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I got too much to give this world to be labeled and confined to a box..
Trust your Process. Enjoy your process. The process is Life. 😉
Word to my n*gga PRO.. I was n Houston for a lil minute & it's goin Dine!! propain713 on a mission &…
There is Perfection in Everyone through the right eyes.. -BoOby
What I've come to learn from living, the most beautiful people you'll ever meet, had life tear out…
Miami I'm on my way to link up with plusgamepr you can find me at @kod_miami this Monday night!!!…
If y'all ain't up on Yung Liar you sleepin !! My dawg bout to dat !! Follow him !! yungliar #GanG
One Time for my dawg Rifah, wrecked this Bobby shmurda Freestyle. Show him some trend luv.. Checc the…
One of the most beautiful feelings in life is to see joy on the faces of the people you care for..
Inevitably there will be people who talk about suicide being cowardly, I say CHILL. If you've never…
It's Growth & Patience thru struggles in life we all share. Do you & Stay True. 😏
I'm a simple man.. It's complicated. 😏
You Know the Luv is Appreciated 😏. Even if I don't say it. RT@ESPICER711:@BooBysWorld11 gm vibes. Even tho u don't reply, all luv tho
Just peepin game.. Find someone that compliments yours & build on that. 😏
I did.. Preciate that Luv. 😉RT@PrincessNellzz: I hope my boo@BooBysWorld11 had a good day today😘😘
Don't just follow the path.. Make ya own trial.
& don't assume cuz I don't respect assumptions ..
Grand Opening for "Bank" !! Last time the Fire Marshall said we was Too Live!! Friday if you n the…