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❤ Cassey Ho ❤
A special "What I eat in a day" video will be uploaded tomorrow morning!!
Happy birthday @stylehaulsteph!!! You're a powerful, amazing, and unstoppable woman!
Tried a workout from other YouTube trainers and spent the entire time wishing I was doing a @blogilates workout! I'll never stray again! 😘
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Seems like the only thing that'll lift my spirits is to go #BeastMode with @blogilates
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New nail color in celebration of fall coming very very soon! What color are your nails right now?
What happens when little girls get called "fat"…
Good morning beautiful POPsters! Woke up and found these old mint shorts that I haven't worn for 2 years. Had to put them on right away. Amazing how if you don't see something for a while it feels like new! I should probably hide my clothes as a cure to stop buying more. PS: Please no comments sayin
Yesterday I was crying all day long. I don't know what was up but everything triggered me. I'm so weird. I'm such a girl :P
Guess what. "What I eat in a day" video is being edited now! It'll be out thursdaaaayyyy :)
I love pineapples. Especially juice. Pineapple juice.🍍
I live for Cassey's countdowns! The feeling you get when she says come on guys only 8 more! @blogilates :)
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There are 2 not-so-important-but-very-important things that I am always trying to work on: my "serious face" for pics and my well, my arms! I always feel like I look lost, confused, and/or upset when I don't smile. As for my arms, they are not my strongest asset. But you know what? I've been working
it's really fun snapping pics and vids for u guys on snapchat...i'm starting to "get it". i think.
I work out! (With my kitty Karl) ;-) thank you @blogilates for always inspiring me to be the best! #headstand #yay
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you guys are my everything.
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when i was a little i wish i could cut off my fat bc i was bullied for my weight. read the story that got deleted:…
It's not easy having your own body be criticized when all you want is to help others love their body. Never stop being you @blogilates.
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Wow. I just got an email from Instagram saying that they deleted my last post. ARE. YOU. FREAKING. KIDDING ME!?? I am beyond annoyed that our inspirational conversations and emotional experiences were erased by Instagram because they thought it was child pornography. Well thanks Instagram and the p
i mean, with all the other craziness being posted on social media, they thought mine was inappropriate? please.
i also can't believe instagram took off my post this morning. so upset.
why is insta emailing me and telling me that my account is going to be deleted? I got an email from anyone else?
This image strikes me hard. As I little girl, I was chubby, I was made fun of (having my last name didn't help either), and I do remember turning my fingers into little scissors and wishing I could cut off my fat. Honestly, I didn't even know what fat was or that anything was "wrong" with me until
Look at those headstands! Good job guys!! I'm so glad you tried it and took a pic for me to see :) What pose do you wanna learn next? (Shoutout to POPsters @bionbion_melon, @vhoccyholic__2, and @iisvi) #blogilatesyoga
This is my new romper! What do you think? I am so in love with it! By the way...I have a snapchat now! Are you guys on there? My username is blogilates. Add me :)
What's this "score" thing?
Guys I don't get snap chat but I'll keep snapping lol. Same username on there!
Look I came across while reading seventeen magazine @blogilates , congrats
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Want the easiest, tastiest, paleo pancakes ever? Try this: 🍳🍳 2 eggs + 🍌 1 banana. Blend it. Pour it on a pan with a spray of oil on medium low heat. Flip. Done. PANCAKES!!! This is 1 serving and it's about 250 cals for breakfast.
#sepTONEber is halfway through! How are you doing so far? You can still get started on the calendar today!…
Just spent about 10 minutes of my life trying to do a headstand... Darn you @blogilates for being so random and good 💛
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It took me a good few months to master a headstand with confidence and no wall. It may take you longer or shorter, but the most important thing to remember is that every time you practice, you WILL get better and better. You will fall plenty of times. You've just got to pick yourself up, never stop
I went to Disneyland this weekend! Here's a recap:…
So cool to see all your headstand pics! Watch the new video, How to do a Headstand here:…
@blogilates the headstand video was so much fun! I loved it & can't wait to be strong enough to do it without the wall.
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@blogilates I just did my first headstand ever (with the help of my wall...) :D I'm so happy right now! Thank you Cassey ❤
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Unflattering angle but finally with the help of @blogilates ticked it off my list of things to do 😄😃😀😊☺️😉 so
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@blogilates Look what came in the mail! Thank you for everything! 😙
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Half way through the #SepTONEber calendar and feeling SO motivated! Cassey, you are more than awesome<3 @blogilates
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OMG had such a crazy dream!
Why hello there! I stretched tonight after the gym and am feeling good. Even in bed before 11! Phone in hand, yes, but it's a huge accomplishment for me! Hope you have a lovely start to your week! Don't forget to do the new video on on Monday. I teach you how to do a heads
new blog post! disneyland food! and cheap clean eats food :)…