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Mark Bittman Berkeley soda tax moving along
A Call for a Low-Carb Diet
Mark Bittman, Who Happily Drinks More Alcohol Than the CDC Says He Should, Thinks Any Amount of Soda Is Too Much
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On the other hand: Study Claims Marijuana Reshapes Brain Of Users. Not good.
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File under too good to be true: THC in cannabis may be protective against Alzheimer's
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Psyched to be having lunch with George Monbiot. f'rinstance:
Over a century before @bittman penned “Drinker’s Manifesto”, NYT asked if booze begat genius
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New herbicide from Dow harms lab animals but is OK to spray outdoors?​ ​@WaxmanClimate challenges EPA​: ​…
Big Food to divulge chemical info
What a great interview with Rob Lustig:
Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone (this is true)
Seeds of Truth – A response to The New Yorker | Dr Vandana Shiva <- little new but needed to be said
From a friend: 'I’m just learning about death but ... so far it’s even more mysterious than life. No wonder drinking is so appealing.'
Good venn diagram: The Three Qualities of People I Most Enjoy Working With
Saying "weight loss is simple; eat less exercise more" is like saying "beating the stock market's easy; buy low, sell high" - @YoniFreedhoff
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Breakfast Downgraded From 'Most Important Meal of the Day
Gunning for Vandana Shiva [not only flattering but interesting]
@USDA sends most grants to implement healthy school meals to rural states with students, politicians who fight rules
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How about NOT approving Enlist? Let's try something different & smart for a change:
Miles Davis’ Chili Recipe
Food additives on the rise as FDA scrutiny wanes
The Front Lines of Ferguson «
Biotech's Assault On Balanced Journalism|
Obesity and cancer – adding more weight to the evidence
Nearly half of all Americans will get type 2 diabetes:
Cashew Juice, the Apple of Pepsi’s Eye
Advice From a Vegan Cardiologist -
A tick can make you allergic to red meat
most popular nut in america?
mt: McDonald’s Tests Free Food for Customers Who Wait Longer Than a Minute: next they'll be whipping the workers
wish i'd written that dep't: What Toledo’s Water Crisis Reveals About Industrial Farming:
America's Streams Are Awash With Pesticides Banned in Europe
Is There a Current or Imminent Global Food Shortage? | Planet3.0
Canned peaches and the military:
Good kickstarter, I think: Grazers: A Grass-Fed Beef Cooperative Story
Eat more meat and save the world: the latest implausible farming miracle
The Whitewashing of James Brown
The War on New York’s Waterfront
BeyondChron | Big Soda claims sugar good for you
This is tragic: America catches some of the world’s best salmon but eats some of the worst -
A Curious Tale: The Apple in North America
Hipsters use so much kale in green juices there's worldwide shortage oh gee what bad news
Mexico’s completely sensible anti-soda tax is working