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Blake Shelton
Don't have to be #LonelyTonight when @ashleymonroe drops by! Preview her duet with Blake here: - Team BS
Win a #BringingBackTheSunshine album bundle w/ a custom @OrcaCoolers, poster, tshirt & more! Enter here: – Team BS
Can y’all believe they let me sing with @BarbraStreisand?!? Check out our duet on her new album #Partners.…
Y’all should know this one! Listen to #NeonLight from Blake’s new album #BRINGINGBACKTHESUNSHINE now: - Team BS
Just 2 weeks away from my new album!!!! #BRINGINGBACKTHESUNSHINE
Football. Bacon stuffed crust. #hellyeah
Want a sneak preview of Blake’s new album?! Listen to a preview of #BRINGINGBACKTHESUNSHINE now! - Team BS
Football is back in full swing. Hallelujah! Hunkerin down to watch with my @pizzahut Bacon Stuffed Crust. TRY IT.
Thank you California for an unforgettable weekend!!!!!
@TasteOfCountry: BlakeShelton's new video is a fun ride! Check out 'Neon Light':…” high five! @ProfKeefe is looking for the owner of this photo found at ground zero 2001 @blakeshelton can you RT pic to help?
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@mdewell123: @blakeshelton - it's going to be a great show tonight!! Tail gating & having fun already!! 🍻” awesome!! Y'all send pictures!
“Can y’all believe they let me sing with Babs?!? #BarbraPartners"
It's my first tour video!!!! Daddy Likey...…
It's Friday & there's a #NeonLight at the end of the tunnel! Celebrate w/ Blake's NEW music video:… - Team BS
Tomorrow is gonna be #TenTimesCrazier the Cupertino Square @jcpenney (10150 N Wolfe Rd Cupertino) from 10-11:30am!
Fresno!! Prepare your livers. There IS a Neon Light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!
Politics = watered down
Get over to the Yuba Sutter Mall @jcpenney tomorrow - 1199 Colusa Ave Yuba City at 10am! #TenTimesCrazier
I mean @OHPtraffic what if someone was in an ambulance? Or had some other emergency?
And @OHPtraffic this probably 5th it's happened to me. And barely even around here..
Hey @OHPtraffic.... What's the law on how long a train block traffic on a state highway? Been stopped in Ravia Oklahoma for 25 minutes.
Win a BRINGING BACK THE SUNSHINE album bundle w/ a custom @OrcaCoolers, poster, tshirt & more! Enter here: – Team BS
Tomorrow is gonna be #TenTimesCrazier at @jcpenney (Fresno Fashion Fair 555 E Shaw Ave Fresno) from 10-11:30am!
@SheltonLambert: you wife looked hot tonight” Seriously the most beautiful person I've ever seen.. Seriously.
@siriouslydelish: Don't say "jaguar" like that.” HAAA!!!!!!! I totally understand..
Met an awesome military family & surprised @the_USO with a @jcpenney gift card at my #SanDiego concert last weekend!
@algalhi: No one laughing at u tonight!” Ha! I know.. We all have a team.. That was a good game though.
@RemaxArizona: @blakeshelton @BruceArians @AZCardinals they played neon light at the game!” Really?!! I'm good luck..
Wow!!! That ended up being a great game!!! Congrats @BruceArians and @AZCardinals!!!
Just dawned me that my new album comes out in only 3 freaking weeks!!!!!! This calls for a drink!!!!
Please don't confuse that.. I like Chris a lot !!
Ha!!!!!! I gotta drink with Chris Berman someday... #whatishetalkingabout
@AZCardinals: Don't leave your seat at halftime! @kurt13warner is headed to the #AZCardinals Ring of Honor!” This is awesome!!!
Ok @BruceArians!!!! Tonight's the night my man!!! Go Cardinals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just accidentally walked into the girls restroom.. Some people got upset. I wasn't one of them...
@CheyCuddlebug: My grandma told me to tell you she loves you and she thinks you're sexier than @adamlevine” grandma!
@RealShaneMorgan: @blakeshelton and also a good way to save money on toilet paper...” Ha!!!!!!!! No that's funny!!
Take no shit my friends... That's a real good way to just fade away...
RT @mirandalambert: "My B&B in Tishomingo, @TheLadysmithOK is now open for business!” My wife is awesome!!!
Tomorrow from 10-11:30am it'll be #TenTimesCrazier at @jcpenney (Chula Vista S/C 591 Broadway Chula Vista, CA 91910)!
Hellooooo Phoenix Arizona!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm here and I'm ready to starting getting ready!!!!! #bloodymary
@xoxo_anaaa: @blakeshelton stop paying attention to the haters and love me bc I love you please and thank you.” I love you!!
Thank you Albuquerque for an awesome night!!!! Can't wait to come back again!!!!!
Hey @claysnyder6795.. It's over. You lost. Now go back to eating Cheetos, watching porn and wondering why your dick is turning orange...
Hey... What do y'all say we all pitch in and try to get @claysnyder6795 laid...
@claysnyder6795: and btw... The fact that I can't spell fuxker doesn't mean...” Dude. You're not smart enough to have this conversation.