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Bob Schaffer
education 35,921 followers
Just announced: 14 of @LibertyCommon high school's seniors offered scholarships worth a total of $3,544,916.00. Absolutely amazing.
Colorado's top high school looking for a top math teacher. Know the perfect candidate? Please pass along:…
Thanks to everyone who attended the @LibertyCommon High School Spring Gala fundraiser last night.
Aliens spotted on high-school roof, left weird object. Officials confirm it's proof of an actual alien visit:…
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Aliens spotted on high-school roof, left weird object behind. Officials say it's actual proof of aliens:…
"It's time to stop being politically correct and start being morally right" -@JudgeJeanine #LPR2014
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When democrats couldn't destroy the tea party they sought to turn tea party/republicans on self. - Mike Rosen #lpr2014
We need to fight the democrats with the same level of vitriol we are leveling on each other. - David Horowitz #LPR2014
Drawing lines in the sand to say where we stand is what the tea party does. -- Jeffrey Lord #LPR2014
The Tea Party. The tea party. "The tip of the spear of change in politics in America." -- Matt Kibbe
David Horowitz -- Democrats are missionaries and politics is their religion.
David Horowitz: "Tactics and temperament define the difference between the Tea Party and establishment."
Matt Kibbe: "We're unstoppable if united around principles of liberty that stick past election day."
Republicans are driven by principles. How to find a tactical path to match the Democrat unity as they gather power?
At the end of the day, there is no end of the day. The fight goes on and on. Smile and carry on. - @JonahNRO #LPR2014
We have the good fight. Be a happy warrior. Smile. Convince people you care and they will listen. - @JonahNRO #LPR2014
Speaking of classical education, Locke v Rousseau is the whole story of politics, according to @JonahNRO. #LPR2014
Conservatives must talk to people that don't agree. That's how you win arguments, recruit people. --@JonahNRO #LPR2014
The fundamental transformation Obama wants is to replace family with gov, Hillary said it first. --@JonahNRO #LPR2014
Fathers are essential in a civil society for one reason: because we listen to our wives. --Jonah Goldberg #LPR2014
Listen to Joe Biden long enough and you'll just start screaming "get these squirrels off of me!" -J Goldberg #LPR2014
Jonah Goldberg, claim to fame: "Streisand cancelled her subscription when LA Times picked up my column." #LPR2014
Dr. T Moore: Classical education is making a huge comeback. The CCSS are adding energy. #LPR2014 #stopcommoncore
Dr. Terrence Moore: The common core can be summarized in two words, superficiality and bias. #LPR2014 #stopcommoncore
Terrence Moore confirms recommended CCSS readings include soul crushing post modern darkness. #LPR2014 #stopcommoncore
"The common core is a gov path that rewrites American history and the traditional family," Terrence Moore. #LPR2014
"Common Core reading list puts essay that demeans the US Constitution on par with the Constitution," T Moore. #LPR2014
Terrence Moore unpacking the unnecessary complication and obfuscation of the common core. #LPR2014 #edreform
Terrence Moore: The liberal elite do not send their children to the schools they insist on shaping. #LPR2014
Terrence Moore hits the nail on the head. We must get out of the Common Core. #LPR2014
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We must become more articulate to promote free market principles and how they are key to rescuing education! #LPR2014
"Outreach to immigrants and training on longer term benefits of freedom and opportunity is valuable," Ying Ma. #LPR2014
"My story is of prevailing over the inner city as we must prevail over the mindset of welfare state." Ying Ma #LPR2014
Ying Ma: My story contradicts the narrative of the left. Personal responsibility trumps gov paternalism. #LPR2014
Ying Ma: Chinese Girl in the Ghetto: Freedom & responsibility are better than gov enforced equal despair. #LPR2014
Fracking saved the world economy from a Putin/Russian lead natural gas cartel like OPEC, reports @StephenMoore #LPR2014
CO is 22 in list of growth states w/ fastest decline in last 5 yrs .@StephenMoore at #LPR2014
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"The soundest way to raise the revenues in the long run is to cut the rates now." @StephenMoore quotes JFK. #LPR2014
Stephen Moore: Being against fracking is like being against a cure for cancer. #LPR2014 #freemarketsfreepeople
North Dakota has a negative unemployment rate. Stephen Moore speaking on free market principles. #LPR2014
Common Core -- Setting The Record Straight. Nationalization of public education. More here:…
Anglican priest tells public-school students about Fortitude. Powerful:…
@rwm52 Education decisions should be made by those who know students best: parents, teacher, and local schools.
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Immediate need for a history/economics instructor. Please help by passing this along to great candidates.…
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Navy S.E.A.L. delivers great remarks on patriotism to high-school assembly. Must watch.…
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Writer @MartyNalitz teaches students about temperance, mistakes and time in prison. Excellent video…
"Mole Day" video from fun high-school chemistry class.…