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Barbara Dunkelman
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The Rooster Teeth subreddit is all about @alanritchson right now and I support it.
What is this!!? Who else knows about #AlanMacnCheese!!??? I want names and birth certificates of everyone now!!
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Person behind us at the airport: "Austin is a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here" @JayOrDan23 and me: ">:-C"
#RTExtraLife Its a bit late, since I forgot to post this one, but someone on tumblr requested I draw @bdunkelman!
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We're happy to announce that Rooster Teeth is working with @TeamChaos to bring you.. ROOSTER TEETH VS. ZOMBIENS!
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Just remembering now that I rode @IAmLindsayJones as the Magic Carpet from Aladdin yesterday during the stream with @MicaBurton. meeemories
RT @roosterteethjpg: "@bdunkelman A beautiful masterpiece by Barbara Dunkelman:” I was funnier 8 years go.
Fake purple hair. Kind if digging it. Too bad it'll wash out today.
You guys never cease to amaze us. I am so proud of everyone and everything that has happened in these 24hrs. #RTExtraLife #BestCommunityEver
I have purple hair. Well, as much purple hair I could get with the spray bottle. #RTExtraLife
Purple hair at $250k for #RTExtraLife. I’m nervous.
RT @alanritchson: "@Tyenation: #at$250,000 @alanritchson takes off his shirt on stream #RTExtraLife" you got yourself a deal.” INTERNET, PLS
Ah! I hit my goal of 5k for @ExtraLifeATX! Thank you so much to all who donated and continue to do so <3… #RTExtraLife
"The ...Barbara RWBY character" - @JoelHeyman "you mean Yang?" "yeah sure"
New miniseries, Ten Little Roosters, coming to Rooster Teeth - November 4th. See you there… if you dare. #TLR
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Gus found a way for us to watch The Simpsons all the time thanks to Simpsons World. #bestboss
Hey, remember how I've seen you multiple times today, @JayOrDan23? Oops. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
RT @RoosterTeeth: "Chapter 11 of #RWBY Vol. 2 comes out today. It's the episode before the finale next week!" SO PUMPED FOR THIS ONE
RT @RTXevent: "We're moving to August! #RTX2015 will be the weekend of August 7-9, 2015 in Austin, TX!" … 289 days to go.
We're moving to August! #RTX2015 will be the weekend of August 7-9, 2015 in Austin, TX!
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Sometimes when we send an RT email update, @grufftech will include this when it has begun. Makes me laugh every time.
Everyone in Ottawa, please stay safe.…