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❤ Cassey Ho ❤
@blogilates First time i try! I'm proud even if it's not perfect.I feel it gets better! #givemeyourAllgust Thank U <3
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The #SepTONEber calendar is about to send out!!
show me your completed #givemeyourALLgust calendars now.
So proud of myself, seeing my body changes, @blogilates best trainer
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the #sepTONEber cal is coming out in the next few hours. make SURE ur signed up for my free newsletter to get it.
willpower is a muscle. the more you work it, the stronger it gets.
POP Pilates Essentials set. If you've been waiting for a yoga mat and power ring...get it now! Errthang's 20% off!…
WORKOUT COMMAND! Let's kill your abs with "Saturn rings"! Just grab an object like a weight, a ball, or anything you can hold. A: lie on your back, left leg bent at a 90 degree angle, lower leg lifted off the mat B: crunch up and circle the weight around your thigh and come back down Do this move
Sitting on a fountain ledge. #juststatingtheobvious 😘
POPsters. Y'all are hawt 💕
New blog post about my latest video and the current sale!
Happy Labor Day weekend!! What are you guys up to? I am not sure what I'll be doing yet but hopefully I'll do something with lots of sun!!! If you guys have been waiting to get something from the store now is the time! EVERYTHING is 20% off (we never do this)! J
If I were you I'd get my blogilates stuff now since everything is 20% off!
Happy Labor Day Weekend! 20% OFF everything in the store!
Your September calendar is coming tomorrow! Are you ready for it?
Playing around with DIY headbands today with @lifeannstyle! You can wear em "hipster" style like this or functional style for a workout 😉 Seriously so easy to make! It's no sew. It's sturdy. It's gorg.
DIY workout headband. EPIC.… Thanks @anneorshine1 for showing us how!
Wahooooo, just ordered a load of things from @blogilates shop! 🙊 thank goodness for discounts!
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Labor Day Weekend Sale over on! Use "workitgirl20" for 20% off EVERYTHING!
Make this DIY workout headband this weekend!!! So quick and easy and it is so cute!! Thanks @anneorshine1!…
Made such a cute DIY workout headband with my friend Ann! You have to make this! So easy!
20% off ERRthang in the store including detox bottles, fit journals, and clearance clothes!
Breakfast berries. Because, what else?
Look at this salad! Apples, goji berries, and chicken over a bed of fresh greens. Umm yummers!!!! What did you eat today?
#tbt to the first time I ever did a headstand in my life with assistance from baby sis @jackelynho and a wall a few months ago. Fast forward to an independent headstand! Progress is so satisfying! Do you want to learn how to do one?
Do you listen to BODYPOP when you workout?…
work hard. stay humble. be patient. what's meant to be will be.
Make sure you finish the month off strong!!!
Guys. There's only one first time for everything...and today I'm so ecstatic to share with you my FIRST cover ever in my life!!! Thank you @afaa_certified for featuring my story. I've been a reader of this magazine since I started teaching group fitness 8 years ago so it is an absolute honor! Thank
I promise. It's true.
Have you worked out yet today?
Thank you to my friends @zuzkalight @jasondchen @tiffanyrotheworkouts @lifeannstyle @fit2fat2fit for nominating me to do the #alsicebucketchallenge. I will be donating to the cause and I challenge you to spread awareness as well. Honestly I wasn't aware of this disease before this viral social media
don't put in 1/2 the effort unless you're ok with 1/2 the results. #truth
New blog post about my new workout and a painting!…
100% into everything guys. I won't accept anything less. And neither should you! 💪
if u work really hard and are kind to people, amazing things will happen.
try and fail. but don't fail to try.
be kind to everyone. including yourself.
limits, like fears, are just an illusion.
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Oh my gawd. I can't even. Happy national dog day. 🐶