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Boomer & Carton Show
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Craig is offering to pay $1,000 to pour the bucket of ice water on Mike's head at Bar A on Friday...
'You're no longer the guy I fell in love with'- Craig Carton, to Boomer Esiason, just now
Eli says not to worry about the offense. Yanks open up an important series against the lowly Astros. Johnny Football flips the bird.
Peter Schwartz to Fireman Ed: "I mean, really. Who has been acting like a clown? Look in the mirror."
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Guy on @BoomerandCarton thinks Eli is the best qb in the league right now. Unreal
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Live this morning talking Yanks 3 1/2 out of Wild Card. Giants offense looks horrendous. Jets running game looks good. Call in 877-337-6666
We proudly present "This Week on Boomer & Carton." Enjoy and have a great weekend: @BoomerandCarton @cc660
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RT for Boomer, Favorite for both for @KFCBarstool
More pics of B&C softball --> MT @Alsboringtweets: Hitting and running without moving my arms
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@BoomerandCarton The kid plays this racing game and painted a pretty bad ass Lexus. Nicely produced #wfan
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Yanks drop 4th in a row. Hal expects Arod to be back, no commitment to Cashman yet. Collins expected back with Mets. Yanks tix every hour
Carton would have killed the Die Hard With A Vengeance "4 gallons in a 5 gallon bucket" challenge @cc660 @BoomerandCarton
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Craig and I both wore Superman shirts today. I'm sure that happens in your office all the time @cc660
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Yanks rained out, Pineda starts tonight. Montero gets rocked by the Nats. McNabb doesn't want Vick to be Tebow. And Miss America in at 9am