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Anthony Bourdain
@OttaviaBourdain: Ok @Bourdain you win, I've had my gorgeous cauliflower ear fixed just for you!” uh..thanks!
[Watch] clip from @Bourdain @PartsUnknownCNN: Shanghai. the new season begins Sunday 9/28 at 9pm et! #PartsUnknown
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Gotta hear both sides RT @Gawker: Doctor allegedly took mid-surgery selfie with unconscious Joan Rivers.
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How about “reimagining” some edible food as a new concept? Or pretending to give a fuck at your current one?
Capt. Beefheart to Bono, regarding a collaboration: "Dear Bongo, I don't know who you are or what you want from me but don't call me again."
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Time to get squashed by younger, heavier, more skilled practitioners! Again! #BJJ My rib cage sounds like a box of broken breadsticks.
6:45AM and I’m off to get my ass kicked again. #BJJ
Not too late to go and read the tweets from @JamesRisen this morning.
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Apparently, I was in Lexington, Kentucky recently? Actually, I wasn’t. #LA #TheTasteABC
“I never knew a man who had bet­ter motives for all the trou­ble he caused.”…
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New season @Bourdain @PartsUnknownCNN begins Sun. 9/28 @ 9pm Hue✈Jamaica✈ Tanzania✈Mass.✈Paraguay✈Bronx✈Shanghai✈Iran
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Proud moment: @Bourdain used the @RealSonicsBoom single "Have Love, Will Travel" for his new commercial #webdesigner…
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1 of 2 books I'm recommending today. 😊 Truly inspirational book about fighting & life. Mark Miller…
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The last Lime Rickeys of the summer. #sigh @Sip_n_Soda
The brilliant @bonniemcfarlane is on Letterman tonight. And her film, WOMEN AREN’T FUNNY finally on iTunes.
@grantwendland: @Bourdain A nice update from Chef Yasuda -…” How To Eat Sushi . Excellent!
New interview by @Bourdain discussing my memoir Pain Don't Hurt & how the project came about...… via @BloodyElbow
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If you don't yet follow @desusnice, now's a good time to start. #bx4life
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Happy birthday to this marvelous creature, my BFF and psych ward mate @biggayicecream! I love you old…
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#alsicebucketchallenge I accept @cochonbutcher call and further challenge @Ericripert to follow suit!
TSA lady on the X-Ray machine yells out, “Okay! Who won the Emmy ? I see it in there! “ Only in LA.
Gotta hear both sides RT @Gawker: Police say woman had sex with her roommates' dogs, tried to poison the roommates.
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FORTY percent of Americans born between 2000 and 2011 will develop diabetes!?…. Holy shit!
Kicked obviously!!!
Proud to say I just had my ass kicked repeatedly by a 15 year old #superiortechnique
Great article in Variety! Read what lies beneath our work on #PartsUnknown.… Well done @barkerrant
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The Bourdain family takes extreme measures to not miss Family Training Day #BJJ #RenzoGracieAcademy #AirCav
They showed me a side of Iran few outsiders are lucky enough to see. @jrezaian & Yeganeh. #wherearethey?
Still no word of @jrezaian and Yeganeh. They were proud of Iran’s culture, its amazing food—and the city they lived in. Worried about them