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Boo-ghoul 29666
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Deleted some tweets after lots of suggestions to do so. Gonna some rest. Nite guys :)
Don't worry. everything will be fine. I just hit an anxiety wall.
oh god I just realized I can pre-order amiibos..... fml.
I kind of which video games would stop coming out for just like a couple of days so i could breath.
Time to order a new video card :( R.I.P my 670. You were my only friend in a dark cave... known as my bedroom.
Ok I think you guys convinced me. If the contract isn't shady or whatever I'll sign up for the preview event and see whats up first hand.
That means getting on another @#$ing plane though. oh god.
I had originally turned down an offer to play ac:unity at a preview event soon. Should I reconsider? What do you think?
AC: unity has a minimum spec of "680 or higher" on PC. Now THIS has my interest peaked. A LOT.
Although remember, the people attacking gamersgate (the website) are the people who are totes against attacking people. Or something.
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I liked a @YouTube video Smash Bros for Wii U causing me to RAGE!
Wow what a day. Did a 4 hour pka with woody, streamed the duck dynasty game, filmed a francis flick and edited for 4 hours. whee.
People always say "you don't make enough nintendo stuff" or "positive nintendo stuff" well how about that francis vid? ;)
the editing never stops. the EDITING NEVER STOPS.
Francis just saw the Smash Bros Wii U direct, with Mewtwo and More. Here's his reaction #smashbros #nintendo #wiiu
If you missed my duck dynasty stream it is available here:…
Playing Duck Dynasty for Shits and Giggles. :
come watch me play Ducky Dynasty tonight on twitch :) starting soon :)
We reached our first goal for #ExtraLife2014 2014. How about we double it now? :)…
I'm especially looking forward to the mini-game where you condemn people with alternative lifestyles because the bible says its wrong.
allright, fine. I'll stream Duck Dynasty. Getting it on pc now. stream impending
Best part about being a manic-depressive is quite obviously the manic part. Right now i'm really feeling awesome :) hope you are too.
The education you get today will build the world of tomorrow. Remember this stuff is important. :)
For those of you working hard to get through college right now, know we miss you on youtube, but we're so proud of your priorities :)
Just finished PKA 203 w/ @Boogie2988. Top 5% episode, easily. I can't wait to release it because I'm proud of it.
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The newest trailer for the Wii U Smash Bros. makes the 3DS Smash Bros. look like a tech demo.
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Wii U is 1080p'ing like it aint no thing. Get on their level, noobs.
Smash Bro Wii U will feature 8 player battles. OH MY GOD....
Have you watched my latest rambling video?…
Hi Boogie I am doin a project in school and its to be on a famous guy I picked you I need your ok it's just info about you! :) @Boogie2988
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So close to my first goal for Extra Life. Want to help me reach it?…
Boogie, you're my inspiration for losing weight. You keep going and I will too!!! @Boogie2988
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Neither side is going to be brow-beaten into submission, if this thing is to end it will be done through discourse not goddamn shouting.
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Anyone ever play that one game where you shoot at stuff? that shits ace.
I really like that one where you try to go and complete objectives for that people in exchange for currencies and sometimes items.
Video games are my favorite video games.
The article that I pulled graphics from in its entirety. Worth your time in understanding online harassment:…
To my Canadian brothers and sisters, we mourn your loss today and salute your strength.
In reference to the #OttowaShooting, I just have this to say. This is how you respond to these types of shootings:…
Say In a youtube video you've been diagnosed with PTSD. People presume you self diagnosed and attack you. Thanks, internet. You're great.
I'm making a resolution to tweet only 3920 times a day from here on out.
If you can't give, never feel bad. I know what its like to not have anything extra. You get a pass w/me, always :)
Every day an anti-vaccination parent gives birth to a child who will need the help of Children's Hospitals. Donate:…
Raised almost 400 for #ExtraLife2014 in one night. Want to help me reach my goal? :)…
Watch me 0/3 a Hearthstone arena, but raise money for charity while I do it. :) #extralife: