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Mark Bittman
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This is tragic: America catches some of the world’s best salmon but eats some of the worst -
A Curious Tale: The Apple in North America
Hipsters use so much kale in green juices there's worldwide shortage oh gee what bad news
Mexico’s completely sensible anti-soda tax is working
Appeals court: FDA doesn’t have to do anything about the rampant misuse of antibiotics in livestock
BREAKING: Police arrest pork producer & @NPPC president-elect entering US Capitol w/ gun:
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Study Finds Kids Prefer Healthier Lunches. School Food Lobby Refuses to Believe It.
‘Modernization of Poultry Slaughter Inspection’ Rule Would Eviscerate Inspections: Experts
Some Naked™ juice contains more sugar than Pepsi
MT @maddybeckwith: selling 'imperfect' f&V - Ugly is the new sexy:
Making School Lunch Healthy Is Hard. Getting Kids to Love It Is Harder. This Lady Did Both
Back to the Kitchen: Escaping Processed Food -
Food activist Nick Saul on why we’re ripe for a revolution:
This is important: Why tipping stinks
Tracie McMillan on The New Face of Hunger:
Mexico restricts soft drink TV ads to fight obesity
“Cheeseburgers are the coal of the food world": @bittman:
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Terrible headline but great piece (as usual) by Philpott, this one on almond milk:
Apple growers in Mexico call foul on trade with US by @bridgethuber via @FERNnews
OK even if I weren't mentioned in the lede ... 5 Ideas to Change the Food Network
The tipped minimum wage hasn’t increased in 23 years:
Clear differences between organic and non-organic food:
How Coffee Fueled the Civil War
Cupcakes: Over | NotionsCapital
A reason millions of bees are dying