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Boy George
Paris Hilton 'I'm in the top 5 DJs in the world! She's too camp!
Happy Labour Day!
vote for ya sister Boy George. You can follow this link or vote via Google + #DragVote
If stuck for other DJ's Marc Vedo Fat Tony Tony Blackburn
Time for evening Gongyo!
If you are not looking for votes yourself and haven't sold your soul to @davidguetta it's no skin off your nose to give me a vote?
Mmm! Just had some gorgeous fresh mango!
Most people have been great. This did make me laugh and I blocked him! Of course!
Spiritually conscious leadership is a way off. Sadly!
A war with Russia? Can't we just go to bed and cuddle!
Lot's of young gays have no idea who I am like @Helen_Wood86 but I'm working on it! Lol!
I think the 'gays' love Rufus!
Personally, I'm on a mission to just have more fans, period. Any flavour will do but pref organic of course!…
If you have voted and think you can find someone else to vote Boy George then follow the link and do me proud #V-day
Me @VitoAeroplane and a room full architects. It happened!
Direct messages.......over on the right!
What's it like to be a loon, I liken it to a balloon!
I'm just a space cadet and he's the commander!
Peace is the ultimate act of bravery!
The new deep house version of @Avicii 'Blessed' that I knocked up with Roland Faber is tearing up the dance floor!
Playing house music remains a battle but it's one worth fighting!
It's funny that pop radio won't play old bands but so many kids are running around in vintage bands tees? #Headlesschickenpopculture!
They evicted Leslie?
Espresso & figs for breakfast! Great party at Mad Club in Laussane last night!
Just done a lovely acoustic set with @evegallagher1 for some lovely architects!
I'm thinking about bringing Taboo back. What do you think?
Hey Mariah, kale is a much better solution than champagne!
At last the Tories are given a chance to wear their correct uniforms? #VoteLabour
And red cabbage!
Coconut water, peach, red & green grapes, kale, plain soya yogurt, madjool dates! with @GourmetSpirulin
Yeah. Ricky went over the top about Gary.
Big Brother nominations. What a bunch of cnuts!
Audley's comments about Kelly were seriously 'homophobic. Anyone disagree?
If you receive a 'DM (direct message) it is from me!
Grilled Aubergine mixed with a spoon or two of plain soya yogurt, cumin powder, braggs aminos and salt! Awesome #Veg
Dee is proper crafty!