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Bon Appetit Magazine
Well aren't you just the prettiest little salad we've ever laid eyes on.
Just admit it: You've always wanted to read a history of the drinking straw
Trick-or-treating with a food allergy is tough—here's how to make it easier (and more fun!)
The #bagrubcrawl in Nashville this weekend is totally sold out—but @betheats is giving away 2 tickets! Nab 'em here:
One way to make a better veggie burger? Deep fryer, baby
We're not actually starting our day w/ this choc cake, but we'd like to aspire to do just that
"Carolina fish muddle." Sounds weird, tastes awesome
We would totally go to a party for the sole purpose of eating cheese balls
Let's put on our pajamas and eat a big bowl of this
It just feels like a good day for a bibimbap, ya know?
Sometimes bad freezers happen to good people. We're here to help.
Why pork may be the #1 threat to U.S. borders (yes, really)
Our ideal party? Veggie burgers, hippie wraps, fancy desserts, and @workingpastry at the helm
When you know you should cook, but you don't really want to. Flounder to the rescue!
You can make minestrone soup and you don't need a recipe, says @Food52. Go forth! Conquer!
This pumpkin cake has maple cream cheese frosting. We just turned it up to 11
This parmesan bread pudding with pancetta just really gets us on a deep level
Long strips of pasta, long strips of cheese. Both very good things
Really, what's better than a bowl of chocolate ice cream?
If you're like us, you want to eat as much tahini as possible
When it comes to baking, we play by the rules. These 11 rules, specifically
"I love Champagne, any good red wine, and any dry white wine.” -Oscar de la Renta in Bon Appetit, 1989
How to make really, really, really good toasted pumpkin seeds
Can you make great mozz at home? Or is it destined to be Jon Lovitz when you want Jon Hamm?
We like this salad because we use the (tasty) greens as a vehicle for crispy cheese bits
This is the only pumpkin bread recipe you'll ever need. Just sayin'
Meltingly tender lamb shoulder, plus lots and lots of artichokes
Obvi so do we :) MT @Food52: We love this @madfeed piece by @ChristineMuhlke on recipe writing
Kale and brussels sprout salad. You know you want it
Wait, so certain foods can make you smarter? Bring on the... walnuts!
So these restaurant bathrooms might be cooler than the food...
Yup, that's 20 homemade crêpes layered with pastry cream over at @Food52
"I just have to sit there in a dark room after I eat a pastrami sandwich." -@JimGaffigan
Tomorrow morning, you're gonna fire up that juicer. Or blender. Whatever's clever
A good roast chicken is the little black dress of Sunday dinners. Or something.
One of the best cobblers you'll ever make—and darn pretty, too
These aren't just good gluten-free brownies. They're good brownies, period
These easy weeknight dinners are chef-approved—just sayin'
Is red meat good for our hearts or will it kill us all? We explore: