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Want a page like this?
You can tell what a girls nationality is just from her eyebrows.
Inspired by currency, motivated by poverty.
Don't ask me, ask my mind. It's got a mind of its own.
Glued on with a screw loose.
"What about people like me?"
A man of many words with little to say.
Earning forgiveness is an art form, not a text message.
I don't care how you look, dress or spend. If you're fun, fuck everything else.
People who don't complain are people who don't fail.
Some souls burn quicker than others.
If only you knew.
I wouldn't let my guards down even if I was the only person left on this planet.
I don't feel sorry for people who sleep more than 4 hours a day. They chose a mediocre life.
Learn to say no so they appreciate when you say yes.
The only generous gift life will offer you is a quick death, everything else is up to you to get.
Starts with a heart beat, ends with a weak heart.
History keeps me seeking the future.
My headphones is my only friend.
Family isn't defined by blood, it's defined by actions.
Why do Emirati girls have 10 accents per sentence?
I'm a private person, it was never a secret.
Never ask someone a question you're not prepared to answer yourself.
Asking to know the real me is like asking for the keys to my mind and the code to my vault. It's never happening.
People will always find you if you mean something to them.
It's only acceptable in the US and UK to ask someone what they do for a living. Don't do that shit out here.
Women have perfect recall during arguments but can never remember where they put your Xbox controller after one.
Change your WhatsApp status to "I'm changing my number" and watch all the slimy ghosts who never talk to you re-appear.
One of the most important people to be loyal to is yourself.
Those who feel small want to do everything big. Those who feel big want to do everything small. People will forever chase their opposite.