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Bruce Attridge
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#F1 Great flag to flag win for Hamilton, and another 1-2 for Mercedes. Alonso gets a podium - very heartening for the Ferrari fans!
#F1 Final Result: Hamilton, Rosberg, Alonso, Ricciardo, Vettel, Hulkenberg, Bottas, Raikkonen, Perez, Kvyat.
#F1 L50/56: Ricciardo has closed the gap to Alonso to 4,9 sec, but Alonso's tyres are 5 laps older, so he might run into grip problems.
#F1 L44/56: Ricciardo closing in on Alonso - the gap is down to 5,8 sec.
#F1 L43/56: Alonso is powerless to defend against Rosberg, who flies past to take 2nd, giving Mercedes a 1-2 again.
#F1 L40/56: Rosberg sets a new fastest lap of the race as he chases down Alonso.
#F1 L39/56: With 17 laps to go, all the leaders have now stopped twice. Will anyone have to stop again?
#F1 L39/56: Hamilton pits and maintains his lead over Alonso, Rosberg, Ricciardo and Vettel.
#F1 L38/56: Rosberg and Riccardo pit, and they re-join behind Alonso, but ahead of Vettel.
#F1 L34/56: Alonso pits from 2nd, allowing Rosberg to go through.
#F1 L31/56: We're into the window for the 2nd pit stops - Button and Perez the first to stop.
#F1 L27/56: Rosberg is closing in on Alonso at about 1 sec per lap. The gap is down to 4,7 sec.
#F1 L26/56: Ricciardo uses DRS and dives down the inside of Vettel. He takes 4th place.
#F1 L24/56: Vettel defends hard against Ricciardo. Message from the pits: "Let Daniel through, He's on fresher tyres". Vettel: "Tough luck"
#F1 L23/56: Rosberg attacks Vettel, who fights back, but in the end Rosberg makes it stick. That's allowed Ricciardo to close up on Vettel.
#F1 L22/56: Rosberg has closed in on Vettel and is challenging for 3rd.
#F1 L20/56: Hamilton leads, followed by Alonso (4,5 sec), Vettel, (3,4), Rosberg (2,3), Ricciardo (3,2), Hulkenberg (7,4), Bottas (2,0).
#F1 L17/56: Hamilton pits at last and rejoins comfortably ahead of Alonso.
#F1 L17/56: Hamilton hasn't stopped yet, and has a 31,3 sec lead over Alonso. Vettel is 3rd, 1,8 sec further back.
#F1 L16/56: Ricciardo pits - that's dropped him behind Rosberg.
#F1 L15/56: Hamilton leads from Ricciardo by 17,1 sec, with neither having stopped yet. Ricciardo did 19 laps on the Softs in practice!
#F1 L13/56: Vettel pits from 3rd, and re-joins behind Alonso!
#F1 L11/56: Massa pits, but there's a problem with the left rear. A disaster for Massa! He re-joins in last place!
#F1 L9/56: The gap from Ricciardo back to Rosberg is steady at about 1 sec, as the lap times start to drop due to the tyre wear.