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Bon - Big Rich Texas
Good afternoon, m8s! Howz life today?
See if you recognize anybody in this game trailer! Murder at the Kringel's - #MurderMysteryParty:… via @YouTube
Patiently waiting for Fiona frost @bonblossman is like patiently waiting for Xmas xxxx
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Dear insect that decided to take a swim in my 1L bottle of Fiji water...I hope your death was painful. U ruined my water, you 6 legged freak
Ha ha! Worst movie mistakes! I'd have never known…
@bonblossman Big Rich Texas - Season 3 starts on E! this Friday at 3:00pm ☺️
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@bonblossman please RT missing 14 year old Alice Gross hasn't been seen for over a week #FindAlice please RT RT RT
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My new commercial ;-) Host a Halloween Murder Mystery…
September 7th is National Grandparents Day. Yay!
RIP Joan Rivers and thank you for all the great entertainment you gave! You will be missed.
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Murder at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party - Instant Download #MyMysteryParty…
I just got my belly button pierced by Whitney from big rich texas 😂
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Ozzy reenacts the coming of a zombie apocalypse no less than 10 times a day. Must be stressful to be a Doberman.
Last lecture of glycolysis (steps 7-10) including metabolic control YAY!
Second video of my glycolysis lecture (steps 4-6).
Don't forget, science students - I have tutorial videos! More coming! Here's glycolysis steps 1-3.
Your name is #Bulbosaur. Courtesy of @zakkmyer we love our new pets in Austin. Well, some of them.
New word...polewig: a flattering gesture to compliment eating habits
There is a demon water beetle that can invade your pool and bite you. #PSA #voldemortbeetle
Howz everybody this evening?
Bubble bath, candles & @bonblossman Fiona frost book! Perks of pregnancy, bump makes a great table!…
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Christmas is only 4 months away! Time to start preparing! Deck those halls and wipe out those silver bells, people!
A mini tarantula (size of a dime) jumped into my bath water and committed suicide😄 Happy Monday!
One day, we will get to see this show! #bigrichtexas #whitneyshavingababy
What is the drinking age in the UK💚💙💜
Howz everybody? Still busy unpacking and trying to keep up with work! Austin is great, though. Headed back to DFW this weekend, though.
Good morning m8s! Love your way! Loving Austin so far, but TIRED as heck! xoxo
Because I appreciate & �@BigRichTexass fans all over the world, I'm gonna give away 3 of my swimsuit coverups via trivia game. Stay tuned.
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Driving to Austin to meet the movers and Ozzie's farts smell like egg salad.
The reason why I watched the repeating of s2 of #BigRichTexas? @bonblossman she's the best part of the show.
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When we finally make it to ATX, I think I may sleep for 72 hours straight. Moving is hard work.