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Ordered lunch, and the waitress was like HER: "That is really bland..." ME: "I like bland!" HER: "Then you're gonna love it!" LOL! #truth
NEW video! HOW TO BE POPULAR! Karen is back LOL! Link in my bio! 💖
Brother brought Voodoo Doughnuts! He can stay LOL!
I got my shirt on the 19th. We went to the aquarium. I MISS THE BEACH! #beach
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Bel aka @sohotrightnail worked her magic again! #nailart 😍
New sketch tomorrow with "Karen"! The blonde b$tch is back!
AHHHH so excited! My Mom is driving, and my older brother is flying in today for my birthday weekend! Family time!
Feeling extremely spoiled! Thank you @DPAGIFTING so much for the goodies! 😘
New favorite @philippeaudibert ring! #dpagifting
Just had the most amazing meeting about probably the coolest project of my life so far! Will get to tell you more soon!!! ☺️
So I walk into the @fullscreen_inc offices and immediately see this giant photo on the wall.....LOL!! 😳
In heels, have blister, need band-aid! #girlproblems
CANNOT wait for the new movie @IfIStayofficial starring @chloegmoretz & @JamieBlackley on Friday 8/22! Bring on the #feels! #ifistay #sponsored ❤️
CANNOT wait for the new movie @IfIStay starring @ChloeGMoretz on Friday 8/22! Bring on the #feels! #ifistay #sponsored ❤️
Would you rather see me: A. Perform a high-flying circus trapeze routine B. ATV in a spiked cupcake costume #chooseHARDER
**NEW Vlog** 5 Things I Struggle With!… <3
New vlog! 5 Things I Struggle With! Link in my bio! 💙
Added paint ball to my bucket list! I just need to go when I have weeks where I don't have to worry about bruises LOL!
Lincoln Park After Dark has to be my FAVORITE @opi_products polish of all time!
Butternut squash from the garden! Now I just have to figure out how to cook it LOL! 😍
My teacher in yoga today said "Just remember, emotion has the word "motion" in it. Whatever you are feeling, it will pass!" LOVE it!! ❤️
Felt so good to not wear makeup today! Sometimes you just have to rock what your Momma gave ya! 💁
Having a @Pinterest binge! I must be stopped! 😳
Spree is over! I ❤️ every single one of you!
Throwback to when I met (took a pic with) @brittanitaylor THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE 💕
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