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when you get older later i will see the same girl
here’s a pretty good song off the ‘hidden place’ single, ‘foot soldier’ stream:
biophilia live will return to its roots when it stops by the bfi london film festival in the very city it was filmed
'biophilia live' is going to be shown in over 160 places across the world ! go to for dates !
i live by the ocean and during the night i dive into it source :
on the biophilia tour, there was a strange instrument called a gravity harp. do you know which song it was used in?
check out this remix of ‘hyperballad’ by richard brown and beaumont hannant. stream:
the pleasure is all mine to finally let go
the biophilia live film premieres in europe at the karlovy vary film festival in the czech republic on july 6 and 10!
björk has been invited to do a moma retrospective with a new commissioned piece next year! more info: #moma
moma has decided to include the biophilia app in their permanent collection . we could not be more proud .
i am proud to announce my vocals landed on the new death grips album !
this eruption undoes stagnation you didn’t know i had it in me
the elgar sisters was a short-lived kukl side project. some of the songs ended up as björk b-sides, like ‘síðasta ég’
kukl years #tbt #björk
enjoyed the fierce voice of karin and fertility of olofs beats last night !!! the spirit of the concert broke through all of the mundanes and blands and borings !!! VICTORY !!!
with nick fenton and peter strickland at the tribeca premiere of biophilia live film last night #björk #biophilia #tff2014 (photo by @phenomenologi)
'when björk met attenborough' is being screened at the grand palais in paris! get your tickets at
🔥 volta 🔥 album cover shoot #tbt #bernhardwillhelm #2007 by @showstudio_nick_knight
after the premiere, we plan to bring biophilia live to theaters around the world. so where should we show the movie?…
insane @kelelam show tonight. one of my all time favourites... raw and graceful. warmth, björk
#tbt by @stephanesednaoui #1994
wearing @threeasfour in 2001. photo by warren du preez & nick thornton-jones #tbt
the biophilia live film will be premiered next month at the tribeca film festival ! #björk #biophilia #tff2014
a biophilia live film will be premiered next month at the tribeca film festival !
'when björk met attenborough' is about to be released on dvd, if you want to pre-order your copy, get it right here:
gætum garðsins !! 🔥 #björk #iceland #náttúra (photo by styrmir kári)
setlist at Stopp #björk #náttúra #backofanenvelope
björk will be performing on tuesday at a concert to help save iceland's wilderness #björk #iceland #náttúra
björk & club kids, new york in the 90's #tbt #björk #newyjörk
björk and many others are doing a huge show in reykjavík to help save iceland's wilderness!
.@smdisco made this remix of ‘innocence’ in 2007 :
this cover version of ‘i remember you’ is a b-side from the ‘venus as a boy’ single
we may never know what the soup of the day was when this remix was made but it was obviously some pretty strong stuff
björk talks to @WIRED magazine about biophilia
بلوري !! @osouleyman in iceland #björk #crystalline #airwaves13
and the @ukmvas award for 'best new director' goes to andrew thomas huang for the 'mutual core' video. hurrah!
just about to talk at #wired13 !! #björk #biophilia
binoculargram™ #björk #greenland #iceberg
🔥DECLARE INDEPENDENCE🔥 #björk #greensky #greenland
long-running british techno duo plaid did this nice remix of 'all is full of love' in 1999
tschüss berlin! #björk #biophilia #goodbye
thanks for tonight !! #björk #biophilia #setlist
last biophilia festival show in berlin... let's do this !! 🔥#björk #biophilia #endofanera
thanks for last night ! (+ Declare Independence) #björk #biophilia #setlist
here we go !! last full biophilia show ever... emotional ! #björk #biophilia #london
everyone is getting ready for the last biophilia show in the round tonight at alexandra palace in london. very exciting!