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Photo: Snowbunny Padme and Yoda by Adam Hughes
I'm not saying charlie's angels were bad at their job but they couldn't, as a group, beat up Crispin Glover or Demi Moore.
Anonymous said: When will Magik and Cyclops hook up?
Anonymous said: Hi Brian, who do you prefer and why? Gaiman, Morrison or Moore? Keep the good work! Thanks.
Anonymous said: I've read in some online shops that the Fire HC is fully coloured, but... it is a b&w...
a0040pc said: I'm just wondering besides cross over events have you written any comics about the 616...
chuckangeline said: Do you have any favorite chessy 80's action films?
Anonymous said: Is there any way i can watch live stream from comic con?
Anonymous said: What non-comic medium inspires you the most?
Photoset: Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy And Peter Parker On The Dance Floor by Steve Rude
Photo: Spidey vs Doc Ock and the Green Goblin by John Romita Jr
Scott Dunbier of IDW is off scanning a bunch of my old artwork. I thought that stuff was all still in my closet! ;-)
Really enjoyed @BRIANMBENDIS Words for Pictures — a very thorough, no BS look into writing comics and the business around it. Recommended.
Photoset: Preview: All New X-Men 30 Bendis & Picheli Cover by Stuart Immonen
Photo: Gorn and Kirk by Scott Morse.
Photo: Dark Phoenix + Cyclops UNCANNY X-MEN AND THE NEW TEEN TITANS Art by Walt Simonson (pencils), Terry...
Photoset: xcyclopswasrightx: I have an alternate reality playing in my head where Bendis enlisted Travis...
Photo: Original art by Steve Ditko for one of his most famous splash pages from Tales of Suspense #26,...
Photo: Daredevil #11 (Marvel Comics - May 2000) Writer: David Mack Illustrators: Joe Quesada (Pencils)...
Photo: Mephisto print by P. Craig Russell, published by First Team Press, Inc., 1987.