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B.J. Novak
Tonight 9.10pm @bjnovak starts his run @AssemblyFest. Hear the comedy star's stories in 'One More Thing' #edfringe
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I am named after a character from a Robin Williams TV show when my parents still lived in Africa. He meant so much, to so many, so far away.
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GERMANY UND AUSTRIA: German translation of "One More Thing" is out 18 Aug. in Europe. (Note new cover and title.)
If Harmony Korine had directed White Chicks it would have won awards
Shaquille O'Neal is still such a great goddamn name
i don't think anyone is more scared of the "thriller" video than i am
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And sticks and stones probably won't break your bones anyway.
The Book With No Pictures audiobook recording session. The most animated I have ever been.
If someone says "you were in my dream last night!" and doesn't proceed to tell you something insanely fucked up, they are lying by omission
Why bring a laptop to Starbucks when you can bring a DESKTOP
G rosSSsssSs *throws up* *and again* #MindyUCanDoBetter@bjnovak: #TBT to when I visited @mindykaling earlier today
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Your red gchat symbol means nothing to me
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"I'm not going to just sit around feeling sorry for myself." Why not? Your life's a fucking mess.
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Dear @twitter, the "send all" feature in drafts only exists 'cause you guys love drama, right?
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fall in love with someone who treats you like Kanye West treats Kanye
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@bjnovak I'm hoping the Ben Affleck batman is just like the 60's TV show, with Pow! and Bam! sfx as he punches superman.
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How did the Batman, James Bond, and Planet of the Apes franchises all wind up so incredibly serious?
Turn Down For What makes you feel like your body is moving against its will
Happy Birthday to my tallest brother @LevNovak
Driving up pch thinking the animals in the ocean are like neighbors that keep to themselves that we occasionally encounter
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The misuse of the word "exponentially" has increased dramatically