaving those mini Daim bars from IKEA on the table in front of you; it's a trap!
Oh yeah... it's Friday. #FF to everyone who forgot what day it was.
#FF all those who bought a new iron, wrapped the electrical cord around their clitoris and swung it between their legs for a while
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Saucony racers! Been waiting on these arriving ALL DAY! (My 'feral runnings' now have a hole in 'em)
... Maybe necrophilia, but not bestiality. #hameron
As far as I'm concerned, Cameron *IS* a pig, so it doesn't really count as bestiality...
Every night with the fucking awful piano music! Make it stop or I will no longer be held responsible for my actions.
Cancelled my class and exercising inside today with my kettlebell/workout app. Simply too ugly for human interaction.
I feel like I've done something to make my skin hate me today. But what?
Total funkiness of leg.
Band practice downstairs. They keep playing the same shitty piano/keyboard music over and over again. Urge to kill definitely rising.
Oh look, my Mum's left me some light reading.
Off to Dunfermline now for a macaroni pie and a bath! (And to see my parents, obviously :-P )
Today's outfit theme was cats. For a business meeting. Because I can.
Trying to tidy around the home of two long-haired people with far too many accessories, because there's a Man coming round to look at boiler
OMG my new #Collectif Pearl coat is amazing! My leg is covered in bruises from pole dancing, but I don't care!!!
Very hurty thighs and bruises - sorry, 'pole kisses' - slowly appearing all over my body. Can't wait until my next class!
Off to my first ever pole dancing class!
Currently looking at this while waiting on cake.
Want to get the most out of #MetalGearSolidVThePhantomPain before I actually start playing, and it's a dry read.…
Can anyone sum up the entire Metal Gear Solid storyline so far into five tweets or less for me? Ready, steady... GO!!! #MetalGearSolidV
Going to shop after this and making sure we never run out of tuna again.
Had to open the solitary tin of nasty lemon-infused tuna as a last resort. Damn that stealth tuna! Damn it all to hell!
Can anyone tell me where my fish-hating bf has put the tuna? It must be somewhere, but I can't find it. Where's the most likely places?
Think I practically inhaled them.
Weird. I sat down with a cup of tea and two ginger nuts, and then both the gingernuts were gone in what felt like about 10 seconds.
Rejected Jamie Oliver offspring names: Marjoram Tracy Cake Pickletits O'hara Sweetie Pie Colin Jasper 130 degrees (middle shelf) Brisket
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the pleasures of today & the prescriptions of tomorrow
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In happier news, summer's almost over.
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Today's look with dino dress + dino earrings! Also showing off my naturally pointy ears.
I was in my onesie, and they just kept looking at me with their big blue eyes and kind faces. It was awkward AF.

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