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I don't agree with everything @AngryJoeShow is saying but I am glad to see him speak his mind.
Oh god. Taylor Swift really does not know how to deal with breakups. Crazy cat lady?
Reached out to several of the victims of harassment campaigns this last week to speak with them. They don't seem interested. :/
"If Micheal Jordan had quit there would have been no Space Jam. What will be YOUR Space Jam?" -kid president
Just decided this week we have to do a Francis rage about 30fps vs 60fps
Ya know what? Xb1 version of Forza horizons 2 is the best driving game I have ever played.
So basically when I defend gamers, I am also defending women. Stop trying to convince me otherwise.
Considering these numbers of women who play mainstream games, I find it difficult to understand how gamers all hate women. they ARE women.
"they aren't real gamers, they only play app games." Think again, bub.
When you ask me why I defend gamers instead of selectively women, its because about half of gamers ARE women.
If you need some cheering up look at this idiot. Not a care in the world.
I hope every single one of you take some time to relax, back away from the internet, and play some vidya with someone you love. :)
I got a review copy of Sunset Overdrive too btw. Even allowed to stream/video part of it. (not paid promo). Gonna be a great weekend :)
Spent last night at FNM (went 2-3 with abzan aggro). Tonight I cube and play vidya with my friends. having a great weekend so far. :)
Imagine this "Man this game seems super fun" "Lead designer has a vagina." "Oh nevermind then." *deletes it* Is that what they think of us?
Then again, when a game seems good and loads of fun to play I really don't care about the genitals of the person who made it. Seems silly.
as a life long gamer, I for one look forward to the kinds of games that female lead designers and indie devs have to offer the hobby.
The petition that started this all for me. A declaration of kindness by gamers, is almost at 10k.…
Wow, console gamers are sensitive! I love consoles and play on them all the time, but nobody can claim they're as powerful as PCs
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Too many people online are engaged in malcetia ( the spreading of misinformation).
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Correction she is a transwoman. Sorry I am still learning terminology! <3
For the guy who thinks I'm bullshiting. Gaming is a lot more accepting and diverse than they would have you think.
Got thanked in person by a female femenists and a Transgender man for my role in defending both of em and their hobby. Feels good man.
Congratulations on $4,800 raised for the anti-bullying charity today folks, thanks to those that contributed -…
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Last chance to get the fear themed @lootcrate! It has a shirt :)
MFW someone tweets me some dramatic bullshit.
Today and every day for a while, I declare this twitter a DRAMA FREE ZONE. :) Let's celebrate! Starting with this:
Interesting. How wolves change rivers.
This is me concerning anything drama related for the next few days. Except of course, fatter...And the sand is pie.
Would like to try to get back to my old jovial self and get people laughing and thinking again. Gonna be some work to get back there, tho.
Please do your best to not poke this bear any more, or I'm going to have to make yet ANOTHER pro-woman Pro-Gamer video. You dicks.
Now with that said, I am very weary. I'd like to take some time off from talking about GG directly and get back to doing what I love.
But if you try to brand me as anti-women in gaming I have an entire body of work to the contrary. You're a fool.
They keep trying to stick their bullshit to me and it keeps sliding right off. The worst thing you can say is that I'm crazy & I admit that.
But if my youtube career ends because I stood up for the hobby, the industry, and the women who loved it? What an epic tale to a great ride.
Fortunately based on the plethora of emails and phone calls from people in the industry who support my moderate stance, I'll be fine. <3
If the industry "shut me out" because I asked for moderation and kindness, then the industry is missing out. Not me
Just killing me some orcs for fun and profit. SHADOW OF MORDOR :
"Are you saying gamergate harasses people?" Some people who fly that flag are assholes. Some who oppose it are assholes. Assholes harass.
Explain to me again how cyberbuyllying is a gender issue. Considering I'm a man and this is what I endure #EndTheHate
Stop pretending that gamers are the only source of online bullying and realize its a human element we must fight together. #EndTheHate
Whether you think this gamergate thing is valid or a bunch of shit, we can agree on one thing. its time to #endthehate.
Hey Look. They even Rhyme. #gamergate #endthehate, on women, on gamers, and everyone else online. :)