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Blake Shelton
So excited to be back to work on The Voice... @adamlevine omg I miss you!!
Thank y'all for a badass weekend!!! Charolette, Orlando and Panama City!
Get Platinum for $6.99 on iTunes for a limited time! Ft. "Automatic" & "Somethin' Bad" (duet with Carrie Underwood)…
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Hey @ClintBowyer I'm very sorry to have to break it to you this way but the blood test came back...
@nickicolesara: Hitting up the liquor store on our way to @blakeshelton #tentimescrazier” Yeeee Hawww!!!
@AshleyOnK923: @blakeshelton may wanna keep eye on @DanAndShay tonight they're drinkin chicken cock.” They r cocks.
@DBradbery: I can't wait to listen to the whole album but this song, I can't turn off!” Thank you baby girl!
@PamD63: @blakeshelton OMG... Best concert I have ever been to.. Awesome show, Blake!!!!” High five!!
Send a tweet using #JCPandBlake4USO & tag @jcpenney & a $1 donation will be made to @the_USO, up to $200,000.
Tomorrow from 10-11:30am it'll be #TenTimesCrazier @jcpenney (Orlando Fashion Sq 3115 E Colonial Dr Orlando)!
@Elliott_Sadler: @blakeshelton can u sang loud enough where we can hear you in Atlanta tonight???” You'll probably hear some dogs howling..
Hey Charolette North Carolina, I'm here with some friends that play a few instruments.. Let's set up and play some country songs!! Bitch..
Tomorrow is gonna be #TenTimesCrazier at @jcpenney (Carolina Mall 1480 Concord Pkwy N Concord) from 10-11:30am!
@PatrickTfans: @blakeshelton are you going to win this year?” Does Miley Cyrus have Wrecking Balls?!!
Filming more of The Voice today. Drunk..
@bbg3_: Definitely had a interesting dream last night involving @blakeshelton 🙌😋” Sorry... I was probably drunk..
It's Thursday and there IS a Neon Light at the end of the tunnel... Bitch..
@yoongersaurus: rap in your new album. just a line?” Oh hell yeah... I'm a rapping somebatch.
I understand that at some point in this life it will be our time to go... I just don't want to be on this jet when it's the pilots time.
There's a Neon Light at the end of the tunnel... Bitch.
Thanks to you & SiriusXM The Highway, #SmallTownSoul is being heard! Please feel free to request it by going to...
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@tishchevy: Here's a link to Ken performing the Ice water Challenge…” Got his ass!!!
Oooohhh..... @cainhorses just got the ALS ice bucket challenge!! Don't be a wuss Tina!!!!!
@megan_mcdaris: @blakeshelton Lovin your profile picture😂😂😂” It's my new look...
There it is the window... It's about time damn time... Bitch.
@adairja: I had a date with your wife tonight. We were smoking and drinkin'' lol” Jealous..
@RickFleming40: well, since I've listened to Neon Light 15 times today, its only right to get my Neon Light on.” Ha
@MarieMontgome16: That is the way it seems to be. I try to focus on all the positive remember I can only change me. I choose who I am.” Yep
Anyway... I love you @RaeLynnOfficial... You keep on whipping ass girl!!!!!
@Realbondgirl15: @blakeshelton entitlement is the worst pandemic of this generation and there's no vaccine :(” Amen!!!!
Sad that a few morons out there don't think we all deserve our own point of view. Our own vision of happiness. Nope. Only room for theirs.
SO proud of @RaeLynnOfficial!! Already rattling some cages. It's ok baby girl. YOU are an artist with a voice. NOT a blogger with twitter.
@yoongersaurus: hey @blakeshelton , this is your daughter. Ropinky Shelton.” Is that a sugar glider?!!
@c0rtini: @blakeshelton I think my little boys love #NeonLight just as much as I do! Yeehaw!” Ha!!!!
@QueenScheana: "NEON LIGHT" my fav jam right now! 😍👌🎶 the next #1 f@blakesheltonton” I hope so!!! Thanks girl!!
Listen to #NeonLight NOW on @SpotifyUSA along with some of your other new country favorites! – Team BS
@DCC_Breelan: Cannot wait for @blakeshelton's new album to be released😍#myfavoritee” Datz my gurl!!!
@oliver_gina: @blakeshelton first tweet ever...and its to blake shelton. You so kick ass on the voice and in music” High five!!
@morganpierce_96: @blakeshelton Phoenix loves to listen to your music in the cattle barn😁” She hot!!
@scardi_cat: Just put @blakeshelton up on our wall. Hot dayuuuum Blake” Ha! Nice!!
@boblin4: how the hell did I go from hating country music to loving Blake Shelton and all his music? u put a country spell on me.” Welcome!
@143BS7: Hey Blake! I found my #NeonLight At the end of the tunnel...” I love this!! Let's make this a thing!
@Blkeshelton: how many drinks have you had so far?” In my life? Can't remember.. Tonight? Can't remember...
@_alexxxox: I stalk @blakeshelton's tweets because I love his wierdness and how he responds to fans! I love youuuuu maaaan. :)” I love you!