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B.J. Novak
Today: Harlem Children's Zone Promise Academy. Tonight: RJ Julia Booksellers, Madison, CT. Tomorrow: Boston!
Tonight - @katewalsh & @bjnovak LIVE in the Clubhouse. Tweet me Q's all night for them!
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Me and Bea are really excited that our books by @bjnovak and @lenadunham were delivered today!!!
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@bjnovak My twins' favorite book. They walk around singing GLUG GLUG GLUG. MY FACE IS A BUG!
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I am proud and overjoyed that my second book and first one for kids, The Book With No Pictures, is out today!…
Elmo was very ENTHUSIASTIC to dance with @mindykaling! Thanks for teaching Elmo a new word!…
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Watch @bjnovak make a room full of kids crack up while reading The Book with No Pictures
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My kids and I looove "The Book With No Pictures", a picture book with no pictures by @bjnovak -- get it tomorrow when it comes out!
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The Book With No Pictures comes out tomorrow! Tour dates and more at
NY & BOSTON & DC & ATLANTA & CHICAGO & AUSTIN & SF & LA : I will see you soon!
How is there no @Starbucks at @flyLAXairport Terminal 4
Pretty soon, all you'll need to communicate anything you want to say to anyone you know will be 250,000 separate apps on your phone.
Come see @bjnovak read from his pictureless THE BOOK WITH NO PICTURES at @HarvardBooks on 10/2! Click for tickets:
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My first children's book, The Book With No Pictures, comes out one week from today! For tour dates, reviews & more:
If you live in LA & have some free time in the afternoons sometimes, volunteer at @826LA with me!
10 important historical moments told through text messages:
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Girl, are you a favorited tweet? Because I'm seeing you everywhere these days
“I refuse to play this concert until everyone stops asking who I am.” “Mr. West, you’re in an owl sanctuary."
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"You deal and I win" - the rules of a card game as just explained to me by a three-year-old
Swing from the chandelier or don't, enough talk
@BookishHQ lists the best new children's books for fall: Thanks for including @bjnovak & @OliverJeffers!
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How passive-aggressive would it be if they named the baby "Scotland"
"It's getting hot in here" "so take off all your clothes" "there's gotta be a middle ground"
not sure how to feel here “@HaleyAronow: @bjnovak HEY GUESS WHO'S ON JEOPARDY...none of these nerds answered tho
I genuinely love how patriotic Katt Williams is
The Walk to School on the Day After Labor Day
I was very lucky that @mattselman let me write "a totally fun thing" as my last Simpsons episode #EverySimpsonsEver
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I will be in Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin this week for book events. If you will be there too please visit
Fun fact (especially to me): my brilliant brother Jesse Novak (@jesseno) is the music composer for both @MindyProjectFOX & @BoJackHorseman.
Check out new @netflix animated series @BoJackHorseman out today. Stars @arnettwill @aaronpaul_8 @alisonbrie and is impossible to explain.
Why won't Becky look at her butt?
Tonight 9.10pm @bjnovak starts his run @AssemblyFest. Hear the comedy star's stories in 'One More Thing' #edfringe
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I am named after a character from a Robin Williams TV show when my parents still lived in Africa. He meant so much, to so many, so far away.
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GERMANY UND AUSTRIA: German translation of "One More Thing" is out 18 Aug. in Europe. (Note new cover and title.)
If Harmony Korine had directed White Chicks it would have won awards
Shaquille O'Neal is still such a great goddamn name
i don't think anyone is more scared of the "thriller" video than i am
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And sticks and stones probably won't break your bones anyway.
The Book With No Pictures audiobook recording session. The most animated I have ever been.
If someone says "you were in my dream last night!" and doesn't proceed to tell you something insanely fucked up, they are lying by omission
Why bring a laptop to Starbucks when you can bring a DESKTOP
G rosSSsssSs *throws up* *and again* #MindyUCanDoBetter@bjnovak: #TBT to when I visited @mindykaling earlier today
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Your red gchat symbol means nothing to me
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