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Morning smoothie time. Added a little kale into this one! So yum!! What's your favorite smoothie recipe?
What do you want the August calendar to be called?
Thank you @blogilates ! The fit journal has finally made it from sunny Cali to wintry Australian shores. :)
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This is the perfect afternoon pick me up. I call it Berry Blast Energizer Smoothie! Ingredients for 1 serving: 1 handful of fresh strawberries 1 handful of frozen blueberries 1/2 cup of water 1 stevia packet (2 if you like it sweet) Blend and that's it!!! Tastes so good!!
I challenge @NikkiPhillippi to the #PlayOn challenge! I just did 1,000 squats, what's your personal challenge going to be? @playtex
OMG! I just completed the 1,000 Squat Challenge! Give it a shot and #playon @playtex https://…
Guys. I challenged myself to do 1000 squats without stopping. Yes, 1000. Did I do it? Do you want to see...
i love u guys. really i do.
I stumbled upon my first @blogilates video today. I loved the energy. I think I'm going to start the beginners calendar next week.
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digital slimming now available to all graduates? what!!?… @Fiterazzi
Guys. Look at my baby pineapple. Look at him!!!! He's a widdle bae bae :) Cute mini food always melts my heart. And this lil bugger was more expensive than a regular pineapple but I just had to have him. #fancyfruit #gottaindulgeonceinawhile
I'm in love with how I feel after doing pilates. @blogilates kicks my booty everytime. �#trainlikeabeastlooklikeabeautyy
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Done quite a few of @blogilates challenges but today I did the primadonna pushup one & i REALLY felt the burn. Definitely one of my favs!
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Can't tell you how much I love sashimi salad. It's refreshing, full of flavor, and the fish is buttery soft. My fave is yellowtail. So wanna hear a funny story? One time back in Boston when I was a struggling little Pilates instructor and I had this addiction to sushi, I decided I could save money b
Time to make key lime protein pie with @mattyfusaro and @questnutrition! What's your fave type of pie? Apple? Peach? Blackberry? Blueberry!??
Hey guys!!! So guess what!? I'm hosting a HUGE POP Pilates Party on Friday August 15th from 6-7pm at the Anaheim convention center. It's gonna be RIDIC. Tix already sold out way before I got to announce it but I just asked IDEA to open it up again for you guys! So if you've been DYING to take my cla
POP Pilates Party. Space has opened up again! Please sign up here but only seriously if ur going.…
@blogilates Decided to start the beginner's calendar today. So exited to finally make a change!
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Okay I actually swear by these @blogilates videos, it's like a full on workout but in your home, they're great!
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Definitely feeling the burn today from yesterday's @blogilates workouts... But that won't stop me from doing them again today 💁🔥💪
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Cinnamon Roll Protein Pancakes + Strawberry Shortcake Shake Recipe…
A little video for you! Today's headstand progress!! OMG I can get up all by myself, no wall, no spotter, and transition into 3 leg positions!!! Still working on straightening that split! Hope you enjoy my mini headstand music video :) Like if you want more like this!