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Brendan Robinson
Got to go for now!! Love you guys!!!
@zanessa12: @brendanrobinson ninja turtles or power rangers growing up ?” power rangers!
“@arianasnoelm: @brendanrobinson do you like starbucks? 👽 (ily)” I can't live without@Starbuckss!!!
@plladdict11: @brendanrobinson what's your favorite color ?!” Green!!
@BroItsSkylar: are you afraid of sharks? I had a really cool experience with them today!” WOW!! That looks awesome!
@saraGG14: @brendanrobinson @IANMHARDING tell me what you think of my shirt?? I hope Ian notice ☺️” Haha!! Love it!
@Zweeebabee: you're a great actor and I can't wait to see you in the future!” Awe!! Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it ;)
@CBones705: @brendanrobinson I don't think I'm ever going to meet you😔” Never say never :)
@DustofPastel: When are you in Paris? You promise me to going at Disneyland Paris with me ahha :) x” I'd love to go someday soon!!
@CourtneyZangla: R we gonna see more of you on PLL? Am I the only one that ships Hannah & Lucas?” I hope so!! I ship Hannah & Lucas too!!
@xpllfanx: @brendanrobinson Top 3 places to travel? :)” Hawaii, NYC, and home :)
@ronnie_tober: Wishing you a super day, greetings from the Netherlands. I am a fan Brendan!” Thank you so much!! Greetings :)
@brendanrobinson @BreannaPadova Wishing you a super day, greetings from the Netherlands. I am a fan Brendan!
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@PLLxxxx: @brendanrobinson Did you have fun at Disneyland today? :)” I did!! It was a blast :)
@SarahHanger: Why are u afraid of small animals?” Always have been. I was chased down the street by a neighbor's Maltese when I was little!
@megansmith224: thanks for the picture! Hope you had fun at Disneyland today 😏” My pleasure! Hope you had a fun day too :)
@chony123456789: @brendanrobinson if you could swap characters on #PLL for one day who would you be and why” Mona!! She's fascinating :)
@saraGG14: @brendanrobinson who is a person the most special to you?” definitely my parents and my brother. That 3 though :)
@CatrelCathey: I hope you don't DIE on the #FatalFinale. It's so good to have Lucas Gottesman back in our life.” Haha!! Thanks!!
@BreannaPadova: @brendanrobinson does it bother you when people call you Lucas?” Not at all :)
@JillianCurd: @brendanrobinson What about insects? 😉” I actually don't mind insects, just tiny animals!!
@SarahHanger: If you came with a warning label what would it say?” WARNING: Afraid of rodents and small animals...
@ileana_orozco: you're so nice and sweet thank you so much❤️” You're more than welcome! Great meeting you :)
Did you know @brendanrobinson can tap dance? @teen has 13 other facts about the #PLL star:
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@megansmith224: @plladdict11 well now I feel obligated to tag you @brendanrobinson” Great meeting you!!
@AdeanaKaylani: Thanks for being so sweet (: @brendanrobinson” My pleasure!! Great meeting you :)
@Kaylaa_820: Best birthday ever! Just met @brendanrobinson 😍😭” Great meeting you!! Happy Birthday :)
I recently sat down with @teen and revealed 14 facts about myself!! Check it out:… #FeelsSoGood #PLL
@TWFNO_series: @brendanrobinson, kween, you blew me away in @MeetnGreetplay! #hilarious” Thank you so much!! So glad you loved the show :)
Had a good time chatting with @brendanrobinson about #PLL and his new movie #FeelsSoGood! Interview coming soon. You're a cool dude Brendan.
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My friend @brendanrobinson is in the play Meet & Greet. Go see it! Its really interesting, funny, & has great acting.
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Playing #kickball today for a good cause!! dtfa finding forever homes for foster kids!
Excited to join @DTFA at #KickballForAHome today! Let's find every child in foster care a forever family!
Really excited to join @DTFA for #KickballForAHome this weekend! Let’s get the ball rolling on foster care adoption!
@BRITSKRY: @brendanrobinson Your Cold Case episode is on. Diggin the blue suit.” Haha!! Thanks! That suit rocked if I do say so myself :)
Check out my interview with @StarryMag!! Talkin' #PrettyLittleLiars and my new movie #FeelsSoGood HERE: