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@Boogie2988 May you help me make #GamerRenaissance a thing, it is something I have thought of to be a new movement to save gaming? TY
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Boogie and I! He's great, glad to make a new friend! WARRIORS!
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I figured why not! Anything for a good cause
For those asking those were two unrepairable devices that a smaller YouTuber team asked me to smash for them :)
Man I have earned a new deep respect for retro gamers. These guys know their shit.
"Why are you making fun of sports" because I make fun of everything and sports is part of everything
All kidding aside though since every athlete thanks God for their wins doesn't it mean Jesus rigs sports? #seriousinquiry
These modern sportballers just don't sport as good as the sportsballers of my romanticized yesteryears, tho. #goteam
I like the way that one player plays sportsball but I dislike how he leads his personal life :( #goteam
This season is lining up to score the most points ever!
This sportsball season is really heating up. Have you seen the games?? #goteam
Will be back on the floor of retropalooza around noon today. Come say hi and maybe play some games in the open gaming room!
@Boogie2988 I'm not gonna be your player 2. You always hand out bullshit like this.
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Don't care if you are male or female, gay or straight, black or white; I invite you to pick up that controller and be my player 2.
My anaconda can't even.
@Boogie2988 don't forget magic, the art of seduction and death threats.
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Best part is the people I met today were some of the finest and kindest people I have ever met. so proud to share my love of games with them
What a crazy day. Met over 100 people who were genuinely excited to meet me. Did a live q&a with over 100 in attendance. Surreal.
Saw @Boogie2988 pass by my booth at Retropalooza several times today. Was very gracious and friendly to fans who approached. #classact
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Finally an unbiased comparison between the new iPhone and the latest galaxy by @TheOnion
Harassment, doxxing, and blocking language are tactics used only by people who are desperate to not have a real discussion.
Man I really need to stop trying to tweet from a phone. Every third word is a typo. I f****** hate phones.
Now those of you comparing me to total biscuit tho are right. I am nothing compared to that juggernaut. I aspire to be on his level.
Been here fighting for those rights years before gamer gate and will be here after most of you have moved on.
Woke up to lots of tweets from people continuing to doubt me dedication towards gamers and the rights. that's ok. Wait and see <3
Should be hitting the retro Palooza floor in about an hour! I kind of overslept
For those who want to meet me at tommorow my panel is at either 4 or 5! Watch the schedule for it!
It's a pretty positive sign that you are in Texas when this is the art hung in your hotel
I have never claimed to be perfect. Hopefully neither have you. Let's try to to be better together.
I always have and always will talk about moderation and kindness in gaming. Attempts to derail me are futile. Love you. <3
Easier to believe I guess than the truth; I just care about everyone involved and want no one to get hurt on either side. <3
Also of note I have the dialogue about me has gone from "#gamergate figurehead" to "brainwashed sjw" in 24 hours. Intersting.
Now with that said please allow me to serve as a bad example. Don't stoop to my level. Be better than me if you face that kind of thing.
anyone who would pretend that I would mean actual harm with statements like that is being kind of silly.