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Keep Calm
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I really like Ms Mowry's white dress, it's classy #IFFA2014 on #Cinemoi tonight at 10pm EST #ad
Who else is having a boring summer?
I need summer break!
Hey loves, you can share a pic you think is #BingWorthy to be on Bing Homepage...and win an XBOX ONE! Do it! #ad
I need summer break
#22tracks is so easy to navigate. I'm glad they're working so well with #rethinkIE. Wonder what they do next #ad
Can't wait for summer.
#22tracks has great music you don't hear everyday on the radio like this one. Love the unique collection <3 #ad
Is it Friday yet?
I'm so sad I missed #Coachella this year but it's okay #OneDrive has ALL the pictures omg. I NEEDED this! #ad
Summer, where you @
The trailer of #TheQuietOnes kept me up all night bc its spooky. I'd freak out if i witnessed this �� #ad
I just want a cute relationship. Why is that so hard?
Am I the only one watching the #KCA and saw the #EarthToEcho trailer?! Loved the truck explosion wow! �� #sp
Netflix is the life
#20QuestionsWithAnAlien What is the cure for cancer on your planet? Tweet me your questions too #EarthToEcho #sp
I miss you but whatever.
So I'm watching the #KCA and #EarthToEcho trialer is on. #IfIFoundAnAlien i'll make them cook for me #YOLO #sp
#IfIFoundAnAlien I'd name is Swaggy. What will you name yours? I'll RT the best ones #EarthToEcho #sp
Once a belieber, always a belieber.
She's dying to talk to you, but refuses to text you.
No one cares until it's too late.
it's just monday...
if my wedding dress isn't as beautiful as this, I'm not going
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Say it before it is too late.
#FuelYourPleasure because this commercial was literally everything. On repeat all day! #DannonCommerical #ad
Summer needs to hurry up
If my husband doesn't look at me like this, I'm turning back
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I still miss you.
I need summer break.
I'm not close to many people anymore.
Periods are ridiculous. I shouldn't be punished for not being pregnant.
I don't know why i still care so much
Do I regret it? Yes. Will I do it again? Probably.
Short girls are the best girls.
I may not be perfect, but at least I'm not fake.
#AmericanHustle will be great! #iHustle everyday in school just to make good grades. What's your hustle? #sp
I wonder if you miss me too.
I hate how jealous i get over you.
OMG #AmericanHustle's tumblr page has to be my new fav page. #iHustle to see this movie on Dec 20!! #sp
I. cant. wait. to. see. #AmericanHustle on. Dec 20. #iHustle to. meet. the. cast.esp. Jennifer. lawrence.OMG #sp
Another monday. Ugh.
I miss you but whatever
#Crusher definitely makes Nicki Minaj's superbass sound even better #BassYouCanFeel. Right? TRY IT! #sp